Immortal Path to Heaven

Chapter 315 - The Yang Grade Powerhouses’ Decision

Chapter 315 The Yang Grade Powerhouses’ Decision

Ou Yangming narrowed his eyes slightly as he retracted his smile and stated in a serious tone, “Thank you.”

This was a Supreme Great Ancestor’s promise, and needless to say, it was extremely precious. Moreover, as Woo Lejia was now a Supreme Great Ancestor, his position within his family would also change greatly. In essence, his promise was akin to his entire family’s promise as well.

Should the need arise for Woo Lejia to fulfill Ou Yangming’s wishes, it would not be Woo Lejia alone, but rather, the entire Woo Family.

Woo Lejia chuckled and stated, “Brother Ou, this little one wishes to return to his hometown to solidify his boundary.” After pausing for a moment, he continued, “Once the Myriad Treasure Meet is over, this little one would like to invite Brother Ou over for a visit. This little one promises that he will treat you with the utmost courtesy.”

His eyes were glistening with excitement and pure intentions, there was not a shred of hidden agendas to be found within them.

Ou Yangming chuckled softly and stated, “Once this meet is over, I’ll definitely visit you. Just make sure not to abandon me by then.”

Woo Lejia gave a hearty response, “It’s a deal then! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be leaving.” He bowed with wrapped fists once again, and with that, he got off the ring and strode away from the scene. Interestingly, he had more escorts accompanying him as compared to when he first entered.

They were all powerhouses from the Woo family, and at that moment, their most pressing concern was their fledgling Supreme Great Ancestor who had yet to establish a stable boundary.

As such, once Woo Lejia returned home, he would be locked up with the greatest protection they could afford, until his state was completely stable.

Due to this, even though most of the Woo family members yearned to battle with Ou Yangming in the ring, they still resigned to protect Woo Lejia on his way home. Back in the ring, Ou Yangming exhaled deeply while shaking his head slightly.

Using the simulated spiritual attack to force a Yang Grade Class Five powerhouse to experience a life-and-death situation had taken up much more mental power than Ou Yangming had initially expected. Moreover, it was also a large burden on his vigor.

Mental power is mental power, and vigor is vigor. They were two completely different resources.

Despite that, Ou Yangming caught two shadows lurking behind him from the corner of his eye.

The duo had simultaneously stepped into the ring at the same time, and they were both around Woo Leija’s age. Although they were acquaintances, neither of them were willing to back down from the ring and as a result, they were stuck staring awkwardly at one another.

All it took was a single glance for Ou Yangming to determine that they were both Yang Grade Class Five powerhouses.

To be a Yang Grade Class Five martial artist at this age while still being passionate about martial arts was the norm among the Humans.

In contrast, people like He Liangce and Zuoqiu Hongyuan who had achieved Yang Grade Class Five before the age of 30 were true, one-in-a-million geniuses. Even if fortune were to betray them in the future, they would still be able to reach the Extreme Grade without much trouble.

Geniuses like them were special cases, and their circumstances did not apply to the common folk.

For those who lacked natural talent, being able to advance into the Yang Grade around the age of 30 was considered an impressive feat.

Furthermore, if they somehow managed to reach Class Five before the age of 50, there was a high likelihood that they could ascend to the Extreme Grade as well. In short, the younger they reached Class Five, the higher their likelihood of reaching the Extreme Grade.

Those who were already Yang Grade Class Five around the age of 40 like Woo Lejia and the two men before Ou Yangming were considered the hope of each of the major families.

Moreover, once they saw Wu Lejia’s ascension, the two innately realized that this was their chance of a lifetime. Should they miss the opportunity before them, they would undoubtedly regret it for the rest of their lives. As such, they were willing to forego their long years of friendship, all so they could seize the opportunity for themselves.

“Brother Ou, these two are Qin Xingchen and Yuan Zhiyong. They’re both renowned Yang Grade Class Five powerhouses from the capital. As for the reason they’ve decided to duel you, I don’t think I need to explain, right?”

A delicate voice flowed into Ou Yangming’s ears, no, it might be more accurate to say that the voice had directly rung out within his mind.

Ou Yangming was slightly perturbed by this. Despite that, he made no noticeable reaction other than turning to look at Wu Hanning.

The imperial princess nodded at him; and her fearsome glare from before was replaced by a gentler shade.

Ou Yangming mentally froze. ‘So this weird voice is her doing! But how did she do it?”

‘It seems that the Wu Family’s thousand-year-long nation-founding history isn’t just for show. Their abilities are indeed the real deal.’

Nevertheless, Ou Yangming believed that so long as he mastered the use of his mental power, he would still come up on top of Wu Hanning if they were to duel.

After nodding back in response, a realization dawned upon him. ‘Isn’t this young lady treating me much better than before? Could it be? Is she no longer bothered by the incident?”

Qin Xingchen was a tall man with a fair complexion and no facial hair. He sighed lightly. “Brother Yuan, weren’t you always eyeing that meteoric jade ruler of mine? Well, if you back down now, that ruler will be yours for the taking.”

Yuan Zhiyong was slightly shorter than the former. After a slight pause, he then chuckled bitterly and stated, “If this were any other situation, I would’ve backed off even if you hadn’t offered up your prized treasure. However…” He shook his head and continued, “I refuse to budge this time.”

Near the end of his speech, Yuan Zhiyong’s tone turned serious and there was a powerful determination within his voice.

Although the meteoric jade ruler was a priceless treasure that complemented the martial arts that he cultivated, when compared to the opportunity to ascend into the Extreme Grade, it meant nothing.

