Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse - Chapter 1127 - A Universe Aspires To Become A Cosmos! IV

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A Universe aspiring to become a Cosmos!

This was actually a reality playing out as after the fusion with Noah's unique treasure, the Universe was much more autonomous as many things were done even without Noah's input.

The use of the feature of [Architecture] to design new structures,  worlds, and Galaxies that would uniquely suit the races from the Automaton, Animus...and all the other Universes.

Where to establish Universal Law Spaces and Dao Spaces that were filled with unique and bountiful concentrations of the essence of some Daos.

Even the features of [Frozen Barrier] for defense and [Offensive Maneuvers] for offense...the Universe could autonomously do it while borrowing from Noah's unlimited mana reserves!

After all this time, this Universe aspired to achieve even greater stages as it let its thoughts be known to Noah. 

Noah already had many things in play, putting away the wondrous Cosmic Treasure he was playing with as it sank into the chest of his main body, the Primordial Ruination Clone flashing away with a spatial light as only he and the Blue Slime were left behind in the skies.

"Come on."

He had a light smile on his face as he glanced below him, his figure beginning to descend towards the figures of Valentina, Barbatos, Emperor Penguin, and many others.



Noah's Primordial Ruination Clone reappeared in the Abyssal Universe, glancing at the many Hegemonies that were hauling away the imprisoned existences that followed Chronos and the Goliath.

The Oathkeeper nodded with a somber expression as his six wings vibrated powerfully, the Primordial Disk appearing within his hands as it pulsed with a pristine white essence.


This essence built up at a rapid rate within his hands as after a few seconds, it released a ray of white light that shattered the very void near them, a white crack in space forming as it led to a special location!

Noah looked at this scene with shining eyes as the Oathkeeeper kept his somber expression, looking towards Noah with a myriad of thoughts as this being had only asked him of a single thing.

Noah had told the Oathkeeper that he wouldn't ask too much of him in the future...with the main thing he wanted now being his help in locating the consciousness of...the Primordial Cosmos!

The place where the most Primordial Essence was congregated, and the location that only the existence with the Primordial Disk and Comprehension in the Primordial Dao could get to.

This was where the crack in space led to.

Noah had an impassive expression as he stepped into it, the figure of the Oathkeeper following closely behind as the moment they entered, the crack disappeared as only a few Hegemonies were left in the surroundings.

The moment that Noah stepped through this crack though, he felt an extremely suffocating and oppressive force descending onto him from all sides, the area he arrived in being filled with sea of the Primordial Essence!

If the cool down of his [Cosmic Dao Essence Integration and Emergence] had already finished, this would be the most wondrous place for him to quickly integrate the Primordial Dao just with the sheer amount of it in the surroundings.

The Oathkeeper was looking at Noah carefully at this moment as he knew he could survive due to understanding the Primordial Dao, but what about Noah?

His questions didn't last long as in a moment, a red glow surrounded Noah's Primordial Ruination Clone as in the seas of whiteness, a beautiful crimson light appeared as the being releasing this light...spoke slowly.

"I came to seek an audience with the consciousness of this Cosmos."


His voice was neither servile nor overbearing, Noah keeping an impassive expression as the Oathkeeper shook his head off to the side!

He had come here many times in the past, even more recently just within the last days to seek guidance on what he should do against the schemes of Chronos and the approaching Antiquity.

He had received no answers as this was one of the reasons he wasn't averse to bringing Noah here when he asked!

If even the Holder of the Primordial Disk who comprehended the very essence that supported the Cosmos couldn't get an answer, why would another being that seemed to have the Cosmic Dao directly opposed to it get an answer? 


<You came.>



The eyes of the Oathkeeper nearly popped out with incredulity as a monotone but ancient voice reverberated around them!


He had gotten an answer the first time he came?! 

Turbulent emotions flew around the Oathkeeper's heart at such a scene, this ancient being keeping his face expressionless even though he was aggrieved inside.

Noah looked around the vast white Primordial Sea he was in as he spoke out slowly.

"You speak as if you were expecting me?"

The question was one that made Noah curious, especially after talking to another being with his name that spoke a great deal about puppets and existences moving on the palms of others!

<The existence that ultimately saved the Dark Universe from complete destruction. I could not sustain it any longer from such a distance, and I sensed and felt it when you changed the nature of the Universe into something else before the Ruination Sea ripped it apart.>


Oathkeeper looked towards Noah in shock at such words, many things finally clicking into place within his mind as the voice continued to resound out.

<Your visit here has to do with the Dark Universe.>

The Ancient monotone voice reverberated out as it stated Noah's possible purpose without question!

Noah scratched his head as he smiled lightly while voicing out.

"Yes, this has everything to do with the Dark Universe. The Universe wants to rejoin with its Cosmos as the times are rapidly changing, with terrifying threats never faced before on the horizon as Primordial Beasts intent on erasing entire realities could arrive at any moment!"


"The process of rejoining the Cosmos though...will be something that requires the Dark Universe to assimilate the myriad of Universes within this Primordial Cosmos. For the purpose-"

<There is no need for explanation or games.>


Before Noah could even finish his words, he was actually interrupted by the Ancient monotone voice as it continued emotionlessly!

<The broken off Dark Universe still stemmed from me, with most of its memories being accessible. I know of the unique treasure and methods in your hands, so there is no need for games. It will be a great Undertaking that will take some let's get started right away.>


Noah felt his heart shaking as a moment later, a deep smile appeared on his face! He....truly liked how some of these consciousnesses went about doing things!

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