Immortal Path to Heaven - Chapter 1231 - Every Order Is Effectively Enforced

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Chapter 1231: Every Order Is Effectively Enforced

After being hunted for half a month and losing so many people, Bai Shixue was also furious.

The people who came to Youzhou with her were all trusted subordinates of Bai Shixue. Now, only the 3 of them were left. If Ou Yangming had not arrived in time, the 3 of them might not be able to escape from the fate of death.

Bai Shixue held the treasured sword in her hand, her gaze as cold as ice. It was not as if she had not killed people before. She had personally dealt with 7 or 8 traitors.

With a flip of her wrist, she was just about to attack when a loud voice sounded, “Stop!”

The voice came from the horizon, filled with anger. Ou Yangming raised his head and saw a figure flying over from afar.

A person who could fly must be a Venerable One. That person’s speed was very fast, and he was getting closer.

Mo Yu also saw the person in the sky. His eyes were filled with joy as he shouted loudly, “First Elder, quickly save me!”

Right after that, a puffing sound was heard.

The sword-light flashed, and Bai Shixue made a decisive move. Mo Yu’s head rolled on the ground, but his eyes still did not close.

His hope was shattered. Even in front of the first elder of the Thousand Ghosts Sect, the other party still did not let him go.

“You… You’re courting death!”

The old man in the sky looked at the dead Mo Yu and the collapsed Hundred Ghosts Chamber of Commerce. His eyes were about to pop out of their sockets, and his body was trembling with anger.

“Since you’re unkind, don’t blame me for being unrighteous. Good and evil will be rewarded, and what goes around comes around. Since you killed those subordinates of the Yangming Chamber of Commerce, you’re destined to have the same result,” Ou Yangming said faintly.

“What? The Hundred Ghosts Chamber of Commerce sent people to kill the people of Yangming Chamber of Commerce? No wonder the Yangming Chamber of Commerce, which was so sensational in Youzhou a few days ago, disappeared in the blink of an eye.”

“The Yangming Chamber of Commerce isn’t here to find trouble. They’re here for revenge. No wonder they’re so ruthless.”

Hearing Ou Yangming’s words, everyone said in surprise.

It was just killing people. The people of the Thousand Ghosts Sect knew how to do it, but so did Ou Yangming. Since the other party had done it, he naturally did not mind doing it 15 times.

The first elder of the Thousand Ghosts Sect had bloodshot eyes. The flames of anger in his eyes almost burned the entire flying boat to ashes.

He said coldly, “You’re courting death!”

With that, flicked his sleeve, and a huge evil spirit appeared behind him. The evil spirit was 333 meters tall, and it was about the same size as the flying boat.

As soon as the evil spirit appeared, it pounced toward Ou Yangming.

When Yunduo saw that terrifying fellow, she shrieked, and her face turned pale with fright. Bai Shixue’s complexion was not too good either.

This thing was too terrifying.

Ou Yangming took a step forward and blocked in front of them.

The first elder of the Thousand Ghosts Sect was quite powerful. He was definitely at the top in the Spiritual Realm. Given that he was at the late stage of a Venerable One, coupled with this evil spirit, even the 10,000 Beasts Venerable One might not be a match for him. The reputation of the greatest sect in Youzhou was not something that could be bragged about.

Nonetheless, so what? In Ou Yangming’s eyes, even the entire Spiritual Realm together was nothing.

The evil spirit suddenly pounced!

Ou Yangming’s expression did not change. He released a trace of his aura of the second step of the laws, and this trace of aura made the ferocious evil spirit stop in the air. It looked in his direction in fear, its body trembling.

“What are you doing? Quickly eat them!”

The Thousand Ghosts Sect’s first elder did not notice Ou Yangming’s aura, and he thought that his evil spirit had eaten the wrong medicine.

Even so, the evil spirit still did not dare to move. The person in front of him was like a devil king, able to kill it with a wave of his hand.

The evil spirit would also be afraid. At this moment, Ou Yangming was undoubtedly the most terrifying existence to it.


Ou Yangming said indifferently.

A power of laws flew out of Ou Yangming’s mouth.

The evil spirit’s body disappeared in the air as if it had never appeared. After saying that, Ou Yangming just uttered one word, causing the evil spirit to disappear between Heaven and Earth.


Accompanied by the death of the evil spirit, the first elder of the Thousand Ghosts Sect also suffered a heavy wound as he spat out a mouthful of blood.

With a terrified look, he looked at Ou Yangming in disbelief.

‘What happened to the evil spirit?

‘How could it suddenly die?’

The first elder of the Thousand Ghosts Sect could not believe this.

Those onlookers below Ghost King City also stared at the sky dumbfoundedly. The first elder of the Thousand Ghosts Sect was well-known in Youzhou.

After releasing the evil spirit just now, everybody thought that there was going to be a fierce battle and intended to discuss who would win.

Unexpectedly, that mysterious powerhouse of the Yangming Chamber of Commerce just uttered one word, and the evil spirit disappeared in the air. Even the first elder of the Thousand Ghosts Sect spat out a mouthful of blood.

The battle ended in the blink of an eye.

“What’s going on?”

Ou Yangming still had a smile on his face as he stared at the old man. He said disdainfully, “Do you think that trash can hurt me? Today, the Hundred Ghosts Chamber of Commerce, you, and the Thousand Ghosts Sect will all be destroyed!”

“You’re daydreaming!” The first elder of the Thousand Ghosts Sect was unconvinced. He pulled out an inky black sword and lightly stepped in the air. Then, he rushed in Ou Yangming’s direction.


