Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse - Chapter 1255 - Utterly Horrific! I

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It was hard to say if there were many existences in the vast Parallel Realities who had as many cards to play as Noah did.

He thought so himself as he had so many things in his arsenal that he could choose to do things in many different ways! For this raid in the Primordial Sea for example. He had deployed many things, but he still had not even initiated [Plot Armor].

He hadn't yet called upon this unique ability under the Protagonist Trait to grant him an hour of invincibility as he had to first find out just how much he would fare against this Cosmic Primordial Beast with the strength of his Clones alone.

He wanted to see if he could stand this beast for even a few milliseconds if not a few seconds, where even the death of his clones was welcome as such a thing didn't matter to him! He could forge a Clone whenever one died, and he could replenish any of those killed in an instant!

After he ascertained what he wanted, the next stage of Loot collection would commence where he would send out his clones once more...but now they would just be invincible.

It was a very balanced state of Reality that Noah couldn't wait to see unfold!

But before this, there was experiencing the power of the Cosmic Primordial Beast.

And experience it he did as the moment he cast the first wave of attacks, the Draconic-Elephant Primordial Beast moved.

It instantly split to become 15 Beasts as their bodies released majestic auras of ancientness, the enormous bodies of this Primordial Beast that were 1000 Billion Light years long flashing and disappearing!

An instant later, the terrific Draconic-Elephant Primordial Beast appeared grandly above all of the bodies of Noah's clones, time seemingly coming to a stop.

'Holy shit…' These were the two thoughts that came into Noah's mind. It was fine to gaze upon this creature from afar, but when it stood right above you and rained down its oppressive truly felt its power and terror!

Noah had enhanced and elevated himself so much that he had rarely if ever faced a feeling of oppression, and yet he felt it at this moment as his clones raised their eyes to meet the glorious gaze of the three eyes of the Draconic-Elephant Primordial Beast.

Two shining wondrously gold and filled with cold light, and the third one that was situated on its forehead…it was utterly pristine as Noah saw its structure was different from the Primordial Eye he knew of.

Mostly white gold in color, the third eye was shockingly inscribed with the symbols of countless golden swords etched in a circular formation around the iris, these endless golden swords seemingly drawing Noah in and releasing a dangerous hum as he shockingly found just from gazing at it...his armor of Cessation fluctuated as it actually became badly damaged!

Just from the humming of the immeasurable swords etched into the third eye of the Draconic-Elephant Primordial Beast as due to its sheer size of 1000 Billion light Years, this eye was nearly as large as a Universe as Noah could see its details very clearly.

'What kind of an Eye is that? It seems like a Primordial Eye...but almost like it's a different version of it?!'


Noah's heart shook as even amidst this shocking intrusion of the Draconic-Elephant Primordial Beast, his mind could still think with clarity as he could think millions of thousands in less than a millisecond- and his main bodies analyzed everything he saw as if they were watching a film that was slowly playing out in real time.

Noah's focus at this moment became this glorious looking eye that held countless swirling golden swords etched within as a fantastical thought arose in his mind!

'Could there actually be different kinds of Primordial Eyes? Is the one I have managed to obtain a base version of it? Is...'

His mind bloomed with questions as he studied the 15 Draconic-Elephant Primordial Beasts appearing before all his clones not with fear, but with wild interest as he wanted to know more about it.


His Armor of Cessation truly kept fluctuating and fluttering like a weak thin film of paper just from the humming of the unique Primordial Eye on this beast, and that was before it made a move! A millisecond later, it did just that as its 15 different bodies all conducted different actions.

In one corner of the Primordial Sea, The Draconic-Elephant Primordial Beast used the pure force of its body as one of its flat-shaped elephantine limbs rained down towards him as it was akin to something the size of a Universe crashing down!

Its eyes held utter coldness and regality as this strike came at a speed Noah had yet to experience from any enemy.

The space around this clone slowed down.

His body flashed with multicolored light as his Movement Speed boosts by the hundreds of millions did their work. 


Turning into a multicolored flash of light that even those that had glimpsed Edicts couldn't follow, his clone instantly flashed outside of the range of this golden scaled elephantine limb as he traversed the distance of a Universe in but an instant!

Or…he should have.


His eyes opened wide as even though he should have utterly evaded the limb smashing down towards him as he even saw the edges of it, he somehow found it to still be chasing him as it shockingly…it was now a mere inch away from his eyes.


The beat of his heart resounded throughout his body as Noah watched in wonder and great interest the speed of this beast easily surpassing his, where he faced the treatment that the Daolords of the House of Stormdust felt as before he could react, he just found himself to still be in the center of attack of the universal sized limb of the Draconic-Elephant Primordial Beast.

It was a mere blur of utter power as it smashed onto him whether he liked it or not.

The impact…was indescribable!

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