I Turned Wild After Being Doted On By The Big Bosses - Chapter 1268 - Obviously Going Against the Professors, The Difference Between Professors and Big Bosses!  

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Chapter 1268: Obviously Going Against the Professors, The Difference Between Professors and Big Bosses!

The professor had just suppressed his anger when he heard Pei Yunge move closer to the microphone. “I’m just a student. Professors, don’t take issue with me.”

The students below the stage heard everything clearly.

What kind of ruthless person was the top scorer?? Even the professors of this department were tricked??

The professors were speechless.

Compared to Huang Zuyi, who lost his temper at the slightest disagreement, this student of Huang Zuyi was f*cking strange!!

“You can’t answer these questions?”

Pei Yunge turned around, her eyes slowly landing on the leader of Class Five. With a hand leaning lazily on the counter, she suddenly bent down and approached the microphone, speaking in an obscure foreign language in a low and pleasant voice.

Only the professors could tell that this was a classic foreign document about the theme that the contestants of Class Five had set!

If ordinary students wanted to borrow foreign documents, they would definitely spend a lot of effort to understand these academic terms.

Even they did not have the energy to memorize the foreign language documents word for word!

However, when they picked up their phones to check, what Pei Yunge said matched perfectly!

A few graduate seniors who were joining in the fun were shocked. “What the f*ck, this is this year’s top scorer?? She’s good. She’s even more ridiculous than our top scorer!!!”

“This is a document written by Monqiston in R Nation 30 years ago, right? I happened to do this research project before and spent half a month researching. There’s actually a big boss who can memorize it?!”


The rest of the people could not help sucking in a breath of cold air!

At first, they thought that this year’s top scorer was the worst. The alumni group was filled with comments attacking Pei Yunge!

In the end, she was not on the same level as them?!

The students of Class One looked at Pei Yunge’s side profile on stage and their collective honor was ignited instantly. They could not help but straighten their backs!

Wasn’t she the most capable big boss in their class?!


Seeing Pei Yunge’s protective in front of the professors, the students of Class One felt inexplicably relieved.

Suddenly, they had a feeling that as long as Pei Yunge was around, no accidents would happen…

However, the professors were so angry that they wanted to fight with Huang Zuyi!

After Pei Yunge’s incident, they could not even give Class Five a basic score!

Even the other themes of the other classes made Pei Yunge seem like a walking library. It made people start to doubt their lives and they could not answer a single question!

At this moment.

The other new students also had mixed feelings. They were all freshmen from Yun University. How could there be such a ridiculous difference?!

After a competition that made people doubt their lives ended, everyone did not have any enthusiasm for the champion and runner-up. Instead, they started to think unconsciously—

So the person who made up the numbers in the world was me??

Class Five still got first, but they were not too happy. After all, not everyone was participating.

There was also a student of the same grade who became their judge.

“What? It’s really strange. Some people haven’t won any awards, right? How are they qualified to replace the professor as a judge?”

The leader of Class Five mocked strangely, “Besides, our theme has been reported before. It’s not difficult to memorize some foreign language, right?”

Hearing this, many people in Class One wanted to rush forward and tear this person’s mouth apart!

“It’s not difficult to memorize some foreign language. You’ve been preparing for half a month, why can’t you memorize it?”

Song Yao’s originally gentle tone served people a tenacious attitude, making people speechless!


The leader of Class Five’s face flushed red. At this moment, Hai Ning, who was beside him, spoke casually.

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