I'm the King Of Technology - Chapter 951 - Bad Intentions

Chapter 951 - Bad Intentions

Landon folded his lab coat and felt like he had been in there for eternity.

He had never had or seen such a stubborn patient before.

Nothing they said entered his head.

Landon shrugged, got in his car and wore his sunglasses.

Doctor Landon was no more.

Now, he was regular old Landon.

With that, he took off, making his way towards the Barracks.

But unbeknownst to Landon, a certain family member of his was in danger!


--Coastal Port, Capital City Of Baymard--




"Final call for boarding for all passengers for ship Perfume Yuda-104 going to Terique."

Please head towards Dock 36 for final boarding."


The Coastal port was busy as ever, with people walking in all directions as they tried to find their way.

Some were transitioning from one ship to another, while others took a straight trip to their final destinations.

Of course, for some, this was indeed their final destination.

The port itself was very organized.

Once people arrived, they would be divided up into two main categories.

Those staying in Baymard would continue towards check-in stations on ground floor, while the others would head towards the Transfer stations that would confirm if they were transferring or not.

And after passing the check, they would take the escalators or stairs to the 2nd floor and find their Dock gates, where they would sit and wait.

And once it was time to leave, they would do so from the 2nd floor.

One should know that there were several exit points on the 2nd floor that had escalators and stairs, which would take them to a completely separate area on ground floor from the usual entry point they were used to.

And after getting the announcement for boarding, they would head down towards that area where people would once again check their transit passes before they could leave again.

The situation was very similar to those leaving Baymard.

On the other side of the building, those leaving Baymard would all get redirected to the 2nd floor, where they would find the Dock gates there.


And amidst the chaos, 3 well robust and chiselled-face men moved amongst the crowd, with a stern expression on his face.

Their eyes swiftly darted left to right, and right to left, taking in everything they could.

And even though they were in awe of the place, they were now more troubled than ever.

To be honest, the newspapers and pamphlets didn't do this place any justice.

The beauty and heaven-defying items made them feel like tiny fish swimming in a large ocean.

But what troubled them the most was the realization that doing their job might now be more challenging than they thought.

Their eyes darted towards the guards at the corners as they secretly scrutinized them.

They moved in silence, obediently following instructions.

And soon, they deposited their weapons and found themselves waiting for the busses now.

"Black, this place might be trickier than we expected."

"Hmhm. It's really something else.

But, even though it all looks intimidating, I don't think we have anything to fear." Black Dog said while leaning back with his hands behind his head.

"You saw it too, right?"

Silver Head smiled: "Yeah. Those guards have no bloodl.u.s.t!"

Everyone nodded in agreement.

With no bloodl.u.s.t, how could one be a true killer?

One could tell a lot about a man from just his aura and his demeanour.

And from what they saw, they all felt that these people might just be there for show.

Plus, how can a team of guards that had women amongst them be strong?

Of course, 1 or 2 of them probably had some skills.

But it would be far from enough to deal with them.

Of course, they would still keep a vigilant eye out for these people.


All 3 men smiled a little more confidently.

As for who they were... well, it was best to say that they were people contracted to do a simple job.

They weren't in any group, and all worked individually.

They had only teamed up because their employer had hired all 3 of them at once, telling them to get the job done.

They were all amongst the top 20 assassins out of thousands in their empire.

And for people as high as they were, when talking to each other, they always used their code names.

Black Dog, Silver Head and Wind Catcher... These were their code names known to many who were familiar with the assassin world.

Of course, when on missions, they gave everyone else fake names.

But when talking to each other, they only used their first codename, like Black, Silver or Wind.

As for who hired them, that was simple enough to guess if one knew their employer.

They were here to assassinate a Baymardian Royal.

Typically, this should've been a difficult mission.

But these idiotic Baymardians were too free and lax, making the job easier.

That's why they considered it to be a fast job.

But who exactly were they aiming at?


Like they said, if one knew their employer, then it wouldn't be hard to guess their target.

Their employer was none other than the now Duchess Ivy of Yodan, who used to be one of the Queens.

That's right!

She sent them to take care of the Discarded Ex-queen Winnie of Yodan, who was now officially sworn in as a Baymardian Royal.

From the newspapers, this Winnie person was also a teacher here, which was too unbelievable.

Why teach when one could just sit and squander money as a Baymardian royal?

Why sit around teaching and babysitting annoying brats when they could be travelling and living their lives to the fullest?

In conclusion, they assumed that the royals here were all brain-damaged.

Anyway, they wouldn't dare infiltrate the Baymardian palace with just them.

They had to think of something else.

Thankfully, these Baymardian royals were too lax.

It seemed like their safest and fastest option would be to attack her via route from the school to the palace or something like that.

Yes. It would be best to kill her on the roads and flee fast.

It was perfect!

Open space, more chances of escape.

As planned, within the next 2 days, Winnie Elms will die!

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