Immortal Path to Heaven - Chapter 1115 - Qualified

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Chapter 1115: Qualified

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Lil’ Red stood on Ou Yangming’s arm, his black gem-like eyes shining like fireflies. He said excitedly, “It’s effective.”

Fat Antelope’s method was quite effective. Those fish looked strange, but they were not much different from the Aquatics in nature.

This mud ball was useful against the Aquatics, and it was also effective against the strange fish. It was very magical. As long as the fish ate a little, they would be very full, yet they could not help but continue to eat. As such, there was only one result, and that was that they would be stuffed and unable to move.

Ou Yangming and the 2 beasts kept throwing mud balls into the river. After a while, a few strange fish floated on the water. Most of their bodies were as red as the river. Only their stomachs were white.. The few fish were floating on the water because they had eaten too much, and they had lost their strength.


Seeing that it was effective, the 3 of them became more energetic. Soon, more strange fish floated on the water.

The amount of food that Ou Yangming had prepared for them was plenty but after only throwing half of the food into the water, there was already a layer of fish on the river.

Ou Yangming and the beasts looked at each other. They could see the excitement in each other’s eyes.

“Lil’ Ming, let’s go over quickly.” Lil’ Red jumped on Ou Yangming’s shoulder as if this idea was his idea.

“Right, let’s go and see if there are any good things over there,” Big Yellow also urged.

“Let’s be careful. I’ll try again.”

Ou Yangming was not careless. He took out another roast chicken from his band and threw it over. This time, no strange fish jumped up to fight for it. The roast chicken fell into the water and sank, but no strange fish moved.

“Looks like they really can’t move anymore.” Upon seeing this, Ou Yangming let out a sigh of relief. The 3 of them soared into the air and flew to the other side of the river.

They passed through safely without any obstructions. Ou Yangming looked at the white bones by the river and thought to himself that he was lucky.

After leaving the river, the call in his mind became more intense. His expression was solemn as he walked forward.

A few more withered bones appeared on the ground after about an hour. Ou Yangming stopped and slowed down. ‘Could it be that there’s danger here as well?’

These people should have come from the river. They had passed through the river, but they did not expect to die here.

Ou Yangming did not know how they had come over, but he could imagine that the situation must have been tragic. After all, the bones on the river bank were the minority. Most of them must be in the river without any bones left as they must have been swallowed by the strange fish.

‘Could it be that they used humans to feed the strange fish?’ Ou Yangming wondered, and there was a chill in his heart.

At this point, Lil’ Red was a little happy. He said cheerfully, “Lil’ Ming, what did you find? I think the temperature here is much higher than before.”

Ou Yangming nodded. Lil’ Red was right. The temperature here was much higher, but this bit of temperature did not have any effect on them.

Thinking of the bones on the ground, Ou Yangming became vigilant. He took a step forward, but he suddenly heard a crack.

A huge rock in front of them shook, and the rock cracked open. The 3 of them cautiously dodged to the side. After all, in this unfamiliar place, they could encounter unexpected danger at any time.

They stared at the rock. The crack was small at first, but it grew bigger and bigger. The 3 of them could see what was behind the crack. It was a red world, and a wave of hot air blew against their faces.

As the stone door opened, the surrounding temperature increased by more than 10 times. Ou Yangming and Lil’ Red both had Heavenly Phoenix Fires, so this bit of temperature was nothing to them. Nonetheless, it was different for Big Yellow. In such an environment, it felt very uncomfortable.

Soon, the large stone was split into two. Behind the stone was a world of flames. The ground was burning with raging flames, and the surrounding rocks were red.

“Are we going to enter through here?”

Big Yellow looked ahead.

Ou Yangming nodded, and so did Lil’ Red. The young fellow could clearly feel that the voice calling out to him came from behind the flames.

As for Lil’ Red, he was purely guessing. If they did not pass through here, why would the stone door suddenly open? Moreover, there was no other way nearby.

Big Yellow took a step forward and sniffed the flames. It immediately felt hot. The temperature inside must be very fearsome and was not much different from inside an alchemy furnace. The big yellow dog looked at Ou Yangming and said worriedly, “Lil’ Ming, do you want to consider again? I don’t want you to turn into a roasted pig.”

This made Lil’ Red a little unhappy. He pointed at Big Yellow and said, “Even if you’re burned to ashes, Lil’ Ming will be fine! Have you forgotten? Lil’ Ming has the purple Phoenix Fire, and the Phoenix Fire is the king of fires. The fire in Lil’ Ming’s body is the king of kings. Will he be afraid of this?”

“Who knows? Maybe you Phoenixes have been bragging about your fires.” Although Big Yellow understood that very well, he did not want to show a weak impression.

“You stinky dog, what did you say? I’ll burn you to death!” Lil’ Red flew into the air.

