Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse - Chapter 997 - A Percentage Of Infinity!

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"I Swear Fealty."


Words that were uttered simply but held immense meaning!

Words that caused the Hegemony of Necromancy to look towards Valentina in shock, while Ambrose and Solerno looked towards each other in incredulousness as they had seen such a situation before hours ago in a Universal War.

But to many Oathkeeper outside the boundary of the Animus Universe and all the other remaining Hegemonies, their eyes constricted as they truly heard a Hegemony pledge Fealty!

Fealty to who?!

Just who was worthy enough to have a Universal Realm expert pledge their Fealty, and what would it do in a situation such as this?

The answer was displayed just seconds after the slender figure of Valentina uttered these words.

If one thought about it logically and simply, they would analyze her current situation to be extremely dire as she was facing attacks of 3 beings in the same stage as her, and she would not be able to stand against them much longer as their attacks would drown hers out in a matter of seconds if not in the next minute or two.

The problem presented itself in the fact that she was burning as much essence as she could in the form of the Cosmic Dao of Annihilation, using this essence to defend against the 3 Hegemonies as she could not even attack!

When this Cosmic essence that protected her ran out...when the mana within her body could no longer push out the essence of her only comprehended Cosmic Dao...her figure would be drowned out by the attacks of these three terrifying beings as only death waited for her.

So her main problem was one that plagued almost all other beings.

It was, of course, mana.



After she swore Fealty, Valentina felt a portion of her soul flow away, feeling a momentary feeling of weakness before…



Her body gushed out with an oppressive feeling of strength that came out much too fast because of her Universal Realm, causing her to unexpectedly release a small moan that she stopped a millisecond later!

The Origin of a Hegemony was much different than those that had sworn Fealty to Noah before. 

A being that had forged their own Universe was special, the power they could wield not even being accurately quantifiable in comparison to Paragons.

The genuine force that their forged Universe could release, the efficiency and conduction of mana, the conversion of mana to the essence of different types of Laws and Daos...all of this was elevated to such a great degree that the effects that Valentina was able to receive when she became a Vassal under Noah...these effects were magnified more than any of the beings that had sworn Fealty to Noah before this!


From her body, the essence of the Cosmic Dao of Annihilation gushed out maddeningly as her slender figure opened her eyes majestically, tendrils of blue light momentarily being released from them as she didn't fully grasp the overabundance of mana flowing through her!


"It's...soo much!"


Mana cascaded from her in waves as Valentina found herself shaking from stupor and shock!

'This guy…!'

She didn't even have any words to describe what was happening at this time as she could only close her eyes and try to enjoy it, simply allowing her body to do what felt natural in this situation!


The wild eruption of Cosmic Essence pushed the collective attacks of 3 Hegemonies back, the illusory figure of the being wrapping around her becoming even more solidified as the golden crimson illusory image of Valentina became even more real, the essence of Annihilation being much too thick.

As a Vassal, she gained access to 5% of what Noah had.

Aside from the percentages and boosts in Dao Comprehensions and Assimilations, his Purification from two different sources, and many more things...there was mana!


What was 5% of Infinite Mana? What was 5% of Infinity?

Truthfully, there wasn't a mathematically accurate answer because Infinity is not even a number, with mathematical operations involving Infinity being undefined.

But for many of the Vassals, they experienced an explosion of their Mana Reserves by factors of tens to over 100 times what they originally had!

Uniquely, they didn't gain Infinity, even if it was a small percentage of it. 

For Valentina, this feature was even more magnified as the mana reserves of a Universal Realm expert were over a hundred times that of a Paragons!

So if Paragons became Noah's Vassals, it was equivalent to them gaining the Mana Reserves of a Hegemony!

What an Emperor! What boons he gave to his Vassals!

For the newest Vassal that Noah gained, she observed herself with utter incredulousness as she saw pure mana flowing out of her in droves, completely blowing away what she knew about mana usage and restrictions of it as at this moment, her body was telling her to let loose and let go without any reservation.

So she listened to her body.


Her hair danced wildly as top tier skills she had been using reservedly erupted out wildly.

Layers after layers of Annihilation formed around the illusory figure she held, her body being protected by the robust essence of a Cosmic Dao over and over again as the illusory figure that matched her own beautiful figure bloomed up to become the size of star instantly, her blank eyes staring coldly towards the 3 Hegemonies that had surrounded her.

The fair hands of this enormous illusory figure then silently moved at speeds multiple times faster than light, thundering down towards the star sized Solerno and the human sized Hegemony of Slaughter and Hegemony of Necromancy as if they were mere flies!


The gazes of Ambrose and the others turned grim at the abrupt change, seeing the aura of the woman they considered dead just moments ago to continue rising as it wasn't her breaking into a new realm or anything shocking- it was merely her casting a great deal of skills and enhancements upon herself as she called upon the many Daos she comprehended while wildly letting out the essence of Annihilation in the greatest amounts!

All that changed was her having an exuberant amount of fuel to work with, this fuel elevating the battle power she could release from before to be three or four times greater.

All from her having the Mana Reserves that the 3 Hegemonies in front of her could never hope to achieve!

At this moment, the situation utterly reversed as she could call forth and spam multiple skills capable of standing against all 3 of her enemies as she counter attacked all of them, not being able to feel the strain of mana one bit as the icy gaze of Valentina turned fiery.

The cold eyes of the star sized phantasm of herself turned towards the Slaughter Star Monolith that Ambrose was protecting.

She didn't want this ugly structure within the Animus Universe anymore, so she moved.

The slender hands of a drop dead gorgeous illusory image of a star sized Valentina pulsed with the essence of Annihilation as while she put pressure on three Hegemonies, she struck towards a Universal Construct as well!


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