A brilliant light burst out of Ou Yangming’s eyes as he shouted coldly once again.

His power of laws surged. He had used a butcher’s knife to kill a chicken.

The first elder of the Thousand Ghosts Sect paused in the air and fell to the ground as if he was weightless. With a boom, a deep pit appeared on the ground. The first elder, who was a famous powerhouse in Youzhou, fell to the ground and had no chance of survival.

Soon, the flying boat in the sky moved again. Even the city guards of Ghost King City did not dare to move out. The person on the flying boat was too powerful.

“Let’s go to the Thousand Ghosts Sect,” Ou Yangming said faintly.

The flying boat turned into a stream of light and disappeared into the sky. Uncle Fan, Yunduo, and Bai Shixue felt their blood boiling.

This person was too mighty. They felt safe by his side.

The Thousand Ghosts Sect was not far from Ghost King City. Ou Yangming’s divine sense had long since locked onto that place. This was also the last stop for his revenge.

At Ghost King City, when Ou Yangming destroyed the Hundred Ghosts Chamber of Commerce, he had been worried that he would affect the innocent. Now that he had arrived at the Thousand Ghosts Sect, he had no such worries.

The people there were all Ou Yangming’s enemies. They all deserved to die. Who asked them to harm the people around him?

Nearly 100 people of the Yangming Chamber of Commerce had died. They had to pay with the lives of their sect.

At this time, the dragon boat flew past quickly. The flag of the Yangming Chamber of Commerce fluttered in the air wantonly. This day was destined to be the day that the Yangming Chamber of Commerce would become famous throughout the world.

The Thousand Ghosts Sect was stationed on a mountain.

Below the mountain gate, people who were worshiping climbed up the mountain with difficulty.

To those people, the Thousand Ghosts Sect was a sacred place. Only sincere people could receive the protection of gods.

“Elder Sister, do you think I can join the Thousand Ghosts Sect?” A young man on the top of the mountain said while panting heavily.

Beside him was a lady around 20 years old. The young woman had a slim figure. She looked at the young man with doting eyes and said, “Your talent isn’t bad. You’re the most talented person in the Murong family. You’ll surely be able to join the Thousand Ghosts Sect.”

“Hmm.” The young man nodded forcefully and clenched his fists. With hope in his eyes, he said, “I can definitely join the Thousand Ghosts Sect.”

The Thousand Ghosts Sect was the largest sect in Youzhou. Only here could he spread his wings and fly high to learn powerful martial arts.

There was a complicated look in the lady’s eyes. She knew that her younger brother was very powerful and hoped that he could restore the prestige of the Murong family in the past. Therefore, she came here and wanted to become a disciple of the Thousand Ghosts Sect. Looking at her excited younger brother, the lady’s eyes were not that optimistic.

Before she brought her younger brother here, she had inquired about the sect. It was very difficult to stand out in the Thousand Ghosts Sect. Furthermore, the reputations of the Thousand Ghosts Sect’s disciples were not good. They bullied the good and feared the evil. It was still a question whether her younger brother could persevere here or not.

The 2 of them walked forward with their own thoughts.

2 young men in black robes walked over. When they saw this pair of siblings, the 2 of them looked at each other, and one of them coldly shouted, “What do you do? This is the sacred land of the Thousand Ghosts Sect. If you don’t tell us honestly, we won’t be polite.”

The young man’s heart jumped. He was so frightened that he did not know how to answer. At this moment, only the lady’s voice could be heard.

“Sirs, the members of the Murong family from Black Stone City have heard that your sect is recruiting outer sect disciples. This younger brother of mine has admired this place for a long time and wants to join the Thousand Ghosts Sect.” The lady’s voice was clear and full of vitality.

“Yes, yes, yes. I want to join the Thousand Ghosts Sect,” the young man also said hurriedly.

The 2 disciples from the Thousand Ghosts Sect looked at the lady, and their eyes lit up. It was the first time they had seen such a beautiful lady.

Their gazes made the lady wary.

“You’re planning to join the Thousand Ghosts Sect, right?” A black-robed disciple asked.

“It’s my younger brother, not me,” the lady replied.

“It’s the same no matter who it is.” The disciple who had spoken earlier said again, “You’re quite well-informed. You know that we’re recruiting disciples even from so far away. Follow me, I’ll bring you to the place where the outer sect disciples are being assessed.”

“Many thanks, sir!” The young man said happily.

Despite that, the lady was slightly suspicious. Having said that, she thought that since they were in the sacred land of the sect, these people would not dare to act recklessly.

The 2 disciples walked in front. Taking advantage of the fact that the siblings were not paying attention, they looked at each other with cold smiles on their faces.

As the siblings followed them, the surroundings became more remote. There was no longer even a small path. The lady stopped and asked, “Sirs, this place is so remote. Is this the place where the assessment is held?”

This question seemed to have angered the 2 disciples. One of the disciples coldly shouted, “Would we lie to you? Outer sect disciples are naturally in the outer sect. That place is remote.”

After being berated, the siblings did not dare to continue questioning. They walked ahead once again. This place was already deserted. They could not even see a small path anywhere. The surroundings were filled with dense forests, and dense branches swayed in the wind.

‘This isn’t the way to the outer sect for sure!’ The lady became alert. She pulled her younger brother and said, “We’re not going to the outer sect. We’re going back.”

“Going back?”

The 2 disciples from the Thousand Ghosts Sect turned around and laughed. They looked at the lady’s beautiful face and licked their lips.

“Since we’re here, why are we going back?”

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