The 2 of them seemed to have become enemies recently. They often quarreled, so Ou Yangming was not surprised. He looked at Big Yellow and said, “We’re going to pass through here. I don’t know what dangers there are, so you’d better return to the poisonous pill’s world to hide for a while.”

Ou Yangming’s words were like a hammer striking the final nail. Big Yellow also understood that now was not the time to show off. With a flash of light, he disappeared.

After Big Yellow left, Ou Yangming and Lil’ Red entered the door. If it were anyone else, even if they were Venerable Ones, they would be burned to ashes inside. However, the 2 of them were different. They did not seem to feel the heat inside as if they were just taking a stroll.

The Phoenix Fire was the king of fires. The fire here looked very fierce, but it was afraid of the flames on Ou Yangming and Lil’ Red’s bodies. It did not hurt them at all.

Lil’ Red flew gracefully into the fire. The feeling here made him feel very comfortable. “This should be the simplest stage.”

“Probably,” Ou Yangming said with some uncertainty, “We haven’t walked out yet. Who knows if we’ll encounter other dangers.”

Sure enough, just as Ou Yangming said that, the flames in front of them opened up a path. Right in front of them, a flame giant that was more than 10 meters tall walked over.

“I jinxed it…”

Ou Yangming looked at the odd creature and kept a defensive stance. The flame giant glanced at the 2 of them. After discovering that they were only Venerable Ones, it became ferocious and roared, “Scram! Master’s treasure isn’t something that you’re qualified enough to obtain!”

“B*llshit! If we’re not qualified, who is?” Lil’ Red flew up to the same height as the giant’s eyes.

As a member of the Phoenixes, Lil’ Red had a natural arrogance. The giant b*stard actually said that he was not qualified.

The flame giant glanced at Lil’ Red and smiled disdainfully. “An adult phoenix might be somewhat qualified. As for you, little bird…”

“No!” The giant shook his head.

His tone was resolute and merciless.

“You, you, you…” The flame giant’s words made Lil’ Red tremble. Nevertheless, he did not act on his own accord. This giant seemed to be quite strong and should have become a Ruler.

Ou Yangming raised his head and looked at the enormous creature in front of him. His height was about the same as that of the Ancient Shamans, but his body was burning with raging flames, and he looked like a god of war.

“What makes you think that we’re not qualified?” Ou Yangming looked at him and asked.

The flame giant lowered his head and looked at the tiny human in front of him and shook his head. “If you want to inherit my master’s treasure, you must at least be a Ruler and above. Your strength is simply too weak. I don’t know how you passed the previous test, but please leave now. Otherwise, don’t blame me for not being polite.”

Ou Yangming sneered and said in a deep voice, “How do you know if someone isn’t qualified if you don’t let them try?”

With that, the young fellow raised his hand, and the Blood Spear Dragon Slayer appeared in his hand. The tip of the spear was emitting a strong battle intent as if a brutal dragon was about to break out of the seal.

“Those who are ignorant are fearless.” The flame giant grunted. He took a step forward, and his huge palm slapped toward Ou Yangming’s direction.

“Lil’ Red, get out of the way first.” Ou Yangming raised his head and shouted. He also moved forward quickly. The Dragon Slayer in his hand suddenly thrust forward, and the surrounding flames were all pushed to the sides. He then coldly shouted, “Path Intent Spear!”

The long spear was fierce like the breath of a horned dragon. Soon, the spear and the giant’s palm collided. In an instant, a hole was pierced through the giant’s palm. The power of this move was extraordinary. Even the flame giant did not expect it to be so mighty.

“Good fella. You’re only a Venerable One, but you’ve controlled the power of laws!” The flame giant was shocked. The young fellow was only a Venerable One but in terms of strength, he was not inferior to most Rulers. He was truly a monster!

According to the flame giant’s simple mind, only a few people from ancient times had such heaven-defying abilities.

Such a genius had the right to inherit his master’s treasure!

The flame giant’s heart had wavered. He could give Ou Yangming a chance, but he would not let him pass easily.

At this point, the flame giant already wanted to go easy on Ou Yangming. The hole in his palm was filled up again. He lowered his head and spat out a ball of flames in the young fellow’s direction.

This was the essence of flames. It was not inferior to ordinary Heavenly Phoenix Fires. Even a Ruler could be burned to death.

Ou Yangming’s expression did not change. A light purple fire floated up from his body. This fire covered his body like a guardian. The flames outside were unable to pass through at all.

“Heavenly Phoenix Fire—a purple one!” The giant was shocked. He did not realize that the young fellow also had the bloodline of the Phoenixes and had even mastered the highest level of the Heavenly Phoenix Fire.

While the giant was still in a daze, Ou Yangming flew up. The power of laws burst out from his spiritual world, and the surrounding space contracted.

At the same time, he moved up from the ground.

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