Imperial Phoenix Rules - Chapter 278 - Su Zhiyu is Making a Move

Chapter 278: Su Zhiyu is Making a Move

The man had already given in to her first, and this giving her an out. But Jun Mohuang had actually taken a liking to him and was even arrogant. She really didn’t know what to say.

Furthermore, how could someone of Di Lingtian’s status like him like a vulgar woman?

She actually went to roll up her sleeves and catch fish. This was the rough work of a servant. What an insult to her status!

Looking at Di Lingtian’s expression, she knew that he was very dissatisfied with what Jun Mohuang had done.

Now was the best time for her to show off.

She wanted to show him her beautiful, noble, and charming side.

Su Zhiyu brushed her hair and tugged at her skirt. She revealed what she thought was the most beautiful and enchanting smile and slowly walked forward.

“Ah, it hurts!”

When she was seven to eight meters away from Di Lingtian, Su Zhiyu suddenly staggered and fell to the ground with a soft cry.

Su Zhiyu did not really fall, she was just deliberately trying to get his attention.

She had even deliberately calculated the way she fell. Her posture was elegant and she did not look pathetic at all.

The white skirt spread on the ground like a blooming white lotus, and Su Zhiyu was the most charming stamen of this white lotus.

Men wouldn’t bear to see a beauty fall. He would definitely turn his head to look at her and be stunned by her beauty. He would definitely rush over and help her up.

At the very least, he would come over and ask if she was okay. This way, they could strike up a conversation.

In the end, Di Lingtian did not even turn his head. He even turned around and looked at Jun Mohuang with a deep gaze.

Su Zhiyu bit her lips and felt gloomy. This move was ineffective on him!

What was so good about Jun Mohuang that he was actually ignoring her!

She could only stand up slowly and take a few steps towards Di Lingtian before saying coquettishly.

“Young Master, I am the First Miss of the Su Family, the five-star apothecary Su Zhiyu. I will definitely become a spiritual apothecary in the future. I hope to be friends with you.”

In these words, Su Zhiyu deliberately talked about her family, her refining skills, and her future achievements. It was to let Di Lingtian know that Jun Mohuang couldn’t be compared to her at all.

Choosing her was the best and wisest choice.

Normally, no matter how cold a person was, they would respond to a noble and coquettish beauty’s self-introduction.

However, Di Lingtian ignored her and frowned instead.

He thought that Su Zhiyu was just passing by and did not bicker with her. He did not expect this woman to want to be friends with him.

What Su Family? A five-star apothecary? A future spiritual apothecary? She actually had the nerve to talk about such a small, unimpressive thing!

Frustrated as he was, Di Lingtian was about to throw Su Zhiyu aside.

“Don’t move. Stay there and let her continue.”

Jun Mohuang’s cold voice suddenly sounded in his divine sense.

Di Lingtian was overjoyed. He smiled and the gloominess on his face disappeared.

He did not dare to go against Jun Mohuang. It had not been easy for his Huang’er to talk to him. This was great news.

Not far away, Jun Mohuang smirked.

Her strength had already reached the Tier 8 of the spiritual realm, so she naturally knew what Su Zhiyu said.

Very good, she dared to steal her man!

She wanted to see what this white lotus was going to say about her.

Su Zhiyu quietly observed Di Lingtian’s expression and saw that his expression was much better after hearing this.

Su Zhiyu thought that Di Lingtian had been moved by her.

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