I Turned Wild After Being Doted On By The Big Bosses - Chapter 876 - Master Pei Is Jealous!

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Chapter 876: Master Pei Is Jealous!

“Are they a couple? Isn’t that man too handsome?!”

“Looks like it. They look very compatible! The young lady with blonde hair beside him is totally my type!”

With that said…

Pei Yunge slowly turned around and looked at the two people talking.

Feeling the gaze on them, the two people talking behind closed their mouths unconsciously.

Brother Yu’s sister’s eyes were so scary…

Pei Yunge looked away and licked her lips before she said slowly, “This is infuriating.”

Sensing that there was something wrong with Pei Yunge’s tone, Huang Ke somehow did not dare to speak to her anymore.


Seeing Huo Shidu and the unfamiliar woman walking over, Pei Yunge silently pried open the hand beside her and turned herself over.

Huo Shidu only glanced at the swaying ‘humanoid background’ not far away carelessly and quickly looked away.

A few minutes later.

Pei Yunge did not hear any sound and asked Huang Ke, “Did they leave?”

“No, I think that young lady is acting coy with that gentleman…” Huang Ke was very honest.

Pei Yunge was speechless.

Huo Shidu, you’re gone.

At this moment.

Not far away, Huo Shidu avoided the woman’s hand and coy acts naturally . His tone was lazy. “If you have something to say, say it quickly. I’m still busy.”

With that said…

Huo Shidu glanced around and did not see Pei Yunge.

“Shidu, you’re so not cute! You’re even worse than when you were a child! You’re not as cute as Momo at all!” The woman had a head of blonde hair. She was gentle and mature as she stared at Huo Shidu angrily.

“Then I’ll find a time to throw him to you,” Huo Shidu said slowly.

The woman was speechless.

All men were evil! They were heartless!

Pei Yunge’s eyebrows moved. “What about now?”

Huang Ke: “Now… Now…”

Hearing Huang Ke hesitate for a long time, Pei Yunge turned around and saw the woman catch up with the man in front of her. She even leaned her head against his shoulder.

Pei Yunge licked her lips and chuckled. Her eyes were slightly curved and she still looked extremely beautiful.

However, for some reason, the dozen or so people who were hung up did not dare to make a sound.

The big boss was so scary when she was angry…

At the door.

Huo Shidu pushed the woman’s head away without giving her any face. His low and cold voice sounded calm, but there was a hint of warning. “Clarice Fernans, if you’re not afraid that I’ll get him to come and arrest you, you can continue doing this.”

Clarice was speechless.

Good fellow, he even threatened his aunt.

“I asked you out to discuss the inheritance, and you’re treating me like this??” Clarice was in disbelief.

Huo Shidu glanced at her. “Keep that little inheritance for yourself.”

With that said…

Huo Shidu saw Qin Yu and quickly walked forward. “Where’s Yunyun?”

Qin Yu was stunned. “Didn’t you see? Ge’er is helping me as an extra. She’s hanging inside.”

“Just nice, I got her two bottles of water. I’ll go…”

Before Qin Yu could finish speaking, Huo Shidu took his water. “I’ll bring it over for her.”

“Huh? But I also want to…”

Qin Yu was about to chase after him when he was stopped by the woman beside him.

The woman looked very elegant and intellectual. Her red lips curled up as she held a cigarette between her fingers. “This handsome gentleman, can I borrow your lighter?”

Back inside.

Huo Shidu looked up and saw that after a certain someone saw him, she immediately lowered his head and pretended to be dead.

The corners of his lips curled up unconsciously.

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