Immortal Path to Heaven - Chapter 690 - A Powerful Backstage Supporter

Chapter 690: A Powerful Backstage Supporter

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Ou Yangming had been watching quietly on the side. He could not help but praise internally when he saw the unordinary effects that were caused by the 3 candidates.

As said by Mao Jianbi, some unique skills in the world that could be extremely effective during crucial moments.

Nonetheless, nobody knew that Mao Jianbi was deep down disappointed although he nodded. This was because he could tell that the 3 methods performed by the candidates were considered cheap tricks.

Whether it was the jade stone’s liquid, the pill powder, or Liu Xiangrong, they only affected the Interspatial Spiritual Tree’s outer appearance.

It seemed like the spiritual tree looked better and regained energy, but it was merely on the surface as nothing inside changed.

Taking a terminally ill person as an example, one would surely have a terrible complexion. One could look like one was glowing with health again through makeup but in reality, the makeup would not help one’s condition at all no matter how brilliant it was.

Nevertheless, Mao Jianbi was disappointed but not surprised.

If those 3 candidates could find a way to save the Interspatial Spiritual Tree in such a short time, the planting masters from the Beast King Sect would seem too useless.

Mao Jianbi nodded and remarked, “You did quite well, so you’re qualified to compete for the spiritual tree.” He later turned to look at Ou Yangming and asked, “How about you? Do you still want to give it a go?”

Ou Yangming nodded and answered, “Yes.”

He went forward and walked around the Interspatial Spiritual Tree, then he fixed his gaze on its roots.

The spiritual tree’s roots were being tightly wrapped at the moment, by which it was nourished with fertile soil and spiritual liquid.

Ou Yangming reached out and placed his hands gently on the wrapper as he wanted to open it.

It was then when Liu Xiangrong, Gao Yi, and the ratman shouted at the same time, “You mustn’t!”

Ou Yangming was slightly stunned. He withdrew his hands and asked in shock, “Why?”

Liu Xiangrong questioned with a grave look on his face, “Lil’ brother, do you know why the Beast King Sect’s planting masters wrapped the Interspatial Spiritual Tree’s roots?”

“I have no idea.” Ou Yangming blinked and smiled bitterly.

Liu Xiangrong’s face darkened. He scoffed angrily and explained, “A tree’s vitality would be damaged each time it’s shifted. Given how weak the Interspatial Spiritual Tree is, it mustn’t go through something like that anymore!” He turned around and cupped his hands at Mao Jianbi, “Senior, this lil’ brother doesn’t even know such a basic theory, so I don’t think he’s qualified to join the competition.”

Gao Yi and the ratman nodded in agreement. They would not object to the idea if Ou Yangming had an ultimate trick to heal the Interspatial Spiritual Tree, but they could tell from how reckless he was that he was an amateur.

If that was the case, it would only be right for them to crowd him out.

Mao Jianbi looked grim. He asked Ou Yangming, “What do you say?”

He was rather enraged at this moment. If it was not for the sake of Peng Yanbing, he would have kicked the young fellow off the stage long ago.

“Senior, I don’t know much about planting, but I do have a way to save the Interspatial Spiritual Tree.” Ou Yangming forced a smile and pleaded with the great elder sincerely, “Please allow me to try.”

Liu Xiangrong sneered. “I’m afraid that the spiritual tree will die right after you make your attempt.”

Gao Yi went along with him. “Yes, how can an outsider be allowed to save the Interspatial Spiritual Tree when it’s such a professional task?”

The ratman squeaked several times. It did not say a word, but its attitude was enough to express its standpoint.

Ou Yangming furrowed his eyebrows. Whether the 3 candidates were concerned about the Interspatial Spiritual Tree or were simply selfish, he was infuriated because of how they targeted him.

Seeing as Moa Jianbi was looking more unfriendly and was about to say something, Ou Yangming decided to retrieve the jade pendant that represented Yuqi the Venerable One.

Mao Jianbi was about to reprimand Ou Yangming and shoo him away when he was shocked by the unique item that was held by the young fellow. He widened his eyes and stared at the jade pendant.

Being one of the countable sect leaders in the Beast King Sect, he could not be more familiar with the jade pendant.

Even so, his first reaction after seeing it out of the blue was that it was fake…

‘Yuqi the Venerable One carries that with him everywhere, so why would he give it to someone else?’

After looking closely at the jade pendant for some time, Mao Jianbi finally confirmed that it belonged to Yuqi the Venerable One. Not only was the pattern the same, but a vague aura could also be sensed from the pendant.

It was Yuqi the Venerable One’s aura. He could not have been mistaken.

Even if someone dared to carve a fake jade pendant, one could not attach Yuqi the Venerable One’s aura to it. More importantly, they were in the Beast King Sect. If someone made a counterfeit of the pendant, one could imagine the consequences.

Mao Jianbi glanced at the calm Peng Yanbing below the platform. He somehow broke out in a cold sweat.

‘What will Sir Venerable One do if he finds out that I kicked someone with his jade pendant off the platform?’

