I'm the King Of Technology - Chapter 1274 - What Exactly Was that thing?

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Chapter 1274 – What Exactly Was that thing?


In a heartbeat, the system vanished, as though it was never there in the first place.

And Landon, who was still enjoying the early morning hours with his newly wedded wife, had no clue about its abrupt actions.


At a snap of a finger, the system appeared in another region within Hertfilia.

It stared at the humans below, feeling the impending danger of what they were about to discover.

And at the same time, it also listened to the voices of those above.

Their calm and steady voices were very thunderous to any who heard them.

But if one listened carefully, they might be able to pick the hints of worry in those voices from above.

[It looks like the humans are about to find the Holy core.] A voice said.

And instantly, the temperature dropped even more, as the mood of those speaking was enough to cause rain and thunder to start falling within this overly bright sunny day. 

This was not supposed to happen!

[Avidiatis. It looks like the thing we buried for centuries and areas ago is finally resurfacing yet again. But now, it has fallen into the wrong hands.]

[Indeed. However, we can’t descend as per the rules and regulations placed in the worlds and galaxies of these sorts.]

[Yes. If this were a world of cultivation where immortals, Gods and Devils could mix, then it wouldn’t be a problem. But for worlds such as these, the natural order must follow. And we can only get the Tasker to complete the jobs enlisted to them.]

[Ahhh~~ I’m so mad. Why my world? Why did you stupid old fogies choose to place that thing in my world?] A childish voice grumbled while staring at the scene in anger. 

That stupid Holy core had been placed in one of her worlds when she clearly remembered voting against it. 

It was just unfair to get bullied this much!


The system listened to the voices above while saying nothing at all.

Yes! The plan was for the tasker, its host, to find the Holy Core and bring its powers back to the system.

But now that it was discovered, it looks like that plan wouldn’t be feasible anymore.

Of course, it could still give the host a quick mission allowing the host to vanish and fight to recover the core at this very moment.

The system knew that it was already too late.

It was hard to explain, but what has been done.

And now, the host will have a more challenging, if not the near-impossible task of winning the future as they planned.

Technology vs what was to come. 

Sigh… May the gods be with its host.


Thunder clapped loudly in the sky as heavy rain continued to drizzle like no man’s business.

And those below only looked at the weather with an ominous feeling in their hearts.

Eh? Where did this storm come from? 

And how could such a storm exist in the pique of summertime?

Several people covered in mud and rain swallowed hard while staring above for a bit.

“What strange weather. It flipped so fast without anyone even seeing rain clouds approaching.”

“Yes! My thoughts exactly. It looks as though the clouds just popped out of thin air and began pouring hard on us… So do you think that the heavens are against our actions?”

“Could be… Or maybe it’s a phenomenon caused by the thing we’re about to retrieve.”

“Yes! Yes! It must be that thing. So we must get it fast before those jerks from Lampe find this place.”

“For Morgany!”

“For Morgany!”




Drizzle. Drizzle. Drizzle~

The rain kept falling hard, turning the entire place muddy all of a sudden.


Thousands and thousands of men all stationed themselves around the massive Volcano mouth, with countless chains in their hands.

And behind them were also a few contractions attached to the chains.


If one looked carefully, one would find that the mechanisms had the same principle as the draw ridges and whatnot.

They were rolling the chain back to bring out whatever was hidden within the Volcano.

And in this rainy and windy time, it was indeed an extremely difficult task. 

But so what? They would never give up on recovering such a treasure!

“Pull! Pull! Pull!”

Pop. Pop~

Their veins popped out of their arms and even their necks, as the weight of whatever they were pulling out seemed to be astronomical.

Dammit! What the heck was that thing?

“Pull! Pull! Pull!”

The Captains and all those in command of the operation continuously yelled out words of encouragement while also standing close to the edge of the volcano, estimating how much more the men had to pull and whatnot.

From the volcano’s mouth all the way down, was a far journey that needed lots and lots of chain length.

But luckily, they had been prepared for the task and had specially designed all tools needed for the job.


Drip. Drip. Drip~

Commander Bonesaw stood as mighty as a towering pillar while getting soaked by the thunderous rains that seemed to be against them.

And beside him were of course, 2 of his most trusted men, who were very baffled by the entire scene before them.

You know, the men were pulling hard for something that wasn’t even taller than them in size. 

No! That thing was at most wait level and shouldn’t be so heavy as to need the help of thousands to pull.

And the way they saw things now, for them to safely transport that thing sway, they might have to dedicate 2/3 of an entire ship to it, just to balance out the right of things.


What exactly is this thing?

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