Immortal Path to Heaven - Chapter 547 - Interspatial Node

Chapter 547: Interspatial Node

A ball of electric light suddenly appeared in the endless void.

It seemed to be a light ball with calluses, and it looked like something was squirming inside.

The electric light was mighty, but it was in the boundless void, which could accommodate even the greatest powers and could make them vanish very quickly.

After just a split second, the initially violent and destructive thunderbolt powers disappeared and were replaced by the endless dark space.

Ou Yangming and Big Yellow sensed the change in their environment, as well as the compression from the fearsome interspatial power. The power was so strong that they instantly felt pressures from death.

Without any hesitation, Ou Yangming and Big Yellow released their powers at the same time to form a defensive net each around them.

It was a unique power that they acquired after advancing to Extreme Grade. They would have unquestionably died if they entered this environment before they entered Extreme Grade, but while they could protect their lives now, they still felt bitter.

At the end of the day, their powers were not omnipotent. When would they be able to break free from the limitless void?

Once they finished consuming their powers, would they only be able to wait to die?

The human and the dog were helpless as they looked at each other. Nonetheless, this was better than being stuck in an odd space and being sent to the Ghost-clawed Venerable One.

At this point, they could only comfort themselves through this method.

Ou Yangming looked into the distance as much as he could, but he saw nothing but the intense darkness in this environment.

In fact, even the light beam that connected the 2 realms dimmed. Although the passage was built, unless it was activated, it would not usually appear.

The dark environment was dead silent. If one stayed in this environment for too long, one might even suffer a mental breakdown before one’s power was depleted.

Ou Yangming was not used to waiting helplessly for death. Even though there was no hope to break free at the moment, he still did not plan to give up, hence he kept observing his surroundings. Nevertheless, there was nothing but darkness everywhere, and there were no signs of abnormality anywhere.

“Where’s this place?” All of a sudden, Big Yellow’s voice appeared in Ou Yangming’s mind.

The young fellow shook his head and responded through his mental conception, “I’m not sure either, but it looks like we’re in the space of nothingness.

“Ah, why did we end up here?” Big Yellow turned its head and asked, “Where are Multi-armed King Kong and the goshawk?”

Ou Yangming sighed and answered, “They went miss… Not, we’re probably the ones that went missing.”

He did not understand what happened, but he was certain of one thing; the Ghost-clawed Venerable One had used a unique ability to snatch him and Big Yellow out from the light beam that headed to the Spiritual Realm.

‘That Venerable One from the Insects actually possess such an unbelievable divine ability. Given its remarkable powers and profound foundation, it must be superior to human cultivators in the Spiritual Realm.’

Ou Yangming did not know the reason behind everything and thought the Ghost-clawed Venerable One was the mastermind, which was why he overestimated it.

“What should we do?” Big Yellow twitched its ears and asked, “Can we still go back?”

Its series of questions caused Ou Yangming to shake his head with a bitter smile because he felt extremely helpless.

A red figure suddenly appeared in his mind as he thought about the little red bird. Perhaps that would be his only hope because other than the little bird, he could not think of anyone that would be capable enough to find him.

Ou Yangming pondered for a brief moment and finally curbed his thought. “Big Yellow, maintain your spiritual power at the lowest as much as possible. We might need to stay here for a long time.”

Big Yellow nodded seriously. After taking a good look at the environment it was in, it made the same deduction.

It would probably be very difficult for them to find a way to leave the endless space within a short time…

With that, they quietly drifted in the unbounded space. Whether it was Ou Yangming or Big Yellow, they did not know where they would drift to. Perhaps they would one day run out of resources, and the day they became exhausted would probably be their doomsday.

Even so, before that, they would not give up easily no matter what.

Their lives were at stake, after all. Nobody could anyhow give up on their lives.

Time did not exist in the space, so they did not know how long they had been drifting. One day, the seemingly sick Big Yellow, which was not willing to waste even a bit of its energy, suddenly opened its eyes and twitched its nose as though it was smelling something.

Ou Yangming looked at it in shock then remarked with a bitter smile, “Big Yellow, stop fooling around.”

