Immortal Path to Heaven - Chapter 1244 - Breaking Through the Limit

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Chapter 1244: Breaking Through the Limit

Part of the reason the Ancient Demon King did not reject the blood of Ancient Demons was that they were of the same bloodline. Nonetheless, the proportion of this reason was very small.

Unlike humans, there were tens of thousands of types of Ancient Demons. When the countless blood essences merged, it was already difficult to tell the qualities. The main reason the Demon King could withstand it was its body. Every Demon King must have a strong body.

This was a condition that humans, such as the Nine-sworded Ruler, did not have.

If the Nine-sworded Ruler had the physique of an Ancient Demon, he would not have wasted his time slaughtering more than 20 small worlds.

Nevertheless, Ou Yangming was different. His body had long surpassed the limits of the Humans. Even in the vast Great Wide World, there were probably not many mysterious sects that specialized in body cultivation that could compare to him.

In the words of the ancient style, he was inhuman.

After fusing with 10 Dripping Blood Stones, Ou Yangming had surpassed the limits of the Humans. At least in terms of genes, he had evolved to a higher level.

With such a strong body, he naturally did not need to worry about the negative effects of devouring the Ancient Demons’ blood essences.

After understanding this, Ou Yangming let out a sigh of relief. At least there were not any accidents.

At this moment, he was full of blood and Qi and had surpassed his peak condition. Even so, he had only used a little bit of the Ancient Demons’ blood essences.

There was so much left that he could use them for a very, very long time.

Ou Yangming began to plan. With the assistance of the Ancient Demons’ blood essences, his chances of success should be greatly increased.

Without hesitation, Ou Yangming took out another Dripping Blood Stone.

He cut open his palm and used the Sky-devouring Technique to absorb the Ancient Demons’ blood essences before throwing the Dripping Blood Stone in.

Compared to before, the pain was much less.

The Ancient Demons’ blood essences flowed in his body. The powerful blood essences replenished the damage to his body and seemed to be dispersing his pain.

‘It seems that my guess wasn’t wrong. It really worked.’

Ou Yangming had a smile on his face. He did not dare to be distracted and focused on absorbing the Ancient Demons’ blood essences. As for the Dripping Blood Stone in his hand, he just let it slowly merge into his blood.

The pure blood essences seeped into Ou Yangming’s body, keeping his body in peak condition at all times. The slowly melting Dripping Blood Stone could not cause any damage to his body.

It was like a pool of water. While water was being poured out on one side, water was also filling in from the other side. Ou Yangming controlled the speed at which he absorbed the Ancient Demons’ blood essences, maintaining the balance between both sides.

Without any accidents, everything happened naturally.

Ou Yangming’s body maintained its peak condition and directly fused with the Dripping Blood Stone.

His body evolved again, reaching the level of a Devil General.

A person of this level could be considered an expert even in the Fallen Land, a place that focused on body refinement.

“So comfortable.”

After successfully fusing with the Dripping Blood Stone, Ou Yangming stopped absorbing blood essences in time. At this moment, his body had reached its peak condition, so absorbing more would be of no use.

Standing up, Ou Yangming stretched his body.

He finally succeeded!

Ou Yangming’s eyes shone brightly. The Sky-devouring Technique and the Ancient Demons’ blood essences seemed to have opened a door for him to the peak. As long as there were no accidents, the road ahead would be smooth.

“It’s almost time. The waterfall is about to explode. What I lack the most now is Dripping Blood Stones.”

Ou Yangming looked into the distance. With a light tap of his toes on the ground, he flew into the sky.

On the other side of the river, on the soft beach, a group of ferocious beasts gathered together.

“That Devil Dweller didn’t come today. Could he have really left?” The fierce beasts gathered and discussed.

“This is very strange. That guy came here on time every day for the past month, but he didn’t come in the past 2 days.”

“Maybe he really left. After all, given his boundary, it’s easier to get Dripping Blood Stones. There are only 2 or 3 stones here every day. Maybe he doesn’t care at all.”

“It’s good that he left.”

“Unfortunately, White Eagle has told the 3 kings of Plum Mountain. Even if the Devil Dweller left, we can’t stay here forever.”

A fierce beast said regretfully.

Upon hearing that, a snake-shaped fierce beast crawled over. “There’s nothing we can do about it. The kings of Plum Mountain are the most powerful existences in the nearby 50,000 kilometers territory. They’ll surely know about this place. It’s just a matter of time. There are more and more ferocious beasts here, and the chances of getting the Dripping Blood Stones are also becoming smaller. If we take the initiative to report this place, we might even get a reward.”

“That’s also the reason. I wonder when the big kings of Plum Mountain will come here.”

At the mention of the big kings of Plum Mountain, these ferocious beasts looked respectful.

“Didn’t White Eagle say that he’ll bring news here in 3 days? I think that within these 2 days, the kings will come here.”

Everyone avoided the ferocious tiger and discussed it in low voices.

The sound from the waterfall gradually became louder, and the water flow made a clear and short sound of crashing against the rocks.

