Immortal Path to Heaven - Chapter 1245 - The Big Kings of Plum Mountain

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Chapter 1245: The Big Kings of Plum Mountain

The ferocious beasts widened their eyes and looked at the Devil Dweller in shock.

50 steps was not the end. It was just the beginning.

The Devil Dweller continued to walk forward.

40 steps.

30 steps.

Ou Yangming continued to walk forward.


The ferocious beasts felt that their worldview had been crushed.

“What’s going on? How could he get so close to the waterfall? How did he do it?”

The Dark Ferocious Beasts on the beach found it hard to believe. The day before yesterday, the Devil Dweller was still wandering 50 steps away. They did not expect him to become so powerful after only 2 days.

While everyone was talking, Ou Yangming had reached the 20-step mark.

The pressure here had become very great.

If it was Ou Yangming’s body that was once an Ancient Devil Warrior, he would have been crushed into minced meat in this place. Now, he could still persevere.

How many more steps could he take?

Ou Yangming already felt as if a huge mountain was pressing down on his body. Not only was his body under tremendous pressure, but his spirit was also the same.

At the 20-step mark, the pressure had reached the second step of the laws.

Ou Yangming’s spirit was very strong. It was only slightly weaker than that of a mighty third-step figure. His spirit could still be maintained, but his body was gradually finding it difficult to hold on.

He continued to move forward. Every step was very heavy.

17 steps!

16 steps!

When Ou Yangming was about to reach the 15-step mark, he finally felt his limit. If he continued to move forward, his body would very likely be injured.

‘Forget it…’ Ou Yangming sighed. He did not persist.

Even if he took the step, he would not be able to persist in the next step. There was no need to take the risk.

Nonetheless, he was in a good mood. Fusing with 100 Dripping Blood Stones was indeed a qualitative leap for his body. In addition to the dozens of Dripping Blood Stones he got today, he still had about 50 stones. These stones had to be fused as soon as possible.

He did not know if he would be able to go further after fusing with them.

Ou Yangming’s eyes were filled with hope.

Once again withdrawing from the pressure zone, Ou Yangming looked at the cautious ferocious tiger on the beach.

This fellow seemed to have been completely obedient. He had not been here for 2 days, but it did not dare to run away either. It was obviously frightened by him.

Although Ou Yangming had been schemed twice by the tiger, it made up for its mistakes by bringing him here. He walked over and said, “You’ve performed well these days. You may leave now.”

“Sir, you said that I can leave?”

The ferocious tiger’s ears pricked up as it asked in disbelief. Ou Yangming really intended to let it go.

“Are you not going to leave?” Ou Yangming smiled.

The fierce tiger smiled awkwardly. “I want to leave! I want to leave! My wife is still waiting for me at home!”

“Then go before I change my mind.” Ou Yangming waved his hand.

The fierce tiger turned around and was about to leave, but it seemed to have thought of something. It turned its head again and said, “Sir, you’d better be careful. Those guys are definitely scheming something to deal with you. Don’t let them succeed.”

“They’re just fleas. If they jump around in front of me, I’ll just crush them to death,” Ou Yangming responded.

The ferocious tiger pondered and felt that it made sense. Ou Yangming was so powerful. Even if those beasts were tied together and had an overall power that increased by 10 times, they might not be a match for him.

It had just casually brought it up. Seeing that Ou Yangming did not care, it burrowed into the forest far away and quickly disappeared into the dense forest.

After the tiger left, Ou Yangming’s gaze swept over the other beasts before he got up and left.

“What a terrifying gaze!” After Ou Yangming left, some of the beasts gasped.

“Did we do something wrong? If that guy really knows that we’re scheming against him, he’ll wipe us out!”

“Yeah, he seemed to be warning us just now.”

“Could it be that he noticed something?”

These Dark Ferocious Beasts were very smart. They knew that that person had the qualifications and ability to kill them.

Some of the beasts had wavered. They realized that staying in this place was very dangerous. They could be killed at any time.

“I think it’s better to leave this place first,” an unknown beast with a horn on its head said.

After the beast finished, it walked toward the direction of the forest without looking back.


Among the beasts, the Snake Demon’s eyes were filled with disdain.

It said to the people around it, “What are you afraid of? At this time, White Eagle might’ve already found the 3 kings of Plum Mountain. As long as the big kings come here, that guy will be destroyed in no time. The big kings of Plum Mountain are infamous, but they won’t be indifferent to good or bad. If we help them, they’ll surely reward us with many benefits. They might even give us 10 to 20% of the Dripping Blood Stones in the waterfall.”

The Snake Demon’s words made everyone feel comforted.

After all, it was only for these 2 days. As long as they obediently persevered until the big kings of Plum Mountain came, it would be fine.

“That Devil Dweller will only come here once a day. As long as we keep our mouths shut and don’t fight amongst ourselves, that guy won’t know what we’re thinking.”

The Snake Demon’s persuasion made many of the wavering fierce beasts stay. After all, the reward given by the big king of Plum Mountain was still very attractive.

