I'm the King Of Technology - Chapter 1223 - A Grand Welcoming!

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Chapter 1223 - A Grand Welcoming!

Today, the maids, butlers and other workers had long prepared for the arrival of these foreign guests. 

And as one would guess, these guests would stay in the same building that Lucia and her brothers stayed at when last they visited.

They decided to give Lucia the same room she had previously, in order to make her feel very comfortable and at home.

Of course, even though it was the same room, a few items and features in the room had been upgraded and changed too.

The workers all smiled, ready to receive their guests any time now.

And at the same time, Lucy held Kora while standing alongside Mother Winnie, Little Linda and Little Momo.

As per the agreement concerning his safety, Little Ren couldn't be out and about like this during official Royal events, so he only stayed away for the welcoming ceremony.

Of course, a few other government officials lined up to welcome the guests too..

And would you know it, the news Camera crews were all lined up, ready to capture the iconic moments of royals greeting each other as well.

Years and centuries from now, this footage would be proof to show just how close both memories were with each other.

And, even when making historical movies of the past, people in the future would be able to tell what outfits the Zalipnian Royals wore or what their attitude to Baymard was like.

Again, today's footage would also be on the current news and newspapers too.

That's right.

They had to record the arrival of all prominent guests, compile it and edit everything for the Pre-wedding footage.


As of now, if one moved across every corner of the street, one would find that the Billboards, Posters and several decorations were already underway for the big day.

They only had 1 week and 5 days till the actual marriage ceremony.

So time was short!

The fireworks, Hot air balloon tricks, and massive parade were just a few things that needed diligent planning.

Not to mention that Landon wanted to give Lucia a very romantic gift on his wedding day.

In short, there was just so much to do in so little time, from the wedding planners, the bakers to individuals that also registered to set up stalls in particular location spaces... The list of collective things that had to be done was a whole lot.

But another interesting thing was that Landon chose to do his wedding the day before the public holiday.


If one would recall, he got crowned in August, and as of now, people typically had 2 days worth of public holidays during that period.

Now, with Landon's wedding coming up, he had intentionally given everyone 4 days of holiday time instead.

The day before his wedding would be a public holiday since he and Lucy had to do several Baymardian rituals.

So on Friday, they would do so, and on Saturday, his wedding would be officially done then.

That said, what followed was the standard public holiday period for Baymard Day.

Hence the majority of people would only have to go back to work on Tuesday.

They would have Friday to Monday off!

A 4- day Holiday.

This was indeed a good steal on things as countless people killed forward to the long no-work period too.

Of course, those working in security, the powerplant, water & sewage plant, and other major industries had to work as per their schedules, even though it was a holiday.

The Ports won't close, and even the hospitals, Cab services, and hotels would be open and available.

It was just that other commercially acclaimed tourist sites, stores, government buildings, Academies, and Court businesses would have to stop during the extended holiday period.

And this went without saying, but construction, timber cutting and wooden-plank making would also be placed on hold.

4 days off with just chilling and enjoying time with family and friends, no matter what world one lived in, many still miles this sort of advantage.

Hehehhehehe... But of course, the 4 day holiday was just for this year.

Next year, they'll resume their 2-day holiday period.

If he did that, then wouldn't the royals or others after him do so too?

Maybe in one future generation of cousins, 20 get married, and so on... If he allowed each royal to make their marriages a public holiday, then wouldn't the entire year be a public holiday after 360 Royal weddings?

Look! Even when Mother Kim and Lucius got married, he didn't make it into an official holiday.

So why would he do that now?

And speaking of the 2 love birds, at the moment, they were still out of Baymard on official matters and should be back in 5 days by Cruise. 

So now, it was just Landon, Lucy and Mother Winnie who were the leading ȧduŀts here.

Mother Winnie was also engaged to one of Lucius's comrades. 

And next year, they were also set to get married too.

Mother Winnie was 2 years younger than Mother Kim and was very beautiful and eye-catching too.

Honestly, if she didn't have Bari, who was similar in age to Landon, he would've thought that she was a 29-year-old girl.

That's how her face looked to him.

And in future, once she married out, Londa would stay back in the palace, just like Little Momo did when Grace got married.

The children tactfully didn't want to disturb the spouses from enjoying their marriages, so they actively chose to stay in the palace. 

After all, soon, they will also come of age as well.


Very elegantly, Lucy, Mother Winnie, Kora, Little Momo and Little Linda all wore their Royal attire and stood firmly with a warm smile on their faces alongside the welcoming Ministers and official delegates.

Even the Caronian ambassador situated in Baymard also came as well. And the same could be said for the other Pyno Ambassadors too.

Everyone was really to meet the Zalipnian Royals and show their respect.

And soon enough, the limos all entered the Palace, causing the Press to go wild.

"They're here! They're here!"

"Quickly! Start recording now! We, Channel 5, cannot lose to those Fashion scumbags in Channel 3 news. Com'on! Keep things rolling!"

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