At this time, the fierce beasts focused and approached the waterfall one by one.

With a rumble, the waterfall exploded, and water splashed down.

In the water, everyone could clearly see that a small pile of Dripping Blood Stones rushed out, and there were about a dozen of them.

After the Dripping Blood Stones were rushed out, they immediately scattered.

All the fierce beasts became excited.

“There are so many this time!”

“We’re so lucky that the Devil Dweller didn’t come!”

Everyone looked ahead with full concentration, but none of them dared to enter the range of the pressure. At this moment, the pressure had increased by more than 10 times. Even if they entered the outermost area, it would be very difficult for them to move, let alone catch the Dripping Blood Stones that flew out at high speed.

“They’re coming!” One by one, they pounced forward.

The fierce tiger also found a position. If it could snatch one or two and give them to the Devil Dweller when he returned, perhaps the other party would be happy and let it go.

Ou Yangming had not appeared for 2 days, which made the fierce tiger very conflicted.

It was warned not to leave, so it did not dare to run away alone, but it could already feel the hostile gazes of the other beasts.

For the time being, no one came to find trouble with it. If the Devil Dweller still did not appear after a while, nobody could tell what would happen.

The Dripping Blood Stones quickly flew out and at that moment, a figure suddenly flashed in the sky.

That person directly entered the pressure zone within a kilometer of the waterfall and did not land on the ground.

“It’s him!”

“It’s that Devil Dwellers!”

The fierce beasts were all shocked, and their eyes almost popped out of their sockets.

That Devil Dweller was like lightning, and he quickly attacked, grabbing all the Dripping Blood Stones.

There were more than a dozen Dripping Blood Stones, but not a single one was left for the beasts.

‘Damn it!’

‘Damn that b*stard!’

The Dark Ferocious Beasts roared in their hearts.

They roared in their hearts, wishing they could swallow that Devil Dweller alive, but they did not dare to show it.

There was nothing they could do. The difference between them was too big.

When the waterfall erupted, they did not even dare to get within a kilometer of the waterfall, but the Devil Dweller directly entered and flew in the sky.

The figure in the sky brought heavy pressure to the fierce beasts.

They did not dare to resist unless they intended to end their lives.

‘I was almost too late.’

The waterfall gradually calmed down, and the pressure also decreased by more than 10 times. Ou Yangming spread out his hands and looked at the Dripping Blood Stones with a smile on his face.

He slowly landed on the ground and walked out.

The fierce tiger ran over and came to Ou Yangming’s side. It whispered, “Sir, these few days when you weren’t here, those guys seemed to have some kind of conspiracy. They’ve been avoiding me as if they were plotting something.”

“Oh?” Ou Yangming turned his head and looked at those fierce beasts.

The fierce beasts were all greatly shocked. ‘What did that tiger say?’

‘Is this Devil Dweller planning to destroy us all?’

“You should be more honest. Don’t let me know what you’re up to,” Ou Yangming reminded them.

There were many fierce beasts here. It was normal for them to have some resentment after Ou Yangming took away the Dripping Blood Stones, but the young fellow would not bother with them. That said, if they dared to scheme against him, he would not be polite. This cold world was different from the Spiritual Realm. The strong preyed on the weak, and there was no humanity to speak of.

“Yes, yes, yes…”

“Sir, don’t worry. We’ll be absolutely honest.”

The ferocious beasts said obsequiously, and each of them hurriedly expressed their stance.

“That’s good.” Ou Yangming walked toward the waterfall again. He was very expectant in his heart. ‘How far can I go this time? Can I touch the rocks below the waterfall?’

Seeing that the Devil Dweller did not seem to be planning anything, the fierce beasts let out sighs of relief.

Some of the fierce beasts already felt that this was a dangerous place. If they were not greedy for the reward given by the big kings of Plum Mountain, they would have left this place long ago.

Looking at Ou Yangming’s back, one of the fierce beasts asked, “How far can he go this time?”

“I don’t know. This Devil Dweller will take a few steps forward every time. The last time, he was more than 50 steps away. I wonder if he can go beyond that this time.”

“The probability isn’t very high. The further he goes, the more difficult it’ll be. It’s not that easy to break through the 50-step mark.”

“I think so too. I think he’ll be 52 or 53 steps away this time.”

The beasts looked at Ou Yangming’s back and discussed with each other.

Ou Yangming ignored the voices of the fierce beasts and continued to walk forward.

200 steps away. It was easy.

100 steps. He only felt a faint pressure.

Ou Yangming continued to walk forward and soon arrived at the position of being 50 steps away.

“How can it be? He improved so much this time!”

Those beasts who did not think that Ou Yangming could reach the 50-step mark widened their eyes. ‘That guy really did it. What has he done in the past 2 days?’

Ou Yangming continued to move forward. The day before yesterday, he had not been able to cross the 50-step mark. Now, it was easy for him.

‘Where’s my limit?’

Ou Yangming’s eyes were looking straight ahead.

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