Imperial Phoenix Rules - Chapter 276 - Wife Slave

Chapter 276: Wife Slave

However, this person was the Matriarch. She couldn’t be beaten or scolded and could only be pampered.

Sigh, the dignified Ninth Netherworld had fallen to such a state. If word got out, it would probably shock everyone.

It seemed that his Lord was destined to become a slave to his wife in the future.

“Your salary will be deducted for a hundred years!”

Just as Chi Chi was letting his imagination run wild, a sinister voice sounded from behind him.

“Yes… My Lord.”

Chi Chi was about to cry. He hung his head dejectedly like a frosted eggplant.

When a person’s imagination ran wild, the corresponding mental waves would become chaotic and strange.

Oh my God, his Lord was too scary. He only had about 50% of his strength left, but his mental strength was so terrifying.

He easily captured the abnormality of his mental fluctuation.

Indeed, it was the right choice for Zi Zi to stay and look after the family!

His dowry money… Boohoo…

Di Lingtian sat alone in the spacious carriage and was silent for a long time.

He wanted to hug her soft and small body. Even if he didn’t kiss her, he was very satisfied to see her leaning in his arms.

He was waiting for Jun Mohuang to return, but she had no intention of returning.

Without her by his side, he felt extremely lonely.

“Huang’er, don’t be angry.”

In the end, Di Lingtian raised the little white flag first.

He transmitted his voice to Jun Mohuang.

In the end, Jun Mohuang ignored him.

“Huang’er, I’m alone in the carriage. I’m so lonely.”

Seeing that it was useless to make her angry, Di Lingtian decided to act pitiful.

But it was useless.

“Huang’er, I still have your invitation token. Aren’t you coming over to get it?”

After three consecutive failures, the air around Di Lingtian became even darker.

Chi Chi did not even dare to breathe loudly as he was afraid that Di Lingtian would never give him his salary again if he was careless.

“Huang’er, I have a way to treat his legs. Come over and I’ll tell you.”

In the end, he used his trump card.

He didn’t believe that Jun Mohuang wouldn’t come over after using this move.

As expected, Jun Mohuang’s beautiful eyes widened when she heard this. She was troubled about Jun Jianlin’s legs.

Since Di Lingtian said that he had a way, he must have a way.

But hmph. He wanted to use this as a condition to lure her over immediately. No way.

This was the first time she had a conflict with Di Lingtian.

Jun Mohuang decided to set the rules for him this time. She would leave him hanging for a while and wait until the end of today.

Men needed to be taught a lesson. She couldn’t let him do whatever he wanted.

Hence, despite the tempting news, Jun Mohuang did not respond.

Seeing that she did not respond for a long time, Di Lingtian frowned.

Judging from her anger today, she was obviously very concerned about Jun Jianlin’s legs. How could she not react at all?

After crying silently for a while over his dowry money, he finally decided to get up from wherever he fell.

As long as this matter was resolved, his Lord would be happy. If his Lord was happy, Chi Chi might not only get his dowry money back, but also get a raise.

He thought about it and suggested.

“My Lord, don’t be angry. Perhaps I have a way to get the Matriarch to come back.”

Di Lingtian sounded eager. “Speak.”

Chi Chi continued, “My Lord, Matriarch is concerned about her brother’s leg. Can’t you just treat it? Matriarch will definitely return immediately.”

Chi Chi thought that this was a good idea.

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