Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse - Chapter 1558: Meeting a Candidate of Rulership!

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Chapter 1558: Meeting a Candidate of Rulership!

Little Henry was forced to sit out the meeting with the terrifying personage that Noah, Victoria, and Lucia were now facing as the moment Noah had been alerted to this event coming to fruition, the Clone of his boy had been sent away!

The Little Tyrant was not there to witness the shocking image of the Pure-Blooded Cardinal Royal Human that had 10 Existences above the Seventh Firmament kneeling at her mere visage.

Her hair was entirely dark as it sparkled with vibrant obsidian flames, her fair face lighting up the surroundings as her lips seemed to always be curved in a devilish smile. Her eyes sparkled with multicolored light and were extremely charming yet filled with boundless strength, her whole image seeming otherworldly as the toned muscles being seen vividly through the tight golden attire she wore were mesmerizing to the eyes!

The uniquely designed white inscriptions carried on to the cape that flowed calmly over her shoulders, this white cape having behind it a similar vibrant circular golden ring that was the same as the one painted at the front of the cuboidal vessel they were in.

The illusory golden crown that signified the Bloodline from the Olden Times spun over her head gloriously as while she rose, the 9 Eighth Firmament experts and even the Ninth Firmament tyrant kneeled down!

This being herself released an enticing light of power as her entire body lifted off of the obsidian platform of the vessel, floating forward and reaching the now transparent wall of a small portion of this vast cuboidal vessel as she looked closely at Noah and his spinning crimson and gold illusory crown. She didn’t look any older than her 20s as she put any other women nearby to shame.

Two beings with the Bloodline from the Olden Times looked at each other serenely while Victoria and Lucia didn’t dare to raise their heads, the two of them having been forced to bow when they first met this personage as due to Noah’s bloodline that didn’t allow an Emperor of Old to kneel down, he simply could not conduct such an action!

“Truly interesting. I rarely get to meet other existences carrying a Bloodline from the Olden Times that aren’t old monsters or Elders or Leaders of clans…do you know who I am?”


Her multicolored eyes dazzled with regality as she spoke, Noah’s Origin actually having an intense battle right now as he could feel an inquisitive gaze constantly wash over him.

Not just a single gaze, but gazes of all the 10 Pure-Blooded Cardinal Royal Humans guarding this personage before him…as well as her own terrifying gaze! Each of them were trying to unfurl everything about him and his secrets as Essence of Reality and droves of mana burned to construct an identity among many other things against the peering gazes!

From the Seventh to the Eighth Firmament, it was a huge gap, as well as a distinction of power.

Countless existences were stopped at the limit of 10 Billion Cosmos and 10 Ascendancy Halos as they never got the chance to exceed this stage their Ascendancy Value never being able to even go above the 10 Million Barrier they breached, much less reach 100 Million to become an Eighth Firmament existence.

It was a qualitative change in power and not merely a change in value as existences at this stage…had exceeded the barrier that others could not pass.

This terrifying Royal Human Personage before him who even had such existences protecting her had a truly important identity as she herself released unfathomable waves of power at the peak of the Eighth Firmament of Ascendancy!

“I sadly have not come across Esteemed Personage. I am Alexander King, pleased to make your acquaintance.”


Noah once more gave a nod of acknowledgment as his laid back demeanor caused the eyes of the Pure-Blooded Cardinal Royal Human Bloodline experts to flash coldly with regality, yet the astonishing woman they kneeled to also nodded impassively as she replied in kind.

“That is partly my fault…and also the reason why our vessels crossed each other’s paths. I have only ever holed myself in the domains of the Pure-Blooded Cardinal Royal Bloodlines as this time, my task is to observe the domains of those I might be ruling over in the future…”


“The Celestial Vines Bloodline is my last stop as it made the list apart from Cardinal Royal Bloodlines due to your Alchemical skills. Thus, this Empress Genevieve- a future Candidate Ruler participating in the Firmament Trials…will have to rely on your escort across your domains and the Way of Alchemy that your Peerless Alchemists have perfected…”

WAA! ғʀᴇᴇᴡᴇʙɴᴏᴠᴇʟ.ᴄᴏᴍ

A Candidate Ruler for a Pure-Blooded Cardinal Royal Bloodline!

If one recalls some time ago during the events of Eckert finding about Noah’s exploits, the Primordial he was moving with had found among pertinent news that the Cardinal Royal Human Bloodline will begin their Firmament Trials for the next set of candidate rulers soon.

It seemed that at this moment, Noah had met one of these potential rulers as the tasks for these beings involved knowing about the important domains of Primordials and what went on within them!

From the Cardinal Royal Bloodlines…one could see just how important and distinguished the Pure-Blooded Cardinal Royal Human Bloodline was for such a thing to be a requirement just for one to become a candidate for the fight of Rulership.

Victoria and Lucia felt their minds dazed as they heard these words, while Noah’s inner battle concluded as the essence of the Quasi-TABOO Dictum Emperor had successfully withstood against the barrage of gazes sent his way!

When he stared at the existences before him, he felt waves of shocking strength as his own Destiny told him about these existences in a very clear manner.

The singular message that his own intuition told him…was that they were extremely powerful. Not merely powerful because they were on the Eighth or Ninth Firmament of Ascendancy, but they were powerful due to their Bloodline and unique concepts they held!

If any of the 9 Eighth Firmament guards around this twenty year old looking Empress Genevieve were to match another Eighth Firmament existence, they would be capable of wiping them out within microseconds!

That was how powerful each of these beings were as just from Noah’s cursory glance with his authority as the Watcher and after affirming with his own Two Quasi-TABOO Nomological Edicts…he affirmed that every single being he was looking at aboard this obsidian cuboidal vessel had at least one Quasi-TABOO Nomological Edict!

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