Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse - Chapter 1251 - Analyze And Copy! II

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In a vast Primordial Sea, Noah watched as a terrifying 4 tusked Draconic-Elephant Primordial Beast with 5 pairs of wings opened its abyssal jaws to cast an ability that allowed a Universe to disappear in a flicker of light in the next second!


The 5 Primordial Beasts that were carrying the Universes scattered away quickly, this beast turning its abyssal mouth from one Universe and into another as they all experienced the same shocking fracture and disappearance into the endless jaws.

Every time this beast did this, its aura shook and it rose ever higher, but Noah couldn't help himself from looking at the ability that his Primordial Eye had discerned when he looked at the actions of this beast!

<Esurient True Devouring> :: An ability that allows its user to fully devour the essence of genuine Universes and Cosmos born within a Reality,  these special objects being turned into numerical Units of energy called the Essence of Reality. With the Essence of Reality, many impossible things become possible. One of the many uses of the Essence of Reality includes the seamless fusion of laws and daos once a sufficient price is paid. The ability is restricted to Primordial Beasts as utilization of it by others will heavily reduce its effect and rewards. 


An ability common to Primordial Beasts- what these existences used to swallow entire Universes and Cosmos!

Noah's consciousness blazed as he saw the successful replication of this skill due to his Primordial Eye, and he could now shockingly utilize the ability of Primordial Beasts as its use was just…

'Capable of gaining the Essence of Reality that among its to allow for the easy fusion of laws and Daos!' Noah repeated such a thought to himself as he found it truly grand- and it also showed him just how powerful this Primordial Beasts could get as they continued to devour the vast numbers of Cosmos out there.

They were capable of gaining an essence of the very Reality itself as they were able to devour the very structures born from this Reality and then possibly form Edicts from such an action...among a myriad of other possibilities. Now, Noah could do the same thing because of the Primordial Eye!

'The question is whether I will actually be able to do it…' 

Noah's thoughts calmed as he watched the shocking scenes playing before his eyes.

This fell into the lull of slow motion as he saw the terrific draconic-elephant creature bathed in golden white scaled lift its golden trunk as it utilized <Esurient True Devouring> over and over again to devour the Universes dragged by other Primordial Beasts before it.

He watched as this devastating scene happen as he didn't make any actions, knowing whatever action he took would still result in the destruction of the Universes before him!

There were too many powerful Primordial Beasts in the background- not to mention this Draconic-Elephant Primordial Beast that even though Noah could not see the Realm of or know its level...he knew it was a Cosmic Primordial Beast.

He had no confirmation of this as it felt like a mere feeling in his heart, but he knew deep in his soul that such a feeling wasn't a wrong one.

There was an Ender of Reality right before his eyes, and yet it occupied this position in the Primordial Sea like a king as Grand Primordial Beasts dragged Universes to it, many questions being raised by this scene as the answers were too profound or simply devastating to think about!

Why was a Cosmic Beast not freely moving about and even destroying something like the Primordial Empire? What was its level of strength and how was it comparable to Aegon who was in the Cosmic Realm?


Noah had many questions from this fantastical scene he came across, but he also had no answers to it as he then thought about the new ability he had gained.

For power, could he bring himself to begin Devouring genuine Universes and Cosmos?


The question lingered in his mind as he found no answer!

But...there was an answer for what he could do at this very moment. An answer that involved the vast array of Primordial Beasts all around him, and even the terrifying Draconic-Elephant Cosmic Primordial Beast before his eyes.

He had to know.

He had to know just how powerful such a creature was! But even this task would take second place as the main one would remain to be himself...and Loot.

Loot that would raise his power by another notch and get him closer to the Cosmic Realm as the more he looked around and understood the 'world' around him, he found that he still needed an immense level of strength to overpower everything.

It wasn't enough! 

For this…for the sake of countless bundles of loot that he could use to forge thousands of Universes- he would make a dangerous move.

'Well, not too dangerous for me. But my clones…'

Noah's mind buzzed as he had already been making preparations!

In the Novus Universe.

Adelaide, Barbatos, Valentina…many of those around Noah were staring in a stupor at 15 bodies that looked exactly like him. It was 5 clones from each of his bodies as a total of 15 floated powerfully in the chaotic void of the Novus Universe!

All 15 were brimming with immense waves of power as currently, an illusory armor made of the profound Nomological Edict of Cessation was wrapping around each of their bodies- multiple layers of it in fact as such an action would take immense droves of mana just to keep active.

Yet Noah was wrapping the essence of Cessation in the form of an armor around all of his clones seamlessly as it showed he was preparing for something grand!

"What exactly are you about to do? This isn't the big final battle you said we would all have to fight right?" Adelaide's voice came out in a stupor as she spoke what was in the mind of all those currently watching this shocking scene.

They didn't think a grand battle where Noah would be fighting the strongest of their enemies would come so soon, and they didn't know what would cause him to armor and utilize all of his clones. 

Just what exactly was he going up against!?

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