Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse - Chapter 1111 - You Should Not Be Here! I

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The dry Origin filled up as in milliseconds, its capacity had exceeded its old amount by tens of times! The Oathkeeper observed such an incredulous scene in shock as he channeled all of this raging mana into the Cosmic Treasure, the cocoon he had built up for himself expanding by over 10 times as he seemed to be in an impenetrable fortress.

Yet even against this, the Antiquity's eyes only shone with arcs of blue light- these arcs of light traveling faster than light as they wrapped around his hand and extended past his outstretched palm, wrapping around the pristine white cocoon that protected the Oathkeeper!

At the same time, this existence uttered out two words that caused the very atmosphere to tremble and vibrate fearfully.

"Ruler's Emanation."


The very void trembled and folden as overbearing and immense waves of mental energies washed down over everything!


Noah's eyes constricted as he felt this terrifying force descending all around, the three clones of the Blue Slimes appearing all around him as they bore the brunt of it themselves. Noah felt a portion of it as his eyes shone with a gorgeous array of colors, his mind and Origin being utterly protected...but it wasn't so for others.

The Goliath and the Hegemonies around him had dazed expressions as they seemed half asleep, as if they had lost the very control of their souls and could not put up any defenses!

The protected Oathkeeper in the depths of the cocoon of Primordial Essence and Noah were the only ones not affected as they watched the blue arcs of light stemming from the Antiquity wrap around the bright white cocoon and begin breaking down the Primordial Essence rapidly.

Per the method of descent, the Antiquity had agreed that he would give them a pathway towards Antiquity and that none of them would be killed! So when the Antiquity attacked, he didn't attack to kill, only to incapacitate.

After all, he needed to do was incapacitate them all before using the loophole through their promise to instead Subjugate them. After they were subjugated under him...then he would naturally let them know how to achieve Antiquity!


So his target remained the most immediate acquiring of the Cosmic Treasure before him. As for the dazed Hegemonies that had their minds scrambled from his sheer mental pressure?

The eyes of the Great Usurper flashed a gorgeous blue once more as he began to speak.



But his words never finished.

At this moment in time, the eyes of the Antiquity flashed with even more brilliant light as instead of focusing the cocoon of Primordial Essence that held an enclosed Cosmic Treasure or the myriad of Hegemonies he was just about to subjugate...this being actually gazed upwards!

He wasn't the only one as out of the Hegemonies not dazed...Oathkeeper in his Primordial essence cocoon also turned and gazed upwards!

Then there was Noah and the Blue Slime! At this moment, Noah actually had a smile appear on his terrifying tentacled face as he also gazed upwards. It was because he knew the effects of Deus Ex Machina had come to at this moment.

This was the reason why the Antiquity stopped what he was doing and gazed upwards! This was the reason that Oathkeeper and Noah and the Blue Slimes also all gazed upwards. From this direction...they could feel the blooming of an aura that none of them could put their fingers on!

It didn't seem powerful, nor did it seem weak...but yet it had drawn all of their eyes as in the moment that the Antiquity gazed up, his cerulean blue eyes flashing with a powerful light as shock appeared within them.


The utter of the Antiquity reverberated out as a moment later, a genuine crack tore open in space as from it, dense Ruination and Primordial Essence poured out madly and with fervor, spilling out and causing the void of the Abyssal Universe to shake!


Yet even with such a fantastical scene playing out, a single sound could be heard that when one listened seemed like the sound of someone taking multiple steps calmly. The sounds of someone walking forward as when Noah's eyes focused on the gushing Primordial and Ruination essence flooding out from the crack in the void, he saw the figure of someone dazzling stepping out.

Long slender legs covered by a shimmering white dress, a shroud and veil hiding everything about her was a shocking existence the size of a human that stepped out of the crack!

Her veiled head gazed down calmly at everyone below as the crack behind her closed, the Ruination and Primordial essence that threatened to drown out everything actually going towards her figure and disappearing silently amidst the fluttering of her dress!


Noah gazed at such a scene with utter stupor as his jaws nearly touched the floor, but another existence did not have the same reaction as he repeated the same word he just uttered before.



The voice of the Great Usurper reverberated out once more as when this being gazed towards the newly appearing existence, it wasn't that of shock, but more of incredulity and anger that such a being would appear here.

Incredulity that they would appear at this exact time and place just as he was proceeding with his goals!

But towards his bellow, the shrouded and veiled existence merely glanced towards him as a voice so profoundly beautiful and sonorous reached everyone's ears, as if this being was directly speaking right beside them.

"You...should not be here."



A shocking sentence that was not a question or a statement of confusion, but as if this being was stating a mere inviolable fact!

The Antiquity's eyes flashed with intense light as their cerulean light flashed on this shrouded being, not focusing on her per se, but instead on a mark he could see on her white dress.

Inscribed there beautifully was a glimmering 12 sided star, this star seemingly holding a profound meaning to the Antiquity as his eyes shot forth arcs of light full of anger when saw it!

But the existence cared not for this.

The Antiquity, Noah, the Blue Slime, and the Oathkeeper...they could all see that even though this being was veiled, she was at this moment looking down towards them with a gaze akin to an empress looking at peasants. Akin to a human looking at an ant!

It didn't matter whether they were Hegemonies, Apocryphal Antiquities, or real Antiquities....before her, they were all looked at as if they were mere ants!

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