I'm the King Of Technology - Chapter 1194 - All Men Must Die!

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Chapter 1194 - All Men Must Die!

The butcher knives were all raised high in the air, causing those tied up to choke in fear as countless beads of what slid down their faces.

They moved their buŧŧs around in an attempt to buŧŧ-hop away from it all.

But it was never that easy, especially for the first 2 men tied up in staff attire.

That's right. All the hostages were men.

And you have to know that ever since the witches got here, they had felt like throwing up whoever they saw these men just walking about like so in Baymard.

Don't get them wrong. Men everywhere typically walked around freely like so.

But in other regions, at least one could see their men best others in the street or even see other men working till they drop or sitting on the corners of the roads with all sorts of diseases.

Some were even kicked out and had to stay out on the streets too.

At least in other places, they watched men get mistreated, even if the publishers were other men.

But here in Baymard, the fact that they hadn't seen anything of that sort had worked their souls and made their hands itchy to kill some more.

It was tough for them just to watch men walk happily as they did in Baymard.

Oh, my goddess of Witchcraft & Sorcery!

They just wanted to kill or enslave them all!

Thus, they couldn't resist the impulses and ended up kidnapping these male staff workers instead.

They knew that soon, people would start looking for these missing people.

That's why they decided to kidnap and deal with these people just before their mission.

In this way, they would be long gone when people started a real ser ah for these dirty men.

Sigh... It seemed like this was the unfortunate year to be a man, as their victims were now knocking on death's door simply because of their gender.



The men all mumbled underneath their gagged mouths pleadingly before these psychotic females.

And the moment their blades were lowered, the first 2 men truly felt the terror of it all course through their veins as their life experiment flashed through their eyes too.

Out of instinct, they closed their eyes in fear while saying a prayer to their ancestors in their hearts.

'Ancestors... If you save me now, I'll donate 20% of my salary to the church in thanks and also continue giving my monthly 3% donation too!'

Countless prayers like this embedded their minds as they felt death inch it's way closer and closer to them.

However, even though they were praying for a miracle, they still felt like there was a more than 95% chance that no ancestor would save them.

Of course, that's why they were waiting for a MIRACLE.

The witches were the most pleased when seeing these arrogant men now sweating, shivering on their buŧŧs in raw fear like the lowly beings that they were.


'In your next lives, pray to be a woman.'


The air whistled as the blade sliced through it, making everyone shower in fear with closed eyes.

They were indeed waiting for death and all the pain that came with it.

However, why did it seem like after waiting and waiting for what seemed like an eternity, none of the so-called pain hit them at all?

Or could it be that this was what death truly felt like?

In fear, they slowly opened their overly closed and wrinkled eyes to get a real look at the afterlife.

But when they opened their eyes, it wasn't the afterlife they were met with, but a shocking scene that had taken them back instead.

Your majesty?


Instantly, tears swelled up in their eyes when they saw his majesty Landon grip the hands of both ladies brutally and flung them out of the bathroom, sending them flying backwards into the room behind.

It all happened in slow-motion to the ladies. And before they knew it, their backs were slammed against the wooden edges of the beds, initiating them into the group of the back killers.

That's right. 

Those who have accidentally hit their backs at the sharp edges of any hard object would know this pain and group well.

The pain was so jaw-dropping that it made them want to send their hands to their backs to soothe it all.

But as ȧssassins, how could they do such a shameful show of weakness?


The women gritted their teeth while trying to stop their hearts from bursting out of their ċhėsts.

Maybe it hurt so much because they weren't expecting it at all.

After all, they hadn't even heard when this bastard came in, not to talk of the fact that all their energy had been focused on killing these people as swiftly as they could.

Heck! They had already dropped their blades and were ready to make their kill.

But out of nowhere, they were dragged by some bastard and yanked away in a blink of an eye.

So how could unexpected pain not hurt?

They hadn't steeled their minds for it all, okay?


The women looked at Landon, instantly recognizing him too.

They knew it. Everyone in this place thought that this man was kind and caring to women.

But just look at how he handled them?

He almost broke their backs. So what gentleman? 

Heh. It was all fake for these unenlightened women to eat up and believe.

If Landon knew their thoughts, he wouldn't mind slapping them all over again.

Hello? On the battlefield, there was no gender here. So in the face of equality, how else was he supposed to treat them?

Please! He wouldn't go easy on them just because they were ladies.

A few moments ago, they were about to murder the male hostages.

So forget it. They were stone-cold killers and should be punished for their actions.


The ladies stood up and smiled wickedly at Landon, not fearing him at all.

The only reason he had succeeded earlier was because of his supposed attack.

So with their 'understanding' of Baymard, its ruler should be a weakling too.

Additionally, they, the top ȧssassin witches of Tenola, had taken down greater men before... men who were way more powerful than these measly ones in Pyno.

So how could they be worried about this small rat who self-declared himself a Monarch?

The sisters licked their lips, envisioning how they would slice him up into prices to relieve their anger.

"Heh. So, you are the sneaky Monarch of this place?"

"Hmm... Anything?" Landon asked calmly while raising one eyebrow.

The ladies looked at him, shrugged and calmly picked up their weapons as if he were thin air.

"Look here. We don't have much time to waste with you. So, I think it's easier for you to just tell us how you want to die... Well, because you're indeed a monarch, we've decided to allow you this much lay-way. And that's why we'll allow you to choose the way you want to die, your majesty Landon." They said while moving him with a curtsey.

Landon looked at them and squinted his eyes coldly: "Oh? You all took the exact words I was about to say right out of my mouth. So I hate to burst your bubble, girls... But it seems like it will be you who will lose this match, instead."

"Tch!" Melinda looked at Landon furiously while talking to Gwen: "What the hell are we talking to this bastard for? It looks like even though he's a Pyron, he still doesn't understand the basic language. So let's just kill him and be done with it!"

"My thoughts exactly," Gwen added while twirling her knife around as if doing some magic trick.

She looked at him coldly, with a sly smile on her lips.

Punk. You asked for this. So don't come crying when you beg for mercy later!

Landon, who was too late to deal with the glares he got, calmly closed the bathroom door ever so gently, before taking his battle stance.

Sigh... He indeed wanted to fight a little.

But it was best for him to settle this matter fast.

After all, he still had to find out if these 2 were the only ones here.

If so, then it should be okay. 

But if not, then where did the others go?

What was their purpose? 

The system hadn't told him much, except the location where the hostages were found.

And now that he knew what these ladies looked like, he would secretly go through the monitor via the system and find out if they came in with others too.

He could also see how many people checked in together with these girls in the motel too.

In short, his real work began now, but he didn't have much time!

Who knew if others were heading out to take on more hostages?

Dammit! All his questions could only be answered after this battle!

Landon was ready to end things swiftly, using only a fraction of his strength.

But unbeknownst to him, the ladies also had several surprises up their sleeves too.


Like so, all 3 dashed towards each other like crazy, with one thought in mind.

Eliminate/subdue the enemy.

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