I'm the King Of Technology - Chapter 1197 - A Bizare Situation

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Chapter 1197 - A Bizare Situation

Lucy frowned when the 3rd wave of police vehicles passed her by.

She squinted her eyes deeply. 

Could it be that something disastrous was happening within the city?

"Jeanne. Switch to live news and turn up the radio a bit."

The lady driver in black attire and black sunglasses glanced at the rear mirror, nodded obediently before doing as she was told.

Lucy and even Kora, who seemed to be playful earlier on, listened attentively as if she could understand the words echoed out from the radio.

But of course, no one would take her seriously.

What could a few-month-old baby understand?

The duo listened and didn't get any love news that might be linked to why several police vehicles would be moving up and down like this.

Lucy, as well as Kora, also had a bad feeling about this.

Nonetheless, seeing how Baymard operated, whatever it was would soon be disclosed to be public once the matter was all cleaned up.

So they could only wait for it to be officially announced if they wanted to satisfy their curiosity.

At the same time, Kora wasn't as naive as when she first came into this world months ago.

She had been in her father's office and had heard some brutal things from private meetings that made her go numb with fear, rage and all sorts of emotions.

The thing was that Lucius would have meetings in his office at times.

And since she was just a baby who couldn't even talk or had all her teeth yet, no one would think that she could understand or leak out government secrets.

But that tag worked to her advantage because sometimes, Lucius would take her around ȧssuming this too.

At the same time, her elder brother, Landon, would also take her to all sorts of places.

There was a time they visited one of the border territories and came face to face with bandits.

Well, to put it more accurately, they left the border region and entered Arcadina's territory.

And the only reason they did so was that a few people complained that their family members had gone into Arcadina for business but hadn't returned for weeks now.

The issue was that the company people had left to go to the next city or towns close to the Baymard's borders.

So it shouldn't have even taken so long.

Thus, the military was on its way to investigate the matter.

But while the investigations were going on, she and Landon took a stroll within the Arcadinian city, but someone ended up getting kidnapped by bandits.

It was a far cry from the simple times she was used to.

What the hell happened to humans?

Back in her time, people just fought head-on.

And all this scheming seemed too much for one person's head.

It was there and then that she understood that even though Baymard was relatively safe, the rest of this world might not be.


Kora had learnt quite a lot when dealing with countless people over the months.

Even when visiting the lower regions, the barracks, other empires, and even entering the prisons, she had met kind, ruthless, merciful, wicked people and others with all sorts of traits.

She had also gone to the hospitals, orphanages, and even the church, which all made cried her eyes out when seeing or listening to some things... Especially when seeing those who have been healed from charity coming back and thanking everyone.

She had to admit that she liked Baymard's way of doing things the most compared to other regions she had heard of in this world.

Additionally, she saw pictures of her blue aunt Lucia, uncle Javis, uncle Andrew and several others that reminded her that this world had people of different skin tones too.

Hey! Could it be that in her former world, there were people with other skin tones as well? Maybe she didn't know them because of the tiny region she had been living in all through her 12 years of ȧduŀt life.

Well, compared to staying in the palace all day long doing nothing except playing in the massive indoor playroom, doing photoshoots or watching kid's channels, she sometimes liked to go out and see the world too.

And that's why she started acting cute and pitiful, begging the ȧduŀts to take her around.

Of course, they would take her if it wasn't too inconvenient.

But if they knew beforehand that it would be dangerous, they wouldn't take her at all.

And today, just like the past few days, she had been following Lucy diligently while trying to understand Lucy's work.

Lucy's schedule was a danger-free one. So she didn't mind taking the little princess with her.

It was just that seeing the situation with countless police vehicles passing by, Lucy started feeling uncomfortable with the thought of carrying Kora about like this.

She could only send Kora to the palace after the following 2 appointments.

Why? Because after her next meeting, she was going to take Kora to the hospital to get her scheduled preventive shots.

Only after Kora had taken them will she be able to send her back to the palace and continue her day alone without Kora.

Lucy chuckled when she gazed at Kora, who was trying to unleash her baby trap seat belt and stand on the car seat to have a good look outside the window.

The baby was probably excited by the police sirens and just wanted to see them without even understanding what was going on.

Hey... It truly was good to be an innocent child.

Lucy shook her head and leaned back as the vehicles continued on track, making their way to her favourite cafe.



And right on cue, several workers washed towards them like crazy.

Yes. The cafe didn't have a drive-through yet.

So because the workers knew her and knew what time she ordered, they were always ready for her around this time.

They came in packs of 4 or 7 along with a manager or senior staff in order to give the proper respect that the future queen deserved.

Plus, because of Lucy, the cafe had gotten ridiculously famous too.

Every fan of Lucy, even the international ones, wanted to try out her favourite food and cafe delicacies that she typically ate or drank whenever she was here.

She even had some favourite starts named after her too.

She wasn't sponsored or anything but just genuinely loved the signature treats in the cafe.

And on the week of her royal birthday, the cafe would always put on a good show or offer 50% off discounts to everyone too.

Not to mention that the tips were also astronomical too.


The gang rushed out, ready to take her order down in a heartbeat.

Sure. Lucy did order the same thing regularly. But just in case she wanted a switch up or wanted something added, they still took her order rather than ȧssuming one for her.

Besides, what if she had a guest with her?

Knowing princess Lucy, she always got food for her guards too.

So what of the orders changed?

Lucy lowered her window and revealed a bright smile.

"Welcome, Princess Lucy!"

"Welcome, Pro was Kora!"

Lucy waved warmly, and Kora also giggled playfully too.

"Princess! Princess! What can we get for you?"

"Hmm... This time I'd like 24 chocolate-infused croissants, xxxxx coffee, 8 xxxxx Cherry cake Slices... Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah...."As if receiving a heavenly order, the group all took down the order sternly, not even daring to blink or miss a word.

That's right. They were all writing down the order to ensure that they didn't make any mistakes when they compared the notes later on.


This was the princess they were talking about.

So they dared not mess up her order or give her a bad impression of their service.

And after confirming it all, they dashed away like lightning in order to prepare the large takeaway requested.

Everything had to be warm, heated up or fresh out of the oven... Especially the croissants.

The order was not just for Lucy but for her guards too. Even if they said they didn't want any, Lucy still gave them food according to their tastes.

How long had they been working with Lucy? 

Heh. For so many years, she had known what they liked.

"Princess. As usual, 7 minutes max, and everything will be ready."

With that, the staff took off, leaving Lucy and her gang to themselves.

But little did they know that within these 7 minutes, a whole lot of things could happen by then.

Number 5 smiled calmly while staring at Lucy's vehicle.


Their info was too spot-on.

Now, it was time to put their acting skills to the test!

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