I'm the King Of Technology - Chapter 1327 - A Night To Remember

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Chapter 1327 – A Night To Remember

In just under a day, Death and his gang were beginning to understand the rusts even though it wasn't in their nature to be obedient.

What a joke!

They were stubborn troublemakers to the core. And even Willaim sometimes had a hard time disciplining them… Maybe this was why he sent them over here.

Nonetheless, in so much as they wanted to curse, beat up their instructors and get a move on things, because of their promise to William, they could only bottle it up and keep their emotions to themselves.

Death was going crazy by the day.

F***! He was Death for dreaming sake!

He, Death, was the number one and most outstanding Assassin of their time. The big, mighty guy who brought fear down the spines of many Nobles all over Pyno.

So if his colleagues and enemies knew that he had been running and Downing the entire day, missing his left boot, then what would they think of him?

At first, he thought he was being picked on. But after spending just a single day in the barracks, he now understood that any random person who didn't follow time, irrespective of who they were, would face the wrath of the heavens in here.

Death was honestly surprised by how much they had dragged him around by the end of the day.

That is when was the last time he had felt so tired like this? It was probably at the start of his career. As one becomes the boss, they start sending people to do their work, making him free to work only when he felt it convenient or important.

So imagine how pleased he was to see his bed by the end of the day?

In no more than a few seconds, he had fallen asleep, as sound as a baby.

He had intended to try sneaking around to see how great the security here was.

But after seeing his night-time schedule, please! He needed his beauty sleep. After all, he would be getting up early as well.

And this time, he didn't want to walk around with only a single boot on his feet.

Like so, Death's military days had officially begun!

In a blink of an eye, time speeded up greatly.

And soon enough, it was already the 27th of September.


Tomorrow was Tilda's coming of age and brief Dafaren wedding day!


–Far most Outskirts of the Capital City, Dafaren–


~Drizzle. Drizzle. Drizzle!~

The rain lightly fell onto the vibrant land, causing the ground to release heat and cool off significantly.

And deep within the luscious green forest region, several men sat around each other at the opening of a cave. Each one had a sterner expression on their face the more they analyzed the situation at hand.

That's right.

Landon, Josh and the gang arrived 2 days ago, confiscating this cave, driving out any beasts here and marking it as their territory.

Like generals at war, Landon, Josh and 3 others sat in a circular manner, with all the important pieces of information laid out before them.

"Your majesty, for the last 2 nights, the air force teams have been able to gather this much. We've been able to gather an aerial outline of all paths possible for us to take when fleeing with Princess Tilda."

After all, they couldn't very well allow the hot air balloons to descend and rescue them, or else that would let them know that Tilda was saved by them and was likely in Baymard once the existence of Hot air balloons became known to the enemy.

They wanted it to feel like tonight's actions were done by the heavens. And so it shall be.

"Hmhm… Your majesty, the day scouts have just got back not long before you and Major General Jash woke up. They did report that they were finally able to enter the palace. But sadly, they weren't allowed to cross the second sector within the Dafaren palace… However, we were still able to get hold of another important piece of information from the many palace gossips…And they all involve Mrs. Paula."


Landon and Josh glanced at each other briefly, seeing the curiosity in each other's eyes.

You know, they were asleep all through the morning till now, 3 P.M.

They slept very well, taking in at least 8 hours of sleep.

Why? Because tonight, they would have to save Tilda, feeling pumped and energized.

Of course, they woke up a little earlier than the official wake-up time. 4 P.M was when those to infiltrate, or attack would wake up. And by 5 P.M, everyone should've had something to eat.

From 5~7:30, they would go through their plans once again with everyone… And during that time, popping, recovering oneself and even checking one's weapons and suiting up was expected of them.

All this had to be done before 9 P.M; they should be back in the city since the gates closed around 9~10.

The ground team had to be around the palace, infiltrating from one of the walls.

As for air force teams, their schedule was different from the ground teams.

They would only get to the sky once places were absolutely dark.

Anyway, they planned to attack around 1 A.m.

So by then, Josh, Landon and those on the ground should've had enough time to infiltrate the palace!


Initially, the plan was for Josh and another team to sneak onto Tilda's grandfather's estate and rescue her Grandmother.

But now, hearing that the woman was taken to the place instead, they didn't know whether to kiss Alexander for this viciousness or sympathize with her.

Because of the massive coming of age tomorrow, the palace welcomed a high number of ordinary peasants and selves to hard in arranging and setting up the scene.

Some merchants, lumberjack's and many others were also allowed in too.

They only had day passes and were properly searched before entering and exiting the scene.

And of course, this sort of thing was typical all over the world during big occasions.

After all, the workload was incredulous, with each one trying to show off their wealth.

Painters, tailors, sculptors and all sorts of people would come in.

New tapestries would be set up just for the event.

The chimneys would be cleaned, and many other things had to be done. So in hindsight, the number of guards during the day tripled.

All this allowed them to garner access into the palace during the day.

And according to one of the men, they had spotted Paula, carrying buckets of water on her head.


It looks like the palace is the only place they had to focus on.

Tonight was the night!.. Not just for them, but for Paula too.

Tonight, Alexander would have her!

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