Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse - Chapter 1505: The Majesty Of The Cardinal RoyalBloodlines! LV

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Chapter 1505: The Majesty Of The Cardinal RoyalBloodlines! LV

As a chase ensued in an unknown Forsaken Treasure Reality, tumultuous waves were spreading out in the region of explored Realities near the domains of the Primal Titans, with those capable of keeping their gazes on the Boundary Between Realities for movements finding shocking Armadas carrying the authority of Primordials moving powerfully!

Three different Armadas could be seen heading in a straight line from the Domains of the Cardinal Royal Wolf Bloodline as they seemed to have their destination set, the watchers of the myriad of other Bloodlines feeling their hearts grow cold as such an event was one they had seen too many times- and it was why so many feared angering or getting into conflict with the Cardinal Royal Bloodlines of Primordials!

  If the Bloodlines of these powerful existences were given any reason at all to justify their actions, nobody could stand against them.

It was a known fact that the Majesty of the Cardinal Royal Bloodlines could never be looked down upon, with there being many intricacies about the workings of the powerhouses across the vast Realities that only those with sufficient power could understand.

Since eons ago, the Supremacy of Primordials was established as their influence covered vast expanses of the explored Realities. Yet…their actions still bore countless Realities as from them, many experts that weren't Primordials sprouted up!

They established their own Bloodlines and domains of power as existences at the stage of Legends who reached heights where they could display terrible power and cause mass destructions of Realities came to be.

Across instances in the past eons, when war ever broke out between Bloodlines that had Legends…countless Realities were shattered and destroyed as the damage and loss of life was at a scale many could not even fathom! This went against the standing of Primordials as soon after, the Legends of the many different Bloodlines made a pact with the Legends of Primordials.

To escape untold destruction and apocalypses, those that had achieved the Realm of Reality could not carry out the conquest of new Realities for their Races!

Conflict of Legends…had to also be avoided as much as possible as when they fought, the Firmaments cried and were torn to smithereens as Realities were blasted apart!

These two made up the core of the agreements reached by the truly powerful existences in the eons past, and it was what had maintained order this whole time.

The Supremacy of Primordials continued unhindered as even without those that had achieved Reality, their powerhouses in the 8th and 9th Firmament continued to add more and more Realities under the banner of Primordials. The only thing that changed was that the Prime and Emerging Realities under other Bloodlines were not so easily targeted…a semblance of balance being established as over the billions of years, prominent Bloodlines also flourished and gained power as even more Legends were born across the vast Realities.

The Prime and Emerging Realities weren't targeted, but there were instances where conflicts arose between the Cardinal Royal Bloodlines of Primordials and other races…and these conflicts did not end well for other races as if the Primordials involved had sound reasoning for their conflict, their actions were justified as they could turn their Swords of Conquest onto that established Bloodline without others being able to speak up about it…nor their Legends being able to move!

The moment the Legends of a Bloodline the Primordials were in conflict with moved against the 7th, 8th, and 9th Firmament Primordial Overseers…would mean the complete destruction of that Bloodline as the Legends of Primordials would also now have a reason to be involved.

Thus, there were times in the past that Legends could not stand by as their Bloodlines faced eradication under Primordials due to conflict that arose among the lower ranks, and they stepped out to defend what they considered to be their very family…and they were then promptly buried along with their entire Bloodline the moment they moved as the terrifying Legends of Primordials mobilized!

Then there were instances that while all the Prime Realities controlled by a Bloodline were being taken over by Primordials, their Legends could only watch while bearing the loss of the Hegemony of their Bloodline and subsequent Conquest under Primordials! Their Prime and Emerging Realities changed hands as when the bloodbath ended, whatever semblance of their race that remained would be ruled under the banner of Primordials.

This was the Majesty of the Cardinal Royal Bloodlines of the Primordials.

This was why all Bloodlines steered clear of forming conflicts with Primordials!

So at this moment, many were shocked to find Armadas of the Royal Cosmic Wolves actually making their way into the Domains of the Primal Titans- specifically the Golden Titans as in no time, a cluster of Vessels carrying terrifying powerhouses appeared before the Isles of the Gilded Forge.

Horrifically, the one standing at the very forefront of this Armada was the glorious Royal Wolf Emperor that oversaw the Glacial Monarch Primordial Temples, his shocking aura at the 9th Firmament of Ascendancy causing the watchers that had followed the procession of these beings to turn solemn when they gazed forward. ᴘᴀɴᴅᴀ-ɴᴏᴠᴇʟ

The shining armament he wore buzzed with the power of a Quasi-Primordial Relic as it shimmered with gorgeous colors of blue, white, and gold- draping over his resplendent figure of an ancient Wolf Emperor as his eyes locked onto the Isles of the Gilded Forge!

They locked onto the Reality as his Armada came to a stop near it, and yet this powerful being did not enter even though this Prime Reality currently did not even have its Overseer.

The Royal Wolf Emperor didn't make a move yet as before he did, he had to make it clear to all the reason why as behind this Bloodline…there was a Legend that has achieved Reality!

"My daughter…" 


His voice echoed out with wildness and animalistic fervor as the powerful existences who had followed the procession of the Armada towards this location could all hear it very clearly.

"…has been unjustly killed by a Golden Titan of the Primal Titans!"


Mournful howls reverberated out with power and destiny as the Royal Cosmic Wolves in the surroundings howled out, the voice of the Wolf Emperor continuing as it came with a terrifying command.

"Today, I am here to seek an answer from the Primal Titans! I am here to seek Justice!"


His words rang out powerfully as his body rose from the vessel it was on regally, his illusory shimmering crown of an Olden Bloodline spinning madly as in the next second, the fur on his body shone with a cerulean luster as he howled out…droves of Royal Cosmic Wolves surging forward into the lone Isles of the Gilded Forge!

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