I'm Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1639 - Luoli, Are You Crying?

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Chapter 1639: Luoli, Are You Crying?

Xie Zewen left.

Not long after he left the bedroom, Jiang Luoli’s cell phone rang.

She looked down and saw that the number was Mo Shixiu’s. She picked it up immediately.

“Luoli, is that you?”

The man’s cold and familiar voice made Jiang Luoli feel like crying.

She couldn’t help but feel aggrieved when she heard Mo Shixiu’s voice.

The usually calm and composed man sounded a little anxious.

Jiang Luoli could tell that he was worried about her.

“Mo Shixiu.” She bit her lip and called his name softly. Then, her tears fell.

“Luoli, are you crying?” Mo Shixiu sounded more anxious than before. “Where are you now? Are you in danger? Don’t be afraid. No matter where you are, I’ll bring you back.

“I’ve already gone to your hometown and just got off the plane. I can bring you back soon.”

Jiang Luoli couldn’t stop crying.

She didn’t know why she couldn’t control her tears when she heard Mo Shixiu’s voice.

She felt especially aggrieved and upset from the start, but she held back her tears.

She thought she was very strong.

So, her resilience depended on her personality.

“Mo Shixiu.” She wiped her tears and said, “Y-You’re going to make a wasted trip. I’m not in my hometown anymore.”

“Not in your hometown? Then, where are you?”

“I’m in another city. I’m safe now. You don’t have to worry about me.”

“Then, why are you crying? Where are you?”

Jiang Luoli told him the address.

“Alright, wait for me. I’ll be right there.”

At Haicheng Airport.

Before Mo Shixiu walked out of the VIP lane, he got Assistant Xu to book another flight.

Assistant Xu hesitated for a while and said, “Minister, you can’t change your schedule tomorrow. Since Miss Jiang said she’s not in danger, Minister doesn’t actually have to go over personally. I can fetch Miss Jiang back. Minister, don’t worry. I promise that Miss Jiang will return to your side unscathed.”

Mo Shixiu shook his head. “I’ll pick her up myself.”

He heard Jiang Luoli crying on the phone.

That was the first time he heard her cry.

She was always carefree in front of him. Mo Shixiu had never seen her cry.

Hence, even though she said nothing, she must have been shocked.

Otherwise, an optimistic girl like her wouldn’t cry so easily.

He said he would pick her up, so he definitely would.

As for tomorrow’s schedule, it wasn’t the most important thing to him.

“Minister, you…” Assistant Xu wanted to persuade him again.

Mo Shixiu glanced at him coldly, and Assistant Xu immediately shut up.

The minister in love seemed like a completely different person.

Sigh, so melancholic.

In the past, he had hoped that the minister would be in a relationship. He was afraid that if he didn’t interact with women for a long time, his sexual orientation would become problematic.

He was also afraid that he would be too focused on work and would be alone in the future.

But now…

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