Of course, some of the more timid beasts left. They still felt that their lives were the most important. The strength that the Devil Dweller had displayed today had thoroughly frightened them.

For the sake of that illusory reward, some of the beasts felt that it was not worth it to gamble their lives.

About a fifth of the beasts left while the vast majority still stayed. They were very confident in the big kings of Plum Mountain. As long as the kings came, that Devil Dweller would definitely die. If it was a beast, it would still have a chance to survive; if a Devil Dweller occupied the kings’ vein, he would certainly die.

Ou Yangming did not know what had happened on the beach.

Even if he knew, he would not care. What big kings from Plum Mountain? As long as they were not third-step powerhouses, he was not worried.

Ou Yangming was confident that few people in the second step could compare to him.

After breaking through to become a Devil General, everything went smoothly. With the help of the Ancient Demons’ blood essences, Ou Yangming did not need to rest. In just one day, he had fused with more than 20 Dripping Blood Stones.

His body’s strength increased again. Ou Yangming estimated that he could take a few more steps forward.

As for exactly how far he could go, he would only know after he tried.

The moon was bright and the stars were sparse. The stars were numerous, and they were 50,000 kilometers away.

A white eagle flew through the air like a sharp arrow. It looked at a small mountain not far away, and its eyes were filled with surprise and joy.

“Intruding into Plum Mountain? You’re courting death!” A cold shout came from the night sky.

Following that, a huge palm grabbed at the white eagle. That palm covered the sky and the sun, and it was like thunder. The white eagle did not have time to react and was caught in its hand.

“Sir, please spare my life. I have something important to report to the big kings of Plum Mountain!”

The white eagle roared loudly and prayed for a way out. It felt like it was suffocating.

“Something important?” The palm gradually loosened, and a huge ape walked out from the dark. This hand belonged to the black ape. The black ape’s body was very huge, about a few hundred meters. When it walked, the ground cracked.

“I’m the Guardian Spirit of Plum Mountain. What’s the important thing you are talking about? If you dare to lie to me, I’ll cut you into pieces!”

The white eagle was frightened and hurriedly said, “Sir, I’d never dare to lie to you.”

It pointed to the direction behind it and said, “There’s a waterfall 50,000 kilometers away. There are Dripping Blood Stones rushing out of it every day. There should be a Dripping Blood Stone vein inside, but it has been occupied by a Devil Dweller.”

“A Dripping Blood Stone vein has been occupied by a Devil Dweller!” The ape’s body trembled a few times.

A Dripping Blood Stone vein was a good thing. Even the lowest grade Dripping Blood Stone vein could cultivate a large group of experts.

Seeing that the white eagle did not seem to be lying, the ape said coldly, “Wait here. I’ll report to the kings.”

The ape rose from the ground. Its body shrunk, and it flew into the distance.

In a valley in the middle of Plum Mountain, compared to the monotonous colors of the outside world, this seemed like a paradise. The air was emitting a fragrance. A few huge pearls were hanging in the air, making the valley brighter than during the day.

At this time, 2 ferocious beasts were drinking liquor.

One of them was a bird with a sharp beak. Its gaze was sharp. It opened its mouth and poured a lump of strong liquor into its mouth.

The other one was a Heavenly Fox. Its sharp little face was charming, but its red eyes made people fearful. The most eye-catching thing about it was the 7 tails behind it. It was a legendary Seven-tailed Heavenly Fox.

It was worth noting that the ferocious tiger’s master was also a Heavenly Power and a powerhouse among its race, but it only had 3 tails.

A heavenly Fox with 2 tails was a normal adult Heavenly Fox with the strength of a Venerable One. A Three-tailed Heavenly Fox was a Ruler, a Five-tailed Heavenly Fox was in the law boundary, and a Seven-tailed Heavenly Fox was in the second step, which was equivalent to a Devil King in the Fallen Land. As such, the Seven-tailed Heavenly Fox was known as a king.

These 2 beasts here were 2 of the 3 big kings of Plum Mountain.

“Second Elder Sister, it wasn’t easy for me to break through and become a Devil King. This time, we must drink to our hearts’ content!”

As such, the sharp-mouthed bird opened its mouth and swallowed another jar of fine liquor. The delicacies on the table were not even touched.

The Seven-tailed Heavenly Fox also had a smile on its face, and it said in a clear voice, “Little Brother, you’ve been stuck for more than 20,000 years. This time, you finally broke through the threshold. Congratulations. It’s a pity that Big Brother is in closed-door cultivation. Otherwise, he’d be very happy to hear this news.”

“No matter. Big Brother will be coming out soon. When he comes out, we’ll meet again. At that time, call the other Devil Kings nearby.” The ferocious bird laughed loudly.

At this moment, the Devil Ape walked in from outside. “Greetings, sirs.” The Devil Ape bowed.

Seeing the Devil Ape walk in, the third big king put down its jar of liquor and asked, “Old Ape, are you also here to celebrate for me?”

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