Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse - Chapter 1049 - Where Is He Getting All This Mana?! I

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Glorious scenes of battle were hard to come across so frequently, but some beings could just create shocking scenes that deserved to be memorialized for eons and watched by all.

A force of 80 existence nearly reaching the power of a Hegemony was extremely frightening for one to face, and yet a certain being moved fearlessly to match them.

10 of them shook with power as they went to surround the seven deadly sins. 25 of them each faced 2 Undead Paragons as it came out that they matched all the 50-something Paragons that were leading Noah's Undead Legions.

1 Incarnation of Chaos could easily match two or three normal Lich Emperor Paragons, and they boldly chose to do so as their main focus on this battle was a singular being. It was the Demonic Lich Emperor that had risen from his throne of bones and was already moving towards them!

After the division of 35 Incarnations, it left behind 45 of these powerful existences to move against a singular being.. Where it was Lich Emperors standing upon terrifying Undead Dragons shining with a gorgeous blue light or titanous sized Undead Titans wielding Dao Weapons capable of fracturing stars with a mere flicker- 45 of them surrounded a singular being as their bodies lit up with glorious waves of power.

A mere Paragon, under heavy debuffs at that, facing 45 Incarnations of Chaos. Yet Noah wasn't flustered or fearful, his gaze placing as in the midst of all of this, he quickly tapped his fingers 45 times in the chaotic void as he looked at all the Incarnations coming towards him.

[Temporal Halt].


From the space above them, the enormous crimson purple clock churned as it gushed out droves of the essence of Chronos, the bodies of the 45 Incarnations Noah faced blooming with circular swirling light as all their figures came to a stop!

Their own bodies lit up brightly to offset the effects of the singular skill cast by someone, but they found to their and the shock of many beings watching that the amount of essence of Chronos that Noah was releasing from the enormous clock above superseded each of them singularly...and then it went on to supersede them all together as droves of the essence of Chronos continued to wash down and wrap around them under Noah's command!

These powerful Incarnations...actually could not break the Temporal Halt they were placed on as they all came to a stop.

All 45...stopped by a single being!

Noah's gaze was still calm and free of worries.

To him, it mattered not whether it was 20 Incarnation of Chaos or 100.

The question remained whether they would be able to withstand when he utilized the Cosmic Dao of Chronos that could put beings in a halt in time. To do this, a mere Seed of Chaos and the small comprehensions it had on Chronos was not enough for mere Paragons to be able to break out of the shackles he placed on them!

This was because they lacked not just in how much of the quality of the Dao of Chronos they could utilize, but also the quantity of it.

Even at this very moment, he was converting mana into the essence of Chronos as it gushed out endlessly from the crimson purple clock, making it that even the large force of 45 Incarnations could not break free from his temporal shackles after he placed them!

This gave birth to the glorious scene that deserved to be memorialized for eons, a scene of a single being merely tapping their fingers in the void as a glorious eruption of light occurred, and then 45 beings of immense power were all brought to a halt from such an action!

Thereafter, his calm eyes that seemed extremely demonic and terrifying to all only gazed upon them all as he called out softly.

[Temporal Inversion].

Simple. Methodical. Precise.

What worked before can always work again.

His fingers tapped out 45 times once more as the dazzling essence of Chronos bloomed out beautifully, enticing all of those watching in a stellar fashion as it would put many beings in dismay!


The eyes of many watching Hegemonies were filled with somberness as they watched the unfolding scenes.

They were powerful beings that had lived for a great deal of years, and they knew very well about the concepts of mana usage, this type of subject even being something crucial that all experts focused on as it could decide life and death during battle.

Normally, not many beings would pay attention to estimate or count just how much mana reserves another person has, such a thing becoming readily apparent based on their actions during the course of the battle!

They would show signs of exhaustion or they would hold back on the skills they cast as they waited for their reserves to regenerate. 

But as they looked closely at a certain being in past battles and even now, they came to realize something that they didn't pay too much attention to in the beginning, something that other Hegemonies unconsciously questioned when they first viewed Noah's battles.

It was the question of mana!

As they watched this being face 80 Incarnations of Chaos and wildly display many skills to stand against them, these powerful beings finally began to strictly pay attention to Noah's usage of mana as when they did, their hearts began to shake at the mere reality of it as they noticed something.

It was the fact that on top of wildly throwing out a great deal of skills that utilized the essence of Chronos without worry, there was another area where this being was using mana freely in a way that they shouldn't. To see this, the Universal Hegemonies that had noticed the situation used their power to simply observe the flow of mana, and this was when they came across the shocking scene of seeing thin lines of mana connections from the body of Noah's Demonic Lich Emperor to the terrifying Seven Deadly Sins as well as...the over 50 Paragon Undead moving across the battlefield!

The Hegemonies didn't know this, but this was Noah sending out the essence of Ruination and Chronos to wrap around the bodies of the Sins and the Undead Paragons to reinforce their power and protect them from the Cosmic Essence of their enemies. 

To their dismay and shock, they found out that this being wasn't just freely going around casting skills like the concept of mana didn't exist, but he was also releasing mana to constantly reinforce tens of beings at the same stage as him!

As if he had so much mana for himself that he was free to even reinforce and give it to others!

As if mana...truly wasn't a problem for him!

In the boundary of the Necrotic Universe, the Microbial Hegemony's body was shaking with utter awe as he was the one to ask as many beings noticed the blatant waste and horrendous usage of mana from Noah.

"How is it possible for him to even share mana with so many others? How is he capable of doing all of this? Just...where is he getting all this mana from?!"


A simple question was asked, but there was no answer.

It was the question that would bring to attention the minds of many on the subject of mana and a certain being.

It was a point of focus that would give birth to one of the many titles that the Apex Paragon would come to hold. It was the point of focus for the eventual birth of the title Antiquity of Mana!

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