He cursed Peng Yanbing internally at this time, ‘That old fella clearly knew but didn’t warn me at all. Is he trying to harm me?’

Mao Jianbi took a deep breath and waved his hand. “Since they’ve all tried, you may try too for the sake of fairness.”

Ou Yangming grinned and turned his wrist to put the jade pendant away. He bowed at the great elder and expressed his gratitude, “Thank you, senior.”

He knew very well that it was not for the sake of fairness; the so-called fairness was only because of the jade pendant in his hand.

The faces of Liu Xiangrong and the others changed. Earlier on, they chose to use their tricks on the Interspatial Spiritual Tree’s bark because they did not know it well, and they were afraid of causing negative effects if they acted rashly.

Therefore, they were shocked when Mao Jianbi allowed an amateur to open up the wrapper around the roots.

They dared not disobey Mao Jianbi, but they were pessimistic. If the amateur messed things up, the Interspatial Spiritual Tree would probably lose the bit of vitality that it had left.

Despite that, they noticed how Mao Jianbi’s face changed, hence they knew there must be a reason behind it. If they tried to stop him at this time, their efforts would likely be to no avail.

Therefore, the 3 candidates glared at Ou Yangming. If angry looks could kill, the young fellow’s body would have been covered in holes already.

They kept cursing internally and even complained about Mao Jianbi for not having a firm standpoint. However, they did not know that after Mao Jianbi saw Yuqi the Venerable One’s jade pendant, he had decided that he would not stop Ou Yangming even if he killed the Interspatial Spiritual Tree on the spot.

Since nobody got in the way anymore, Ou Yangming opened up the big wrapper successfully.

Sure enough, soil was filled inside the wrapper, and the Interspatial Spiritual Tree’s roots were surrounded by the soil. When the wrapper was opened, the spiritual liquid’s unique fragrance became richer.

Ou Yangming sniffed a few times but did not react to it at all. The spiritual liquid was a little fragrant, but it could not be compared with the immortal liquid. As for their effects, there was no need to compare at all.

Spiritualists would be moved if they stumbled upon spiritual flowers and herbs, but definitely not ordinary flowers and herbs with spiritual powers. There were huge disparities between the difficulties of nurturing them, as well as the effects of the liquids that they produced.

Everyone focused on Ou Yangming at this time as they were curious about what the young fellow planned to do.

Ou Yangming could not perceive anything even after he studied the spiritual tree carefully. He simply turned his wrist to retrieve a jade bottle, which he had prepared in advance.

The liquid stored inside the bottle was not the ordinary immortal liquid, but the superb immortal liquid that was concentrated by the lazy turtle. Ever since Ou Yangming’s trip to the secret realm, where he sent plenty of spiritual flowers and herbs to the lazy turtle, it had been providing 2 drops of the concentrated immortal liquid a day.

There was not much of the concentrated immortal liquid inside the jade bottle but according to the Wutong Tree, a drop of it a day would be enough to maintain and prolong the Interspatial Spiritual Tree’s life.

Ou Yangming removed the bottle cap gently. Once the immortal liquid was concentrated, its essences were concentrated in a single drop. Great art concealed itself—the immortal liquid regained its natural state and did not give off any fragrance. Following that, the young fellow carefully dropped a drop of the liquid on the soil according to what he was told by the Wutong Tree. Once he was done, he wrapped up the spiritual tree’s roots again.

Liu Xiangtong and the others tried hard to identify the drop of liquid, but they could not tell what exactly it was.

Having said that, seeing as Ou Yangming simply dropped a drop of the liquid without doing anything big, they were relieved.

If that was all Ou Yangming was going to do, the Interspatial Spiritual Tree would not be too affected as long as the liquid was not poison. Needless to say, given the candidates’ visions and knowledge, they would have known if it was poison.

Ou Yangming took 3 steps back and looked quietly at the Interspatial Spiritual Tree.

Liu Xiangrong suddenly went forward and asked, “Brother Ou, what exactly did you drop on the soil just now? Can I take a look at it?”

“No,” Ou Yangming responded with a smile. He was smiling, but he was brutally frank when he rejected Liu XIangrong.

Liu Xiangrong flushed, and he was slightly mad. “Brother Ou, why are you being so stingy? I won’t steal your treasure anyway!”

Ou Yangming laughed and said, “We’re using our tricks for the same goal. Since we’re competitors, I can’t show you my treasure.”

Liu Xiangrong was struck dumb, and he was instantly speechless. After hearing what Ou Yangming said, even Gao Yi and the ratman gave up wanting to ask him.

“Very well. How long more will your trick show its effect, Brother Ou?” Liu Xiangrong questioned after a brief moment.

Ou Yangming answered after some thought, “It shouldn’t take too long.”

“Heh, Brother Ou, are you asking us to wait here for a few days with you just because you dropped a drop of liquid on the soil?” Liu Xiangrong spoke sternly, “For the sake of the Interspatial Spiritual Tree’s health, it’s best to treat it as soon as possible.”

“Hey, this is…” All of a sudden, Gao Yi’s eyes lit up, and he exclaimed.

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