I Might Be A Fake Cultivator - Chapter 2298 - Five Spirits Heaven Vanquishing Killing Formation

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Chapter 2298: Five Spirits Heaven Vanquishing Killing Formation

An Lin’s Five Elements Power fused together with his Vermilion Bird Power, causing the vermilion-red flames to transform into a chaotic power that contained black and white. This chaotic power then plummeted down from the sky.

These flames were holy flames to begin with, and after fusing together with the Five Elements Power, the Heaven Crushing Power, and the power of chaos, it had already started to transform into a higher-level matter.

It transformed into the one and only Chaotic Flames of the Vermilion Bird.

The surrounding space started to warp and melt, and the sea beneath them also started to churn without limits.

A wisp of these flames landed in the sea, causing the seawater within a radius of five hundred kilometers to instantly vaporize and disappear. A bottomless abyss appeared where the sea had once existed. Moreover, regardless of how much seawater funneled into this abyss, they would never be able to fill it up as long as that wisp of flame wasn’t extinguished.

This was but a wisp of flame, yet it possessed such a tremendous might and power.

Thus, one could imagine what it was like for the Fifth Emperor, who was facing a wave of Chaotic Flames of the Vermilion Bird that blotted out heaven and earth.


The Chaotic Flames of the Vermilion Bird engulfed the Fifth Emperor’s entire body.

The Fifth Emperor used its Heavenly Sea Power to form a supreme barrier, yet this barrier was vaporized by the chaotic flames in the blink of an eye. The supreme barrier that was formed from the Heavenly Heaven Power was also warped before being melted and destroyed. However, the Fifth Emperor continued to unleash a boundless Heavenly Power, yearning to buy a few more seconds of time. However, this Heavenly Power was also annihilated, causing the Fifth Emperor to howl in agony as the chaotic flames started to disintegrate its body.

“Paramount Heavenly Human Technique—Life Lock!” the Fifth Emperor suddenly roared.

A green glow instantly enveloped the Fifth Emperor’s body, locking the current state of his life force.

Regardless of how hot and overwhelming the chaotic flames, they were ultimately unable to disintegrate the Fifth Emperor’s body any further.

The Fifth Emperor seized this opportunity to frantically flee, eventually dragging its half-disintegrated body out of the hellish flames.

The Vermilion Bird also became extremely weak at this moment. This attack had exhausted practically all of its power. However, the Vermilion Bird started to absorb the Chaotic Flames of the Vermilion Bird as it plummeted toward the spell formation. After a brief moment, an energetic and lively Vermilion Bird soared into the sky again.

The Fifth Emperor couldn’t help but curse upon detecting this sudden change.


How could it fight like this? It had to break free from this spell formation as quickly as possible.

The Fifth Emperor started to pour all of its energy into trying to defeat the spell formation and flee. Meanwhile, the green glow continued to rapidly heal the Fifth Emperor’s wounds. At the same time, the Heavenly Heaven Power transformed into a vast and boundless spatial pushing force, pushing the Fifth Emperor and allowing it to fly forward at an incredible speed.

However, because of the crushing restrictive power of the spell formation, the Fifth Emperor’s speed was surprisingly even slower than before. At this moment, a Qilin of Earth had already appeared beneath the Fifth Emperor, blinking its large and innocent eyes as it gazed up at it. A grin spread across its face.

A purple halo spread fifty kilometers into the distance.

Along with it, a gravitational force that was tens of billions of times more powerful than normal acted upon the area encompassed by the purple halo!


The Fifth Emperor was dragged down by the immense gravitational force, causing it to rapidly plummet toward the ground.

“Anti-gravitational Realm!” The Fifth Emperor had already suffered once at the hands of the Qilin of Earth, so it naturally wouldn’t repeat the same mistake again. An anti-gravitational spell formation that was formed from its powerful Heavenly Power instantly appeared beneath its feet, resisting the technique of the Qilin of Earth!

However, before the Fifth Emperor could even breathe a sigh of relief, a dark shadow suddenly appeared above it and started to rapidly swoop down.

The Fifth Emperor looked up, only to discover a black tortoise gazing down at it with a kindly and benevolent expression.

Fifth Emperor: “…”

There was an earth-shattering collision.

The unprepared Fifth Emperor was mercilessly slammed into the spell formation by the Tortoise of Water.

If it weren’t for the Fifth Emperor’s defensive barrier of Heavenly Power, the Tortoise of Water could have crushed it into a pancake with this devastating attack.

