I'm the King Of Technology - Chapter 1281 - Alien Metal Enhancer

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Chapter 1281 – Alien Metal Enhancer

[Gifts: Metal Enhancer Technology from the D-rated Planet Juangia, and a high-tier mechanical builder design from the D-rated planet Nebun.]


Good. Good. Good!…

Landon suddenly smiled so hard that his cheeks began to hurt badly.

First up, The Metal Enhancer Technology.

Make no mistake. The technology he received could make metal 60% stronger than it already was.

So do you know what that means?


That is, he would be able to make them stronger, as well as lighter too… which was something that more advanced worlds had probably already mastered.

Aluminum, steel, titanium… You name it.

All these metals would now become enhanced under the influence of this technology.

And, surprisingly, the knowledge he had also covered care and all those other essential points, making sure that these enhanced materials had longer life-spans and didn’t need to be maintained as frequently as they regularly would.

Again, when looking at safety, he also found that even if a plane crashed, it might not necessarily shatter the plane to bits instead.

Of course, some damage would exist.

But not the high-level ones that existed back on earth

So imagine how tough of an enhancement the metals would be to get to this stage?

Landon was so ecstatic by the realization of this godly treasure.

But the system’s following words quickly quenched the fire burning within him.

[Host. It’s essential for you to note that this 60% enhancement would-be enough to shield against for the time being. But once the Holy core recovers 50% of its powers, then it wouldn’t be able to do much.]

Not good enough?

Landon gripped his seat hard in shock and fear.

So 60% was enough to hold out the core until it reached 50%?

Black lines formed on Landon’s forehead the more he thought of the core’s raw powers.

‘System. In that case, I have to keep improving the metal enhancer, right?’

[Correct host. But bear in mind that even if you reach 100% enhancement, once the Holy core releases 90% of its powers, then there won’t be anything you can do to stop it anymore.]

‘I know.’ Landon said sternly. ‘I have to take the core back before it reaches 80… No! 70%.’


There you go.

There’s the system he knew!

Landon, who had been talking to the system without even receiving a single insult, had somehow forgotten how annoying its system was.

Can’t they ever talk without him getting insulted? What did he ever do to this system to garner so much hate from it?

Well, at least the system had answered his questions this time.

And from what he now understood, the metal enhancer was just always 10% behind the Holy Core’s powers.

At least something else guaranteed him for the time being.

For one, even if the enemy had the Holy Core, they still had to research and work hard on enhancing its capabilities to a certain level.

Who knows… Maybe even getting 5% of the Holy Core’s powers would be complex and time-consuming.

But Landon dared not dilly dally or underlook the enemy.

For now, until the Holy core could release 50% of its powers, he would be safe.

And to better ensure that he always has the advantage, he had to start researching and improving that 60% enhancement power.

He had to be a step ahead if he was to ensure the safety of his soldiers… Or else, it would be a bloody massacre with Baymard losing woefully.

This time, the stakes were just too high.



Apart from researching the cure of the virus, he also had to start studying how to improve that god-damn 60% mark.

Yes! A moment ago, he was indeed marveled and amazed by the 60%. And he still is.

But facts were facts, and that wasn’t enough to ensure Baymard’s safety.

And he had to do his best to get the mark to the top!

Luckily, with all the math, skills, and other knowledge he had absorbed over the years, brainstorming things would definitely be more complicated but not impossible for him.

He was a fool.

The system probably knew he could do it, hence, reminded him of it.

That’s right.

It might take a while for others to research and improve it since they would have to go through textbooks, solve issues, and brainstorm steadily.

Bit he who had absorbed so much knowledge and knew every page in all textbooks was a walking encyclopedia and calculator.

That is, if he were back on earth, he would’ve been able to solve all the math issues and theories that were unsolvable to earth’s standard.


After all, many of these conjectures are related to several domains, including computer science, algebra, dynamic systems, etc.

So just solving them would leap humankind to the future once more.

And in the current Hertfilia, even though the items he created were similar to that back on earth, he had improved a few key features here and there thanks to the knowledge he received

After all, these were the medieval warring times. So his creations were improved to fit the people of these times.

The meaning change was inevitable.


That said, Landon knew he could probably improve the efficiency of the metal exchanger as time went on.

However, no matter what, he had to hasten up his plans.

And thanks to the second technology he received, rather than using several months to a year to build a single plan, he could now get it done in under a month.

Meaning soon enough, helicopters and fighter jets would have the skyrocket than he thought.

And in this way, would he be able to deal with Morgany?

Or was it still not enough?

Tick-Tock. Tick-Tock.

Time was running out.

And now, he had to act fast!

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