Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse - Chapter 1559: The lnfinite System! l

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Chapter 1559: The lnfinite System! l


This was the singular word that could be said about the Pure-Blooded Cardinal Royal Humans before Noah as other Cardinal Royal Bloodlines couldn’t even compare.

Maybe the other 4 Pure-Blooded Cardinal Royal Bloodlines could match up to their grandeur, and one had to wonder…what made them so powerful?

Of course, the secret lay with their Bloodline…but also the means they had to break through into the Eighth Firmament of Ascendancy. The secret to bypassing the 10 Billion Cosmos limit and 10 Ascendancy Halos limit!


The brows of this shockingly contoured Empress rose as she followed up her question, Noah coming out of his thoughts and replying with shining eyes.

“It would be our pleasure to guide Empress Genevieve across the domains of the Celestial Vines.”

His words caused the eyes of the exquisite existence to smile as in a matter of moments, they also began to shine with bright flames.

“Good. Now, do you know the customs of the Pure-Blooded Cardinal Royal Humans? Furthermore, the customs of those with Bloodlines from the Olden Times when they meet?”


She was still with her light smile, but her words caused the surrounding space to instantly change as it instantly seemed like it was billowing and stormy!

The kneeling Pure-Blooded Cardinal Royal Humans rose as they looked towards Noah’s group passively, their expressions without any emotion as they genuinely did not put any of them in their eyes, the Eighth Firmament existences barely only glancing at Noah due to the illusory crown above him.

Towards Empress Genevieve’s question, Victoria and Lucia began to shake as they knew, while Noah’s eyes squinted as he…he also knew from the robust memories of the few high class Primordials he had killed so far!

The race of Pure-Blooded Cardinal Royal Humans were existences that considered themselves born for battle and forged by countless battles.

Other cultures had kissing on the cheek as part of a greeting, others merely a bow, and for others a mere handshake was considered normal.

For the Pure-Blooded Cardinal Royal Humans…sparring and battling others was considered the most normal and even courteous form of greeting!

Yet the person that wanted to greet Noah at this moment was someone that truly couldn’t be touched. She had multiple existences at the Eighth Firmament guarding her, and yet she released an overbearing aura of tyranny that far surpassed any of them. It even seemed equal to the Ninth Firmament Pure-Blooded Cardinal Royal Human that was observing everything with calm and majesty!

If Noah was to face multiple Seventh Firmament experts or even a single average Eighth Firmament existence, he wouldn’t be worried as he even just attained the Sui Generis Enlightened Primordial Relic- Atlatl of Reality. But this unfathomable being before him…

“Can the Empress really lower herself to greet me?”

He tested the waters by voicing out calmly, his words falling on deaf ears as the transparent screen that showed the Cardinal Royal Humans on the cuboidal vessel instantly changed, the figure of Empress Genevieve disappearing and actually coming out to float in front of the Serendipity of the Cataclysmic Reality!

Her gaze was serene and her dazzling eyes carried a trace of undeniability, her white cape waving gloriously as her tight golden attire brightened up the surroundings.

“Let us not have any superfluous words, Alexander. Do not bring down the honor of a Bloodline from the Olden Times and be ready…I am coming.”


The situation changed too fast.

The Pure-Blooded Cardinal Royal Human Tyrants that always stood around her also materialized out of the cuboidal vessel as they watched on serenely, their muscles so tout and oversized as they released waves of power that made it clear…that unless a Legend arrived, nobody would be able to harm a hair on the head of Empress Genevieve without their permission!

Empress Genevieve had flames of battle bloom within her eyes as while dripping with untouchable regality, she stated the mere fact that she was coming as an instant later…


Space shattered and folded as her figure moved, Victoria and Lucia scrambling out of the way as like an unstoppable cannonball, a Pure-Blooded creature releasing waves of ancient and archaic power appeared before Noah, her fist outstretched as her fair skin at this moment glimmered like forged Jewels!

Waves of vibrant destiny bloomed out.

With multiple terrifying Eighth Firmament experts and even an unshakable Ninth Firmament existence watching on with unchanging expressions, a sparring session commenced between two Emperors of Old!

As the weaving of destiny unfolded, Noah was still rolling with the waves as he conducted multiple actions.

One of his True Sanguine Clones was moving with Natalya Rostova as they prepared to move into a second Treasure Island within the Forsaken Treasure Reality, while another had coincidentally come across terrifying Pure-Blooded Primordials who were the true powerhouses of this vast organization, and the third Clone…was within the Cosmic Holy Land as he ceaselessly managed the direction and path of Noah’s strength!

He had just gained an influx of hundreds of Nomological Edicts as more Ascendancy Halos could be formed, there were new Edicts formed by himself that weren’t even delved into yet, Affixes of Reality yet to be established, the utilization of RUINATION’s features to make Ruined Edicts and even the 6 True Stars of Conquest he had attained to Empower Edicts.

While his True Body was with his family, his Clones handled all of these terrific tasks as before doing any of the ones mentioned above, Noah turned his head towards something he had neglected all this time due to not having sufficient resources to achieve it. He turned his attention deep into his soul where he could see the structure of a Primordial Epitaph that looked like a lemniscate symbol- an infinity sign!

It brimmed with multicolored light as the intricate structure of the foundation was already there, and Noah simply had to complete this Primordial Epitaph and then activate it with however many units of the Essence of Reality were required to make it fully operational!

Thereafter, a System would be born.

Systems were something unique and commonplace at the same time as a majority of Higher Existences could etch Reality altering Constructs on their souls, and this was more common for Primordials as they had Constructs of Systems passed down through the ranks over time!

They greatly varied in power as there were weak and strong systems, where even Noah’s single Affix that granted him the passive Generation of one fourth of his reserves of Essence of Reality daily was a type of reality-altering construct that entirely exceeded most common systems.

Other existences focused on Systems as their main source of power, while others only used them to supplement their strength, and others even disdained them to focus on concepts and terrifying techniques privy only to their bloodlines that could achieve disastrous Reality altering effects!

Noah wanted to forge a reality-altering construct that surpassed anything that others had come across, just the cost of forging it alone being something others couldn’t even achieve!

“Let’s complete the Infinite System…”


Tendrils of multicolored Essence of Reality bloomed as Noah was ready to specify the first stage of this System that would be ever evolving, his hands already grasping Medium Tier Reality Crystals as he was ready to replenish his reserves of the Essence of Reality at any point in time!

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