Chapter 316 A Helping Hand

As he observed the proud and confident expressions of the powerhouses surrounding him, Ou Yangming’s lips curled up into a bitter smile.

Naturally, he was aware of their reasons for ascending the ring. Once they saw Woo Lejia’s advancement into the Extreme Grade, their desires and greed ran rampant.

Nevertheless, from the perspective of Humanity as a whole, it was undoubtedly the best course of action for him to use his Spiritual Fist on the Yang Grade Class Five powerhouses.

After all, it was no understatement to say that there was a game-changing difference between having more Yang Grade powerhouses and more Supreme Great Ancestors.

‘However…’ Ou Yangming furrowed his brows and mentally complained, ‘Don’t they think that they should ask for my opinion before making this decision for me?’ Out of nowhere, Ou Yangming began to walk towards the edge of the ring. At that moment, with all their powers and influence combined, the 30-odd Yang Grade Class Five powerhouses were a near unstoppable force to be reckoned with. Even if a Supreme Great Ancestor were on scene, the ancestor would need to tread carefully if they chose to go against the powerhouses.

After all, each of the powerhouses in the ring was the most promising candidate within their respective families, and even without the assistance of their backers, each of them still held immense combat ability. For the most part, their combined strength was enough to scare off any Supreme Great Ancestor who stood in their way.

In spite of this, once they saw Ou Yangming moving towards the edge of the ring, they immediately opened up a path for him. No one had even considered blocking him.

Sure, one might argue that the Yin Grade pipsqueak had acted disrespectfully towards them, but unless they had a screw loose, no one in their right mind would actually say it out loud.

Upon reaching the edge of the ring, Ou Yangming then nodded at Bai Shixue and asked loudly, “Young pavilion master, may I trouble you to bring over some iron ingots and featured steel?”

Bai Shixue pursed her lips and smiled with unparalleled beauty, bewitching those who were in her vicinity. She placidly stated, “So long as it’s Master Ou’s request, it won’t be a problem.” At the wave of her hand, someone beside her immediately sprinted off.

The powerhouses in the ring exchanged quizzical glances at one another. Within their respective families, these people were all bigwigs who were second only to the Supreme Great Ancestors in rank, and every order they gave could change one’s fate. Despite this, their hearts thumped with trepidation as if their fates were up to the mercy of Ou Yangming.

In truth, with their inborn-talents and their immense resources, there was a high chance that they would ascend into a Supreme Great Ancestor even without the aid of the Spiritual Fist.

However, this was a Supreme Great Ancestor they were talking about!

Even the tiniest sliver of hope was enough to make them fight tooth and nail for the opportunity to become one.

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Moreover, from what they had seen earlier, Ou Yangming’s special technique was more than just a sliver of hope. With the exception of geniuses like Zuoqiu Hongyuan and Wu Hanning, those who were close to becoming Supreme Great Ancestors were riddled with anxiety, as this opportunity was too great for them to miss.

A moment later, the Yi Pavilion’s courier returned with the requested iron ingots and featured steel, and respectfully placed them down in the ring.

Ou Yangming held up one of the iron ingots and stated to the audience with a cheeky smile. “Ladies and gentlemen, I have a confession to make. Actually, I’m not a martial artist.”

Qin Xingchen and the others were dumbfounded at his statement. Although they wore a smile on their faces, their inner thoughts had stated otherwise.

‘Ptui! If you’re already this strong without being a martial artist, then wouldn’t that mean that you’ll be god-like if you’re actually a martial artist?!’

However, they had only kept those words to themselves. No one was brave enough to speak it out loud on such an occasion.

Ou Yangming narrowed his eyes and happily continued, “My real profession is a blacksmith.”

Qin Xingchen laughed out loud and responded, “Brother Ou, I’m pretty sure that all of us here have heard about it. You’re a newly-promoted Advanced Blacksmith, right?” After a brief pause, he then continued, “For you to achieve such a stellar title at such a young age is truly remarkable!”

The powerhouses in the ring muttered in agreement. None of them had looked particularly surprised. Clearly, they had done some digging after seeing how Ou Yangming had used the Simulated Spiritual Fist seemingly out of nowhere.

Ou Yangming nodded slightly before continuing, “Since all of you are already aware, I’ll just cut to the chase then.” He swept his gaze across the powerhouses and stated in a serious tone, “I’ve come to the capital for one reason and one reason only. If you’re willing to lend me a hand with it, I’ll reward your efforts accordingly.”

Qin Xingchen and the other powerhouses’ eyes lit up. Although they looked confident when they made their declaration in the ring, in truth, their hearts were constantly filled with worry, as they were unsure whether Ou Yangming was willing to help them.

However, after hearing those words, their hearts were finally at ease.

What they worried was not that Ou Yangming’s requests were too demanding, but rather, it was the lack of requests that scared them.

“Don’t worry Brother Ou! Whatever your wish is, we’ll fulfill it for you!” Yuan Zhiyong was the first to answer.

The others glared bitterly at him, but they still went along with what he said. After all, with all the resources at their disposal, almost nothing was impossible for them.