He would have questioned the big yellow dog curiously if it did the same thing in the lower realm. This was because it had definitely picked up something unordinary if it had such an expression on its face.

However, it would be absurd to say that Big Yellow could pick up any smell in this bizarre space.

Having said that, Big Yellow did not listen to his advice. It uttered, “I found it—I really found it.”

Ou Yangming was stunned because Big Yellow was not a mad dog, and it would not mess around in this situation.

Feeling moved, he asked, “What did you find?”

“A spiritual item—it’s the smell of a spiritual item, and it’s similar to the Tree of Splendour… Hmm, no, it’s a higher-level spiritual item as compared to the tree!” Big Yellow answered proudly.

Ou Yangming instantly had a strange look on his face. “Did you sniff it through your nose?”

“Yes, and no.” Big Yellow tilted its head to think before it continued, “I can’t smell it through my nose, but I could sense it through my nose.”

‘What kind of answer is that?’ Ou Yangming twitched his mouth.

‘Big Yellow’s nose can’t pick up the smell but can sense it?’

If any other dog had said the same thing, Ou Yangming would have turned that dog into dog stew. On the other hand, he chose to believe Big Yellow. In actual fact, he did not have better choices at the moment, so it was better to find something to do instead of drifting around like a fool.

“Which direction?” Ou Yangming asked in a deep voice.

Big Yellow’s body began to turn in a certain direction, then it moved its paws to drift in that direction.

The only advantage of being in the endless space was one could easily change direction by exerting certain force. Despite that, Ou Yangming and Big Yellow could not find their way back anyway, thus it did not matter where they were drifting to.

Through Big Yellow’s hard work, they finally arrived at another spot in the space of nothingness.

The spot was similar to everywhere else. There was nothing else but darkness, and the intense black color seemed like it was going to devour them.

Ou Yangming scanned his surroundings and asked Big Yellow, “Were you talking about this spot?”

Big Yellow nodded without any hesitation. “Yes, I’m sure this was what I sensed.”

The young fellow sighed and thought, ‘Is Big Yellow hallucination because he had been in this environment for too long?’

That said, Big Yellow did not leave the matter at that. It kept twitching its nose around this area,d and its eyes eventually lit up.

Ou Yangming was dumbfounded. He stared at Big Yellow and was also surprised when he took a good look at its lively eyes. If the big yellow dog had gone mad, it could not have such clear and bright eyes.

He immediately understood that something was certainly weird about this place, and it was related to a spiritual item.

Numerous content related to the endless void crossed his mind. Whether it was what he read from ancient books or the things that the little red bird talked about during their free times, they flashed across his mind.


At the spur of the moment, a term appeared in his mind, causing him to be highly spirited.

The boundless space seemed like a place of nothingness, but it was an incredibly important node.

It was said that one that could grasp the node could freely enter the unbounded space even if one’s cultivation base was not up to standard.

A node was a certain spot that corresponded with a particular world. Nonetheless, how it was born and why it corresponded with a specific place was beyond Ou Yangming’s understanding.

The young fellow inhaled deeply and was elated. If this was really a node, he would grasp it regardless of the costs. Perhaps this would be his only chance to enter a certain world.

Ou Yangming slowly calmed down and pressed Big Yellow’s back to ride it. The big yellow dog understood him right away, so it did not run around anymore. It stuck out its tongue and released its spiritual power, which enveloped the young fellow too.

It knew what Ou Yangming wanted to do and had to go all-out, so it needed to protect him.

While Big Yellow felt that it was a pity that it did not find the spiritual item, its priority was never spiritual items, but Ou Yangming.

A forceful spiritual power gushed and wrapped Ou Yangming’s body. With that, even if his power was exhausted, he would not die due to the environment.

Ou Yangming took a deep breath and composed himself even more.

He closed his eyes and quietly sensed his surroundings.

At last, his eyelids flickered. Once he settled down and observed, he indeed noticed something unusual.

As compared to the other areas, the space over here had some peculiar wrinkles, which seemed to be a natural phenomenon. They were arranged in a very bizarre way.

Ou Yangming’s heart skipped a beat, and he found it hard to suppress his excitement.

‘A node—this is indeed a node.’

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