I'm Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1640 - Sigh, She’s Indeed a Femme Fatale

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Chapter 1640: Sigh, She’s Indeed a Femme Fatale

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The minister finally got into a relationship, but Assistant Xu didn’t feel at ease.

He started to worry again.

He was worried that Mo Shixiu, who was in love, would think too highly of his relationship and neglect his work in the future.

No, not in the future.

Mo Shixiu already showed signs of this.

Assistant Xu didn’t even dare to think about what Mo Shixiu would become if he and Jiang Luoli were really in the honeymoon period.

Sigh, she was indeed a femme fatale.

Since ancient times, even a hero couldn’t resist the charms of a beauty. Even a man like Mo Shixiu, who had been pure for so many years, couldn’t control himself once he touched a woman.

Assistant Xu complained in his heart for a while but still booked the plane tickets obediently.

Two hours later, Mo Shixiu arrived at Jiang Luoli’s city.

Another hour later, he arrived at the district that Jiang Luoli mentioned.

The man’s looks were outstanding. Just his height and temperament were enough to attract people.

Even though he was wearing a huge pair of sunglasses that covered half his face, he couldn’t help but attract the gazes of the opposite sex.

“Wow, that man looks so stylish.”

“Her figure is so good. He’s the long-legged type of big brother I like.”

“Why do I find him familiar? I think I’ve seen him somewhere before.”

“I find him familiar too.”

“Don’t you think… he looks like Mo Shixiu?”

“Mo Shixiu? The Minister of Safety, Mo Shixiu? He looks like him, but he’s definitely not Mo Shixiu. How could Mo Shixiu come to our neighborhood?”

“Yes, he’s just a passerby. But he really looks like Mo Shixiu. I wonder if he would still be so similar after taking off his sunglasses.”

At this moment, Mo Shixiu, who was being discussed by a group of women, found the building where Jiang Luoli was in. He entered the elevator and pressed the button.

A minute later, he left the elevator and walked toward Room 1801.

Assistant Xu knocked on the door.

After a while, someone opened the door.

Xie Zewen opened the door with an apron around his waist. When he saw Assistant Xu and Mo Shixiu standing outside, he froze and clenched his fists.

He could tell at a glance.

The man standing behind Assistant Xu was Mo Shixiu.

He’d seen him so many times on television, but it wasn’t as shocking as seeing him in person.

Mo Shixiu was even more outstanding in person than on television. The man didn’t say a word, but his aura was extremely strong. Xie Zewen only looked up and felt immense pressure.

He immediately looked away.

“Miss Jiang, are you here?” Assistant Xu looked at Xie Zewen and frowned.

He looked up suspiciously and took a closer look at the door number.

After confirming that it was correct, his frown deepened.

Who was this man?

Why was he in the same room as Jiang Luoli?

This normally wouldn’t be a big deal.

But Jiang Luoli was the minister’s girlfriend now.

She was in the same room as another man, so she had to take it seriously.

Assistant Xu didn’t want their minister to be known for being cheated on. That would be too disgraceful.

And this was the minister’s first time dating.

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