Under the ring, Wang Leshui looked up with gleaming eyes and heaved a long sigh. ‘Master Ou is truly amazing.’

Li Xinfan had ordered Wang Leshui to escort Ou Yangming to the capital, and he had made some subsequent arrangements for Ou Yangming.



However, upon seeing Ou Yangming’s performance on stage, Wang Leshui realized that the commander’s hard work was for naught as Ou Yangming had located an even more appropriate solution. Better yet, should the present families join forces to complete Ou Yangming’s task, any enemy who stood in their way would be decimated like dominoes before a tidal wave.

The only issue, though, was that no such incident had ever occurred throughout the history of the nation, as not even the founding family, the Wu family themselves, had ever been successful in uniting so many powerful families.

Wang Leshui’s gaze was still fixed on Ou Yangming. For some reason, at that moment, the average-looking young man before him had become so massive that he could no longer look him in the eye.

Bai Shixue swept her beautiful gaze across the ring. While bewitching several people around her, a maelstrom of emotions welled up within her heart.

She still remembered Ou Yangming and Jin Shengjie’s request during the banquet on that fateful night.

So long as the Yi Pavilion was willing to lend them a hand, the two masters would give it their all in the Myriad Treasure Meet and boost the Yi Pavilion’s fame in the process.

Despite knowing how difficult it was, Bai Shixue still accepted their request.

However, things had taken a major turn during the meet, and ever since Ou Yangming had displayed that mysterious Simulated Spiritual Fist of his, it seemed that all her troubles had been solved.

Nevertheless, Bai Shixue could not find any joy in Ou Yangming’s achievements. After all, the Yi Pavilion had barely contributed anything, and yet, they still benefited greatly from Ou Yangming’s feats.

In that case, would Ou Yangming still work with them in the future?

The young pavilion master with the Body of Charm had sunk into deep thought.

Meanwhile, in the ring, Ou Yangming utilized his Military Fire to quickly forge the iron ingot in his hand into a Common Grade military saber. Although the featured steel’s quality was far superior to the iron ingot’s, through the use of Ou Yangming’s Military Fire, he was able to quickly melt it into the corresponding mold. To Ou Yangming, doing such a thing was considered child’s play, and before long, he upgraded the military saber into a Good Grade one.

In a completely unprecedented move, Ou Yangming had turned the ring into a massive casting table, shocking everyone on site. Nevertheless, no one interrupted Ou Yangming. Though some were clueless as to what his plan was, the main reason behind their hesitance was due to the 30-odd Yang Grade powerhouses who were standing by his side.


With the Good Grade military saber now completed, Ou Yangming then raised his head to look at the surrounding crowd.

Upon doing so, he immediately noticed that there was an eager glint in most of the people’s eyes. Although some still looked worried, the majority were staring passionately at him as if they were expecting something interesting to occur.

Ou Yangming mused to himself, ‘So these people aren’t idiots, huh. Figures. Even though I haven’t said anything yet, most of them have already more or less figured out what I’m about to say.’

After clearing his throat, Ou Yangming then declared in a booming voice, “Ladies and gentlemen, I’m from Changlong County, and if you haven’t visited it yet, you should, because our county’s Master Lu has devised a cheap and simple technique to turn Common Grade equipment into… Good Grade equipment! It’s so simple that even average-skilled blacksmiths can do it!”

He purposely emphasized the words ‘Good Grade’, so that they would travel further into the crowd.

In response, the crowd underneath the ring gasped in shock.

Those who were qualified to attend the Myriad Treasure Meet were undoubtedly people of deep knowledge. As such, it did not take them long to realize how big of a deal Ou Yangming’s statement was. Although most of them were oblivious to the hundred-year-threat to humanity that loomed on the horizon, Ou Yangming’s offer was still good to pass up.

Qin Xingchen exchanged glances with the surrounding powerhouses before asking, “Brother Ou, are you telling us to assist you in advertising this matter?” He did not bother to beat around the bush or to make excuses for himself, even though he knew that there was a chance of inciting the imperial family’s wrath in doing so.

After all, even if he were to back down at the last minute, many more would fill in for him.

Moreover, if he could handle the situation well, there was even a chance for his family to profit from this endeavor! Ou Yangming spoke with a straight voice, “Not bad, you read my mind. Indeed, if Brother Qin is willing to lend me a hand in this endeavor, I would forever be in your debt.”

After taking in a deep breath, Qin Xingchen responded, “Think nothing of it! As long as it’s Brother Ou’s request, I’ll obey it!” He then took a step forward and declared, “I’ll be returning home later to raise this matter to my family’s elders! Should I go against my word, may Heaven strike me with five bolts of thunder and condemn me for eternity!”

The other powerhouses flinched at his declaration. No one had expected Qin Xingchen to make such a heavy oath as they themselves were hesitant about it.

Ou Yangming chuckled and answered, “Thank you.” Following that, he swept his gaze across the powerhouses and asked, “What about the rest of you?”

It was no surprise that everyone had agreed to his request. Sure, some of them might have heaved a sigh or hesitated at first, but as more and more people accepted his request, the others quickly followed suit.

After all, even an idiot could see that at the rate the matter was progressing, it was already too late to stop it.

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