Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse - Chapter 1051 - A Single Minute! I

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"Fealty...or Death."





The void shook at the sheer dominance and tyranny of this Apex Paragon as his hand rose to up, ready to tap at any time as this simple action scared the Undead Paragons that had lived for hundreds of thousands of years!

A tap of his fingers had caused a storm of Chronos Essence to wrap around them as time was halted, a few other taps later and they were forced to go through an Inversion in time as they returned to the states they were in over an hour ago. Just what would another tap of his fingers do?!

Prompts appeared in front of the eyes of the 45 defeated Paragons.

Their Origins were locked onto the gaze of the terrifying Demonic Lich Emperor as one by one…


"I pledge fealty to the Tyrannical Emperor…!"


The eyes of Chronos shone with a somber light as he watched this scene.

The Hegemony of Necromancy was filled with disbelief as the Goliath continued to watch in mutely.

They had no words!

After the Paragons that had come to wage war very quickly bowed down to their enemy, the 35 Incarnations that remained felt a chill run down their bony spines as thereafter, the eyes of the Demonic Lich Emperor turned towards them.

The 45 Undead Paragons that were Incarnations of Chaos just a minute before also turned their gazes towards the Legions they themselves brought!

But...this was when a certain Necrotic Ring of Death came into the perimeter of the front most Legion. 

Recall the effects of these wondrous skills!

[Unstable Necrotic Ring of Death](5/5) (PASSIVE):: A constantly swirling ring of death filled with the essence of the Daos of Ruination, Chronos, Annihilation….The greater and more powerful the number of Undead, the more potent and deadly the Necrotic Ring of Death will be.

[Endless Torment](5/5)(PASSIVE):: Any poor soul that manages to fall within the bounds of the Unstable Necrotic Ring of Death…adds 10% Increased Damage and area of effect for up to a maximum of 1,000,000% for 60 seconds. 

There were thousands of Entities and Sages within such a legion as the moment that the Ring of Death touched them and the horrifying damage from the swirling chaos of bones and essence reaped their exploded in its area of effect and damage.


A few thousand beings died as the percentage very quickly reached +13,000% Damage and Area of Effect!

As it expanded to cover even larger regions and deal even more damage, the Undead within its folds fell even faster as in the next second, hundreds of thousands fell as its boost reached half a million just 2 seconds after the first death due to the Necrotic Ring of Death!

After the 3rd second...the full +1,000,000% cap of Damage and Area of Effect was reached as the Necrotic Ring of Death had already spread to cover over a million miles in diameter.

Within this area, there were trillions of Undead.

In the next second…


Pure horror ensued as the Undead began to fall by the Billions!


The Necrotic Ring of Death was too powerful, and after it moved to cover over 1 million allowed for the singular achievement of a being reaping the lives of a few trillions in a few seconds.


A pervasive silence descended as a terrifying Necrotic Ring of Death howled madly!

The 35 remaining Incarnations of Chaos felt the astounding strength of this Ring of Death as while surrounded by it, they couldn't stand against the Seven Deadly Sins and the Undead Paragons on Noah's side that weren't affected by the terrifying effects of the Necrotic Ring of Death, these Incarnations beginning to be ripped apart!


A state of utter awe and horror descended on the battlefield. 

Over half of the trillions of Undead collected in the Legions that came with the 80 Incarnations had fallen in a matter of seconds. 


A single being bore the weight of it all as his eyes remained placid, the star of conquest shining ever brighter as the number of Skill Points he held exploded into over 200 Billion and they were still climbing.

The aura of Death from the instant wipe out of trillions pervaded the battlefield as even the undead that didn't fear death began to shake and have their wills shattered!

As 35 Incarnations were being ripped apart from the effects of the Necrotic Ring of Death and the Seven Deadly Sins, the few trillions remaining in the Legions of Undead that stood opposing Noah lost their wills at this very moment!

Noah saw this scene as the effect of the Necrotic Ring of Death was simply too heavy, his eyes shining brilliantly as the Dao of Fealty burst from within him and descended to the Undead that had lost their will to fight.

[In exchange for a portion of his power and salvation, bind a portion of your soul to the Tyrannical Lich Emperor and become his Vassal. Choose between Death or Fealty!]

A prompt appeared in front of the shaken masses.

They gazed towards the powerful Lich Emperor and the terrifying Necrotic Ring of Death that was only a few miles away from them as the remaining trillions of undead…

"I pledge Fealty to the Tyrannical Emperor…!"


It was the ridiculous reality of all beings kneeling towards the enemy they faced just minutes ago!

Actually, it wasn't even minutes as during the time that the 80 Incarnations appeared and their legions soon followed, and taking into account the time of Noah merely tapping his fingers in the void of space and causing and using seas of the essence of Chronos to cast a Temporal Halt and a Temporal Inversion, and then the expansion of the Necrotic Ring of Death with the death of Trillions...barely a minute had passed.

Barely a minute as the last war for the control of an entire Universe...was finished in this period of time!

45 of their strongest commanders were incapacitated in seconds as the remaining ones were currently being ripped apart, and the majority of their army had been decimated in seconds as the remaining were pledging fealty!

In just a bit over a minute, such a Universal War that many sides thought would have very different results ended as the horrendous effects of the aura of an Antiquity did not seem to do a single fucking thing!

A minute to end a Universal War.

A minute to decide the fate of a Universe!


How glorious!

How magisterial!

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