Immortal Path to Heaven - Chapter 1230 - Violently Destroy

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Chapter 1230: Violently Destroy

Youzhou, Ghost King City.

Outside the tallest building in the city, there was a gilded signboard with the words “Hundred Ghosts Chamber of Commerce” written on it.

The Hundred Ghosts Chamber of Commerce was the largest chamber of commerce in the Spiritual Realm. At the same time, they were also the biggest rival of the Yangming Chamber of Commerce. Those people who were chasing after Bai Shixue were inextricably linked with them.

Outside the door of the Hundred Ghosts Chamber of Commerce, people flowed in and out. Most of the people who came in and out were merchants and were extremely rich. There were only things one could not imagine here. There was nothing one could not buy.

On the top floor of the 9-story-tall building of the chamber of commerce, a young man was sitting at the side. He crossed his legs and was holding an account book in his hand as he looked through it.

There were only 2 people in the spacious room. Beside him was a middle-aged man dressed in luxurious clothes. This person was the president of the Hundred Ghosts Chamber of Commerce.

Qiu Wanjin, who was the president of the Ghost King City, did not even dare to breathe heavily in front of this young man. He could only serve him carefully.


The account book was thrown on the ground, creating a long crack on the floor made of ancient wood. The young man raised his head with an unfriendly look. “Why is the profit of the chamber of commerce this year almost a fifth less than last year?”

“Young Master.” A look of panic flashed across Qiu Wanjin’s eyes. He rushed to the opposite side of the young man and knelt on the ground.

“Young Master, there’s nothing I can do! The Yangming Chamber of Commerce has been expanding rapidly in the past 2 years, taking away a lot of our customers that should’ve belonged to us. It’s already very difficult to save four-fifths of our sales. The losses of the other chambers of commerce are even more disastrous.”

The young master’s face was filled with disdain as he slowly stood up. “A small Yangming Chamber of Commerce has forced you into such a state. What a bunch of idiots.”

“Yes, yes, yes.” Qiu Wanjin was submissive and did not dare to argue. He was the president of the Hundred Ghosts Chamber of Commerce but in reality, he was just a puppet of the Thousand Ghosts Sect.

His family and friends were all in the hands of the Thousand Ghosts Sect. The slightest carelessness would cause the sect to directly wipe them out. Qiu Wanjin had also mingled in the sect for a few days, so he knew how ruthless and cruel the people there were.

He said obsequiously, “Young Master, Sir Zhou has just sent news that he has found that b*tch. Presumably, at this time, the president of the Yangming Chamber of Commerce has died under his butcher’s knife. Without a leader, the Yangming Chamber of Commerce would become a pile of loose sand. Not only can we recover the losses, but we can even swallow them and become a true giant chamber of commerce in the Spiritual Realm.”

With a smile on his face, the young master said coldly, “The president of the Yangming Chamber of Commerce is also an idiot. Instead of staying in Danzhou, she actually came to Youzhou. She’s courting death.”

He walked slowly in the room. “After tomorrow, it depends on your performance. I don’t want you to trouble me to solve such a small situation in the future.”

“Don’t worry, Young Master. I’ll try my best,” Qiu Wanjin said flatteringly.

The young man sneered. Just when he was feeling proud, the Spiritual Communication Talisman on his waist suddenly lit up.

“Could it be that Steward Zhou has already killed them?” The young master took out the talisman.

The information on the talisman came from the sect. When he saw the content, his expression suddenly turned cold, and the air seemed to become colder.

Qiu Wanjin was shocked. After a long time, he dared to ask, “Young Master, what’s wrong?”

The young master lowered his head, and his eyes were filled with coldness. He said coldly, “Powerhouses from the Yangming Chamber of Commerce have come. The soul flames of Steward Zhou and the others have all dissipated.”

Qiu Wanjin knew what the dissipation of the soul flames meant. In other words, Elder Zhou and the others were all dead.

“How could that be? Sir Zhou and the others have 5 Advanced Spiritualists. In addition to the elites of the sect, how could they all die…” Qiu Wanjin could not believe it.

“Do you think the Yangming Chamber of Commerce can develop so quickly without any background? There are several big forces with Venerable Ones in Danzhou, and they are all related to the Yangming Chamber of Commerce,” the young man said coldly.

“What should we do then?” Qiu Wanjin was nervous. The Yangming Chamber of Commerce was coming aggressively. If he relied on ordinary business methods, he would not be a match for them.

“Great Elder is coming toward us. Immediately mobilize all the people to find out where they are. Great Elder will kill them all personally.”

“With Great Elder’s help, there’ll be no mistakes. I’ll go and investigate right away.”

Just as Qiu Wanjin was about to leave to find out more information about Bai Shixue and the others, screams came from outside.

“What’s going on?” The young master walked to the window and pulled open the curtains.

On the opposite side of their building, a huge object was flying toward them. It was already very close, but that big thing did not have the slightest intention of slowing down.

“Hurry up and leave!” The young master cried out in alarm.

Rushing toward the door, Qiu Wanjin did not even have the time to figure out what had happened. All he heard was a rumbling sound, and the building was shaking.

The violent sound of the collision resounded through the sky. Those who did not have the time to escape were instantly smashed into meat paste.

With that, the 9-story-tall Hundred Ghosts Chamber of Commerce shook and fell to the ground with a bang, instantly turning into a pile of ruins.

