Imperial Phoenix Rules - Chapter 490 - Cruel and Heartless, Feng Yunyi 1

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Chapter 490: Cruel and Heartless, Feng Yunyi 1

Even if someone came to put out the flames on the 58th assassin and pulled out the dagger from Bai Leiming’s heart, it would be the same.

Di Lingtian’s steps looked slow and elegant, but he was actually very fast. Countless scenes were retreating in a straight line.

He quickly found Feng Yunyi and Feng Yunying.

In the core of the assessment area, Feng Yunyi and Feng Yunying were sitting in a carriage.

Feng Yunyi sat up straight, his expression solemn and nervous.

After the barrier above the assessment area shattered, he suspected that Di Lingtian had returned.

He would definitely avenge Jun Mohuang, so Feng Yunyi was extremely nervous.

But now that Jun Mohuang was dead, he believed that as long as he gave Di Lingtian benefits that tempted him, he wouldn’t insist on revenge.

After all, the dead couldn’t be revived. It was better to take the opportunity to reap some benefits.

He believed that Di Lingtian was a smart person and knew what to do.

When she saw Di Lingtian appear with Jun Mohuang in his arms, Feng Yunying’s face turned pale, as if she had seen a ghost.

How was this possible? Didn’t Jun Mohuang enter the Lava Valley? She saw it with her own eyes two days ago. How could Jun Mohuang still be alive?

But Jun Mohuang appeared in front of her alive and even smiled maliciously at her.

Feng Yunying tugged on Feng Yunyi’s sleeve and whimpered.

She wanted to tell Feng Yunyi immediately that Jun Mohuang was still alive and that their plan had failed when Di Lingtian came looking for them. It was better to flee and not negotiate.

But with her tongue cut, she could only make meaningless sounds.

“Sir, are you here to avenge Jun Mohuang?”

Feng Yunyi thought she was reminding him that Di Lingtian had arrived.

He patted Feng Yunying’s hand to stop her from saying anything. He then looked in the direction of the footsteps and smiled kindly.

Even though he couldn’t see anything.


Di Lingtian wanted to end the battle quickly and kill him immediately.

But seeing that he seemed to have something to say, Jun Mohuang patted Di Lingtian’s hand to let him finish.

“Jun Mohuang is already dead. Even if you kill me, she can’t come back to life. Why don’t we make a deal?”

Feng Yunyi suggested calmly.

In reality, he was extremely nervous. Di Lingtian’s aura was too strong. Even though he couldn’t see him, he still felt pressured.

Di Lingtian smiled sarcastically. “Deal? I don’t think you have the right to make a deal with me.”

Feng Yunyi tried his best to maintain his composure. “Really? What if I say I know the whereabouts of the Spirit Origin Pearl?”

Jun Mohuang raised an eyebrow. The Spirit Origin Pearl was a heavenly treasure that could increase a cultivator’s lifespan.

A single lowest-grade Spirit Origin Pearl could increase one’s lifespan by at least 50 years.

50 years of life was a huge temptation for anyone.

Seeing that Di Lingtian did not say anything, Feng Yunyi thought that he must be tempted.

Hence, he continued, “Jun Mohuang’s father died tragically outside three years ago while looking for medicine for her. Actually, he didn’t look for medicine for Jun Mohuang, but died miserably while looking for the Spirit Origin Pearl for me…”

According to Feng Yunyi, he had a hidden illness since young and couldn’t live past 25.

Back then, he chose to be engaged to Jun Mohuang because he saw that Jun Mohuang’s father, Jun Liyuan, was a genius refiner with extremely wide connections. Perhaps he could find one for him.

A year after Feng Yunyi and Jun Mohuang got engaged, Jun Liyuan indeed found a Spirit Origin Pearl for him to take, increasing his lifespan by 50 years.

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