I, The Female Protagonist With Superpower, Am Super Fierce - Chapter 475 - Zhang Lan’s Dissatisfaction

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Chapter 475: Zhang Lan’s Dissatisfaction

“… Molly, what’s wrong?” Zhang Lan felt that something was wrong.

Gu Moli suddenly raised her head and stared at Zhang Lan. She asked, “Mom, I heard that Bai Weiyang is the eldest daughter of a rich family. How do you know her? Why has she been helping you?”

Gu Moli had wanted to ask this question for a long time.

She found this Bai Weiyang very strange. To be more precise, Bai Weiyang was from a completely different world from them. Why did she appear in their lives?

She said she was helping them, but she always felt very impatient and looked down on them.

Faced with her daughter’s scrutinizing gaze, Zhang Lan was a little flustered. The next moment, she said in an unhappy tone, “Didn’t I used to be a nanny here before? We met at that time. What does it matter if I know a few more people? You little girl, you’re so paranoid. You’re asking all kinds of questions. If you have the time, hurry up and go back and study well. After graduation, you can find a job to support me.”

She brought up the matter of studying and finding a job again.

Gu Moli frowned. She was very unhappy because only she knew that she had long abandoned her studies. Her grades were far from what they were back on Planet Jialuo.

However, she naturally would not take the initiative to say it. Because she was upset, she did not notice the big problem in Zhang Lan’s words.

That was… 19 years ago, Zhang Lan worked as a nanny on the main star. How did she know Bai Weiyang, who was only 19 years old?

In short, the mother and daughter had ulterior motives. They both had their own little secrets, so they avoided sensitive topics and brought up other things.

Seeing that her daughter didn’t pursue the matter, Zhang Lan was relieved.

However, when it was night time, she still chased Gu Moli back to school to sleep while she went into boss Wang’s room.

Zhang Lan sat on boss Wang’s lap and said gently, “Brother Wang, when are you going to divorce that hag of yours?”

“I’ve had enough of that woman. In just these two days, I’ll definitely divorce her!” Boss Wang’s big hand pinched Zhang Lan’s buttocks through her clothes. Looking at the scars on her face, he said with a heartache, “Lan, I’ve made you suffer today.”

“It’s all for you. I’ll never…”

Before Zhang Lan could finish her words, boss Wang had already kissed her on the mouth. Then, his big hand had already reached into her pants.

He looked very desperate.

Zhang Lan sneered at the lech in her heart, but her expression was as if she wanted him. She hummed and moaned. Not long after, boss Wang carried her to the bed, and his fat body pressed against it.

Looking at the dim yellow roof, a hint of hatred flashed in Zhang Lan’s eyes.

Fatty Wang was naturally not as good as blacksmith Wang when it came to things like this on the bed. However, when blacksmith Wang went out to gamble, he owed a huge debt. Then, he left Zhang Lan behind and ran away.

As for Gu Dagang?

Zhang Lan had long given up on that useless man. Now that he was disabled, he couldn’t do any work. What was the point of having him!

Fatty Wang was still on top of her like a pig. Zhang Lan endured the disgust in her heart and even pretended to enjoy from time to time.

If it wasn’t for Bai Weiyang’s unscrupulous nature, would she have given herself to this damn fatty?

Originally, when blacksmith Wang ran away, Zhang Lan had also gone to look for Bai Weiyang. In fact, she had looked for her many times, but Bai Weiyang had not even met her.

Zhang Lan was so angry that her teeth were itching. She wanted to rush straight to that school to look for Bai Weiyang.

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