I, The Female Protagonist With Superpower, Am Super Fierce - Chapter 538 - He Must’ve Been Sleep Walking

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Chapter 538: He Must’ve Been Sleep Walking

“Of course.” Gu Yan raised her chin slightly. A drop of sweat dripped down from her snow-white neck, along with her beautiful curves. Under the orange streetlights, it was enshrouded in a gentle light.

Lu Ye felt a little thirsty. He turned his head slightly and coughed. Then, without thinking, he said, “It turns out that my wife has good physical strength. Hmm, she’s worthy of me.”

Gu Yan: “…”

The two of them ran all the way back to the Special Combat Vanguard unit under this kind of romantic, subtle, and ambiguous atmosphere. The gate of the Special Combat Vanguard Unit was already closed, but when the person on duty saw Lu Ye, he immediately let him pass.

Moreover, this little soldier even bowed to Gu Yan. “Hello, sister-in-law!”

Gu Yan was stunned for a moment before she nodded with an embarrassed smile. Then, she followed Lu Ye into the main entrance and walked towards the dormitory area.

She kicked Lu Ye’s calf speechlessly. “What’s the meaning of this?”

“We’re getting married. Everyone in the special training team knows about it. These little brats are making a fuss about asking for wedding candies from me. It’s really annoying.” Although it was annoying, the corners of Captain Lu’s eyes were filled with pride. No matter how one looked at it, it did not seem like he was annoyed.

On the contrary, he was enjoying himself.

He was quite proud of himself.

Gu Yan was speechless, but she did not expose him. She only lightly kicked his calf again. She did not use any strength, but Lu Ye immediately wailed, “Aiyo, aiyo, you must have kicked my bruise. It hurts!”

“Then hurry up and go. I’ll go and apply medicine for you!”

After the two of them walked past, the two warriors beside them immediately looked at each other, their faces filled with suspicion.

One of them asked, “Wasn’t Captain Lu not injured today? I heard that Captain Lin was the one who was injured the most. He went straight to the hospital.”

“That’s not the point. Didn’t you realize that Captain Lu brought his wife here? Tsk tsk, after a fight, he wasn’t injured, but he managed to bring his wife here to accompany him. Looks like I finally found the reason why I couldn’t find a partner.”

The cosmic trooper who started the conversation was still confused. “What reason? Weren’t we talking about the captain’s fight?”

His partner glanced at him and said, “With your current condition, finding a partner will be even more difficult!”

Gu Yan naturally didn’t know the two cosmic soldiers were talking about them. She and Lu Ye had already entered the dormitory area, and Lu Ye’s dormitory was right next to Bai Changle’s.

Therefore, the two of them happened to see Bai Changle at the door.

Bai Changle was wearing knee-length green pants and a tank top. He was holding a wash tub as he looked at the two of them in confusion.

Gu Yan curled her lips and looked at Lu Ye.

Didn’t you say that Bai Changle was asleep? ?

What was going on? !

Lu Ye’s eyes flickered, and then he pushed Bai Changle, who was still a little confused, into his room. Then, he warned fiercely, “Can you put on your clothes! It’s too eye-catching!”

“How am I eye-catching? I’m not naked!” Bai Changle gripped the door frame tightly, then stretched his neck and said to Gu Yan outside, “Xiao Yan, it’s so late. Why are you here?”

“… Lu Ye is injured. I’m here to apply medicine on him.” When Gu Yan said this, her expression was very calm, and her eyes were very calm.

Bai Changle was stunned for a second, then said, “That little injury of his is nothing. Before… Umph…”

Lu Ye covered his mouth and threw him directly into the room, then closed the door.

After that, Lu Ye dragged Gu Yan, who had a mocking expression, into his dorm.

Gu Yan crossed her arms and looked at Lu Ye with a half-smile. “Didn’t you say my brother was asleep? Who was that I saw just now?”

“You saw Bai Changle,” Lu Ye said without blinking. “He must have been sleepwalking just now.”

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