Just as the Fifth Emperor tried to break free from the Tortoise of Water’s attack, it saw an extremely beautiful fairy smiling as it gazed at it from beneath the spell formation…

“No…” The Fifth Emperor was the most terrified of this fairy, especially when it was wounded.


Blood sprayed through the air.

The Fifth Emperor was instantly stabbed by Tina several times!

Only at this moment was the Fifth Emperor finally able to unleash its power and break free from the numerous different restrictions. It then fled into the distance as if its life depended on it.

However, the Divine Mirror Beads in its wounds were already starting to rapidly grow and multiply. At the same time, they furiously absorbed its power.

The Fifth Emperor showed no hesitation as it resolutely amputated its own head, arms, and lower body. Only its chest continued to frantically flee.

Fortunately, Tina hadn’t struck its chest. Otherwise, there would have probably been nothing left after the Fifth Emperor finished amputating all of its wounds.

Anyhow, the Heavenly Life Goddess had already prepared a healing package for the Fifth Emperor long ago. After the Fifth Emperor finished amputating its wounds, this healing package helped it rapidly recover in just a short second.

However, this spell technique had an extremely huge toll on the Heavenly Life Goddess’ life essence.

Moreover, none of the previous Heavenly Humans had enjoyed such a treatment before.

“We can’t allow this to drag on for any longer! Unleash your full power and break free from the Five Spirits Heaven Vanquishing Killing Formation! Otherwise, none of us will be able to endure!” the Heavenly Heaven God shouted in a frantic voice.

The Heavenly Sea God was wearing an aggrieved expression, and he said, “It’s only two people chasing us, so why does it feel like we’re being bullied with numbers again?”

There were five God of Creation Stage spirits in the Vermilion Bird of Flames, the Tortoise of Water, the Tiger of Gold, the Dragon of Wood, and the Qilin of Earth. Moreover, there was also Tina who continued to look for the best opportunities to launch a sneak attack. Thus, were they not being bullied with numbers again?

No, we definitely can’t be trapped in this kind of situation again!

What had the three Supreme Heavenly Gods summoned their ultimate trump card—the ten primordial beings—for? Was it not to battle against the five God of Creation Stage divine beings?

Only by doing this would they possess the ability to battle against An Lin and Tina, and only by doing this could they rely on the limitless Heavenly Power to defeat their enemies.

However, An Lin had unleashed the Five Spirits Heaven Vanquishing Killing Formation, and this had clearly exceeded the level of what they could withstand. Thus, the three Supreme Heavenly Gods definitely had to break free from this spell formation!

“Damn it! The killing formation can actually move!”

The Heavenly Sea God’s expression changed drastically.

He discovered that the nightmarish spell formation was actually moving along with the Fifth Emperor…

“Don’t worry! Maintaining such a powerful spell formation and even making it move will definitely have a huge toll on its owner! An Lin definitely can’t maintain it for too long!” the Heavenly Heaven God—who was extremely well-versed in spell formations—suddenly said.

“Guys, look at what An Lin’s doing…” the Heavenly Life Goddess suddenly said.

The two other Supreme Heavenly Gods faltered for a moment before turning around to look at An Lin, who was currently controlling the spell formation. Upon seeing him, they instantly wanted to let loose a torrent of abuse.

As An Lin controlled the spell formation, he was frantically shoveling some items into his mouth! Those were immensely valuable immortal pills and divine pills! Yet An Lin was actually eating them like candies?!

Anyhow, it was thanks to the powerful effects of these pills that An Lin was able to maintain his power and fight until now. He was still as powerful as could be!

“Damn it! How does he have so many pills?!” the Heavenly Sea God roared in anger.

“This is the first time that I’m feeling such immense hatred toward a wealthy person,” the Heavenly Heaven God murmured.

This was truly a mind-numbing scene.

An Lin furiously shoveled the pills into his mouth as if they were cheap candies, rapidly recovering the exorbitant strength and power that he needed to expand and maintain his spell formation. An Lin was showing no signs of becoming frail. In fact, there was even a slight shade of healthy red on his cheeks due to eating too many pills.

“This… What should we do about this…?” the Heavenly Life Goddess asked in despair.

Just earlier, the three Supreme Heavenly Gods were still waiting for An Lin to become frail due to maintaining the spell formation for too long. Now, An Lin was using his actions to tell them that such a thing wouldn’t happen to him, Tycoon An!

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