I'm the King Of Technology - Chapter 1010 - A Tight Family

Chapter 1010 - A Tight Family

Landon, who was still in his car, had long lowered his seat and leaned back, watching everything from the system's monitors.

Meanwhile, back on Trey's ship, everyone was carefully blocking everything up hastily.

Trey looked at the Temple sh.i.p.s calmly.

Sigh... Did this mean that he was going to miss lunch with the gang?


Admiral Trey, who sat in the highest-ranking position within the Coast Guards, was the one who overlooked them all.

Earlier on, he was out at sea with some trainees, their supervisors and his subordinates... Watching their every move.

Typically, he, as the boss, never got involved in such things, but once in a while, it was good to move around and see how others were doing.

Of course, he also did this because yesterday, he had managed to finish the paperwork planned for today.

He did so only because of the planned lunch date with the gang.

And he believed that everyone also tried their best to do the same as he did too... Except they had some meetings to attend.

Anyway, the only ones who weren't going to the lunch date were Josh and Beri (mother Winnie's son), who were both out on separate missions.

So he was going out to meet Mark, Gary, Landon and everyone's wives.

As a tradition, the gang always ate to get here once a week when everyone's schedule aligned.

But that wasn't all.

Actually, they always met 50% of the time while working.

Just like Mark, who used to be a soldier, his wife used to be a soldier too.

But now, she and he were currently high-ranking Police officials.

Gary was in charge of the Navy & Marines, while he overlooked the Coast Guards.

But here's the twist.

Naturally, Gary's wife, who still loved action and going out on missions, joined the Marines.

She, as a Marine, joined the soldiers as well as the Navy whenever there were battles

She could work both on land and sea.

So she was as active as a bee.

Marines Corps was a subdivision within the Navy.

Even though her husband, Admiral Gary, was still the boss, she had a fairly high rank within the Marine Corps.

As for himself, funny enough, his wife still worked within the Marines and not the Coast Guards.

Well, he didn't mind because within the Coastal region, the Coast guards, Navy and Marines were within District K, in the coastal region, and were all heavily secured.

They often met one another while on duty daily.

Their lives and duties were linked together, so they constantly communicated when need be.

That being said, since they were both in high-ranking positions, one would think that they could just say things like: cancel all my appointments or something like that.

Heh. Without any valid reasons like medical, doing so was irresponsible and would reflect on them.

Yes. As part of Baymardians, they did have a steady 8-hour work shift.

But when one was in the armed forces, things weren't always that easy.

Handling or dealing with criminals or missions could eat well into their free time.

And surprising event visits make things worse for them too.

There was a time when Trey just had 30 minutes before his shift ended.

Of course, as the boss, he decided to spend 2 more hours going through some more paperwork before going home.

But before he could even do that, who would've known that they would've met a ton of spies who dared hold visitors as hostages?

Of course, before the marines could mobilize, they as Coast guards had to act fast.

The hostage situation was very tricky.

Things like this always sprung up in this dangerous world that had no order.

So closing during the end of one's shift wasn't that realistic for him.

For those below, yes. They could leave.

But he was the boss and had to stay.

As they say, the higher one climbed, the more responsibilities they got saddled with.

That's why even in other job areas, supervisors always stayed back after employees went.

Talk less of the boss.

They still had work to do.


Trey couldn't help shaking his head when he thought of their planned lunch.

Unlike ordinary subordinates, they as bosses could arrange their schedules, spacing things out.

He typically did so according to the meetings and workload he had for the day.

If he had a meeting in the early parts of the morning, he would then do something light until lunch.

From there, he typically took 3 hours off before continuing his job.

And by 6 P.M, he should be done.

But, one could never be so sure.

He only felt it funny that even though they had moved into their new Villas in district E, they hardly spent time in their home.

That's right!

Since they all got married, they moved out of the Palace and found luxury villas within the same block.

They moved out because the palace belonged to Landon's generation.

And so, they wanted to leave something for their own generations too.

That's why they got these grand villas that were as massive as estates, having extravagant land and property around them for golfing and what not.

Now, their homes were lined up together on the same block.

They were neighbours to themselves.

And since they all worked within the armed forces, they mostly met at home during the night.

But this wasn't an issue for them because they also met each other during the day while at work.

Sometimes, they had meetings, demonstrations and other things to attend together.

They were all within the armed forces, meaning that they were linked up quite a lot.

Of course, the only people's wives that weren't in the armed forces were Josh and Beri.

Grace, Josh's wife, was a teacher and a government worker too.

And Beri's wife, Christine, worked as a Firefighter.

But even though these women weren't directly involved with the armed forces, their husbands always found time to see them outside.

That being said, apart from meeting once a week as a group, the boys also had their own separate get-together twice a week while the girls had theirs too.

And because of this, they were closer than ever.


Trey shook his head wryly.

Well, the lunch date was definitely cancelled.


"Admiral! We've double-checked and done what you requested.

The buttons are all green. The doors have been automatically bolted and locked, with everyone safely inside.


Everyone take your positions and hold on tight.

It's going to be rough!"

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