Sure, the item might have swayed him somewhat, but in the end, his cultivation was of the utmost priority.

Qin Xingchen heaved a long sigh. In truth, he had already expected this answer before he asked. However, it did not feel right to him unless he asked beforehand.

“Brother Yuan, it seems that we brothers are forced to settle this matter by force.”

Yuan Zhiyong responded with a long sigh of his own. “Never would I have imagined that there would come a time where I would need to cross swords with you, Brother Qin. Fate is truly merciless, huh?”

After a long pause, Qin Xingchen suddenly stated, “Brother Yuan, you go instead. This is only the first day, after all. However, my offer is still on. So long as you’re willing to back down now, I’ll hand you my meteoric jade ruler.”

Yuan Zhiyong’s expression changed slightly. It was clear that he was touched by Qin Xingchen’s offer.

Despite that, someone under the ring shouted, “Hehe, it seems that you two have it all thought out, huh? Does this mean that this ring belongs to one of your families? If not, why should you guys be the one to decide who gets to fight in the ring?”

Qin Xingchen mentally cussed. He turned to look at the source of the voice, but to his dismay, everyone — both friends and strangers alike were sneering at him. “There is not a single person with a good heart among them!’ As expected, Yuan Zhiyong had tossed aside Qin Xingchen’s offer. He apologized, “I’m sorry, Brother Qin.”

The longer he listened to the two’s idle banter, the greater Ou Yangming’s mood soured. He snapped. “Sorry to burst your bubble, but the Spiritual Fist has taken out too much from me, and I’m currently out of juice. So, hurry up and decide who’s going to face me!”

Qin Xingchen and Yuan Zhiyong froze as their face contorted into a strange expression.

The only reason they had fought tooth and nail for the ring domination challenger spot was so that they could experience Ou Yangming’s simulated spiritual attack firsthand.

After all, it was their greatest opportunity for a breakthrough into the Extreme Grade, and for this goal, they were willing to fork out any price. However, once Ou Yangming revealed that the opportunity was no longer up for grabs, what use was there in fighting him?

Qin Xingchen wrapped his fists together and carefully stated, “Brother Ou, should you recover tomorrow, is there a chance that you would display your Spiritual Fist again?”

Ou Yangming snapped, “Do you think that the Spirit Fist is that easy to use? If I were to use this technique for all my opponents, I would’ve fallen on the ground in exhaustion a long time ago! If that were to happen, how could I continue to stay in the ring?”

Qin Xingchen flinched. After a slight pause, he then raised his brows and stated with a smile, “Oh, so Brother Ou wishes to continue dominating the ring, eh? In that case, the solution is rather simple, no?” Qin Xingchen then turned around and declared with a thundering voice, “Gentlemen, from this moment onwards, no one aside from the Yang Grade Class Five powerhouses of the major families is allowed to enter this ring! Does that sound fine to all of you?”

Something clicked within Yuan Zhiyong and he immediately responded, “I second this suggestion!” However, a second after he voiced his support, he chastised himself mentally. It would have been better if he was the one who suggested it.

A strong wave of objection rang out from underneath the ring. Their combined voices were so loud that it had threatened to topple the ring itself!

Despite that, a cold voice chimed in during this moment and said, “I approve.”

A shadowy figure shuffled his way through the crowd, appeared at the edge of the ring, and swept his smoldering gaze across the crowd. There was mysterious energy contained within his eyes, and though they were nowhere near the ferocity of the Supreme Great Ancestors’ gazes, it was still intimidating enough to deter most people from making direct eye-contact.

“Hoho, this seems fun! Mind if I join in as well?”

Another figure had appeared in the ring in a blink of an eye.

Soon after, other figures began to gather in the ring one after another, be it slowly shifting through the crowds or by appearing seemingly out of nowhere.

It was a considerable number of people, tallying at 30-odd of them. Although this was still a small number when compared to the masses under the ring, every time one of them appeared on stage, a portion of the people below would seal their mouths shut.

This was all because they had discerned the figures’ identities, and be it in terms of individual ability, or the forces that were backing them, no one among the crowd was capable of going against them.

Slowly but surely, the voices of dissent began to dwindle, and in the end, they had died off completely. To Ou Yangming’s surprise, all 30-odd figures that appeared in the ring were powerhouses at the peak of the Yang Grade.

There were eight Human counties in total, and they were sprawled across the land. Within each of these counties, countless powerful forces could be found.

The Myriad Treasure Meet, in particular, was an event where several influential forces would congregate. Despite being a rare sight during normal circumstances, the number of peak Yang Grade powerhouses that appeared in the Myriad Treasure Meet was staggering.

Alas, cultivation alone was not enough for one to qualify for a spot in the ring. Without sufficient backing, none of the Yang Grade Class Five powerhouses would even consider heading up the ring. This, however, did not apply to the 30-odd Yang Grade powerhouses that were in the ring. With all their power and influence put together, even the imperial Wu family was powerless against them.

Wherever those powerhouses looked, the crowd below would instantly lower their heads. No one had dared to meet their gaze, as they feared that it would cause misunderstandings.

Zuoqiu Hongyuan shook his head and gazed at Ou Yangming with a complex expression. Had things gone as planned, Zuoqiu Hongyuan was supposed to make a name for himself that day. Alas, his plans had been disrupted, and worse still, his fame had been snatched away by a brat in the Yin Grade, in such a fashion that made it impossible for him to take it back.

He stared at the 30-odd powerhouses’ faces and visualized the amount of support they had. Upon doing so, Zuoqiu Hongyuan came to a startling realization, that from that point onwards, the politics of humanity would change forever.

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