Since the place where the collision happened was at a higher level, no one else had the right to come up. Therefore, most of the people who died were members of the Hundred Ghosts Chamber of Commerce. Even Qiu Wanjin could not escape.

Below the chamber of commerce, customers ran out of the ruins one by one. Everyone looked at the huge object in the sky in horror.

“What’s that thing?” Someone exclaimed in the distance.

“That big thing actually knocked down the building of the Hundred Ghosts Chamber of Commerce. This is the tallest building in Ghost King City.”

“Who did the Hundred Ghosts Chamber of Commerce offend?”

The people below were densely packed. Countless people from Ghost King City were gathered here. Their eyes were fixed on the big thing in the sky.

“Bring the flag over,” Ou Yangming said to Bai Shixue who was beside him.

Bai Shixue brought over the flag that she had prepared long ago. Ou Yangming took the flag and threw it into the sky. The flag was hung on the flying boat, and there was a red crescent moon on it.

“It’s the flag of the Yangming Chamber of Commerce,” someone said.

“Where did the Yangming Chamber of Commerce find this terrifying weapon? Are they planning to declare war with the Hundred Ghosts Chamber of Commerce?”

Ou Yangming stood on the flying boat and looked at the people below. He said coldly, “From today onward, the Hundred Ghosts Chamber of Commerce will cease to exist.”

“How dare you!”

“You’re courting death!”

As soon as Ou Yangming finished, a series of angry roars sounded from below. These people were all guards of the Hundred Ghosts Chamber of Commerce, and some were members of the Thousand Ghosts Sect. They were lucky enough to survive the collision just now.


Ou Yangming’s eyes darkened, and he raised his hand to tap the ground lightly. The people who had spoken just now had their skin split open, and they were slapped into the soil.

“So powerful!”

The onlookers hurriedly retreated. They looked at Ou Yangming on the flying boat in fear, afraid that they would be affected. The war between the 2 giants was not something that small ants like them could participate in.

“This guy is so powerful. Is he the powerhouse behind the Yangming Chamber of Commerce?” Someone asked. ‘He could kill so many people with one palm from such a long distance. He must be a Venerable One.’

“The Yangming Chamber of Commerce has developed so fast. They must have the support of powerhouses. That said, aren’t they too bold this time? Youzhou is the territory of the Thousand Ghosts Sect. They’ve come from afar and are so bold. Aren’t they afraid of being exterminated by the Thousand Ghosts Sect?” Some people understood the reason.

“Who cares about that? Who knows what the people of the Yangming Chamber of Commerce are thinking? In any case, this has nothing to do with us. We’d better stay far away from them. It’s fine as long as we don’t get involved.”

After the collapse of the building, many people had been injured by accident. At this moment, they became more cautious. They did not want to be collateral damage.

That move shocked numerous people. The other survivors of the Hundred Ghosts Chamber of Commerce did not dare to jump out of the crowd at this moment. They quietly hid in the crowd.

If they came out at this time, they would be courting death. No one was a fool.

Ou Yangming scanned the crowd as if he was looking for life. Suddenly, his gaze stopped at a place.

“Come out!” Ou Yangming shouted coldly.

At the same time, he hooked his finger, and the 7 to 8-meter-long stone slab on the ground was sent flying a few meters away. Under the stone slab was a young man with a dusty face.

The young man looked at the stone slab that had disappeared above his head and was stunned for a moment. He raised his head to look at the sky, and a flustered look flashed across his eyes.

“Thank you, sir, for saving my life,” the young man said respectfully.

“Mo Yu, are you sure you want to thank me?” Ou Yangming asked indifferently.

He looked at the young man with a mocking gaze. The other party thought that he had disguised himself very well, but he did not expect that his little bit of skill was not worth mentioning in Ou Yangming’s eyes. From the soul fragments of the pursuers from before, Ou Yangming knew that the mastermind behind the assassination attempt on Bai Shixue was this young master called Mo Yu.

“Doesn’t the sect leader of the Thousand Ghosts Sect have the surname Mo?” Someone said in surprise when he heard Ou Yangming’s words.

This young man was the youngest son of the sect leader of the Thousand Ghosts Sect, and he was also a vicious and merciless person.

Hearing Ou Yangming’s words, the young man was shocked and turned around, ready to dive into the crowd.

However, just as he lifted his feet, he felt that his body was out of control.

His feet left the ground, and he gradually flew into the sky.

The young man struggled in the air, but he was still unable to change his predicament. He rose higher and soon landed on the deck of the flying boat.

“You can’t kill me! If you kill me, my father won’t let you off!” Mo Yu cried out in fear. Usually, many people were tortured to death by him. Only when his life was threatened did he know how terrifying death was.

“Shixue, he’s the mastermind behind this hunt. I’ll leave him to you.” Ou Yangming took out a longsword from his interspatial bag and handed it to Shixue.

One should settle one’s own hatred.

Shixue held the longsword. This sword was a Good Grade magic tool. Compared to the magic tools in the Spiritual Realm, it was far from the same level.

Looking at this sharp longsword, Mo Yu’s eyes widened. “Don’t kill me, please let me go! I can… I can give the Hundred Ghosts Chamber of Commerce to you as long as you spare me this time!”

“The Hundred Ghosts Chamber of Commerce you mentioned isn’t worth mentioning to me.” Ou Yangming sneered. He looked at Bai Shixue and said, “Do it.”

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