Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse - Chapter 998 - You Should Have Already Died!

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Two illusory hands that were simply the coalescence of immense Essence of the Cosmic Dao of Annihilation descended down.

One was swatting towards three Hegemonies as if they were mere flies, and the other was thundering down towards a Crimson Universal Construct that had a powerful barrier of light enveloping it!

These hands were connected to a star sized apparition of a gorgeous dark haired woman, her gaze strikingly cold at this instant as her eyes had given the verdict of death to those around her!


A bellow came from the Hegemony of Slaughter as he couldn't believe the outrageous scene in front of him.

A Hegemony pledges Fealty, and then her strength increased by this much an instant later?!

Ambrose was unwilling to believe this!

However, he and all other Hegemonies that were currently watching this spectacular scene had one thing wrong as they tried to discern how it became a reality. It wasn't that Valentina's strength increased by a lot, it was simply because she could now cast and use her abilities at a frequency even the strongest Hegemonies would not dare to do as they would have their mana depleted in mere seconds!

Her reserves were simply unthinkable at this point in time as Valentina could be unequivocally called the number one being in the Primordial Cosmos that had the largest amounts of Mana Reserves.

All aside from one person, of course.


Ambrose's bellow was followed by his body emitting the aura of two Cosmic Daos, Annihilation and Phantasm working hand in hand as his figure instantly disappeared from its current position as he appeared in front of the slender hand striking towards the Universal Construct.

He couldn't let the Slaughter Star Monolith of this Universe be taken down as that would reduce the speed of Accumulation by too much, their goals taking much too long to be accomplished!


The slender hands smashed into Ambrose's figure and the bodies of Solerno and the Hegemony of Necromancy.


The star sized Solerno was smashed aside like a statue as he was flung thousands of miles away, the Hegemony of Necromancy summoning a dark skull hundreds of miles long to protect him- this skull gaining numerous fractures as the deathly flames within it threatened to dim!

The figure of Ambrose...trembled in pain as this ancient being was smashed back towards the Crimson barrier that protected the Universal Construct, barely being able to stop the advancement of the slender hand as the essence of two Cosmic Daos burst from him!


The gazes of many Hegemonies were shocked at this development as the change in the flow of power was simply too drastic!


"Hmph...just a lousy bunch of old men, let's see you talk about ripping apart my skin now...YAAA!"

Valentina let out a loud bellow as while expending a ridiculous amount of mana to cause the slender hands of her phantasm to pull back, spending an even more absurd amount of mana as a second later, tens of hands erupted out of the illusory figure the size of a star- the sight of over a hundred hands instantly being realized the palms of Annihilation all thundered towards the Universal Constructs and the enemies protecting it!


It was the shocking sight of over a hundred star sized palms rushing towards them, Ambrose's expression turning entirely grim as his entire sight became filled with them!

This was it.

It wasn't an increase in strength.

It was purely mana.

She threw out two palms before that were counterattacked, so she simply spent nearly half of her current Mana Reserves to throw out a hundred more palms! With the Origin of a Universe, the speed and efficiency of her mana usage and conduction was unthinkable as it brought such an attack to fruition!

An attack that threatened to cause the downfall of one of the 9 Universal Constructs spread out over 9 Universes!


Solerno watched this scene in horror from a distance, his figure cowardly not even returning back after he was knocked away, leaving the Hegemony of Necromancy and Ambrose to face this attack alone.


The Hegemony of Necromancy laughed out eerily as it put its skeletal hands on its chest, splitting apart its ribcage as a horrendous amount of essence was ready to fly out to defend against the one hundred palms.


Ambrose bellowed out as his bones creaked, never having thought he would be put in such a predicament- but he also went all out to protect as much as he could, but his heart knew that it would not be enough!


Oathkeeper and the other Hegemonies watched this scene breathlessly as they took in Valentina in a brand new light, never expecting for this new Hegemony that rose not too long ago to be able to do what she was doing now!

Time seemed to slow as the palms thundered forward.

Then...time slowed so much that it came to a halt.


An instant later, a regal purple clock materialized in front of the protected Universal Construct.

The hand on this clock moved back, the terrifying palms filled with the essence of Annihilation that had come to a stop beginning to pull back as the scene returned to a second ago before they were even summoned forth!


In front of the magisterial purple clock, the figures of Dark Shadow and Chronos appeared!


Chronos had a somber expression as he domineeringly floated in the center of the purple clock, looking towards the figure of Valentina as his eyes flashed with an unknown light.

He uttered cryptic words that only he understood the meaning of.

"You...should have already died."


The words were barely a discernable whisper, but even Valentina was able to pick them up as alarm bells rang in her mind!

This was because they weren't words of insult or the plans of someone that didn't go the way they wanted, but they were words of confusion as if the person saying them was seeing a different reality than they knew of playing out!


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