I Might Be A Fake Cultivator - Chapter 2068 - Overwhelming Victory in the West Sea

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Chapter 2068: Overwhelming Victory in the West Sea

The Heavenly Liquid God and Heavenly God Min He risked being injured by the black demonic orbs as they continuously fled into the distance.

Heavenly God Min He was no match for Demon Lord Ling Gu when it came to fighting. If he truly wanted to escape, however, Demon Lord Ling Gu didn’t have the ability to stop him either.

Just to be clear though, they weren’t escaping! This was a tactical retreat!

However, before the Heavenly Liquid God had even fled five hundred kilometers, an insanely terrifying aura had already closed in from behind him.

Lan Xiaoni caught up to him once again!

She had almost become one with the sea, and the speed at which she swam was barely comprehensible even to Heavenly Gods. In fact, her speed was much quicker than ordinary spatial travel, and it seemed as if she could reach any level of speed she desired. In other words, she could travel as fast as her mind wished!

The Heavenly Liquid God was overtaken by panic. He waved an arm and countless viper-like streams of liquid shot into the surroundings. Some streams were tremendously hot, while others were incredibly toxic. There were also some that pierced into all nooks and crannies they could find.

Lan Xiaoni darted around and dodged all of the Heavenly Liquid God’s attacks with amazing grace and agility.

She lightly clenched the Roselle Dream Tear in her left hand, and a brilliant burst of light instantly caused the Heavenly Liquid God to become momentarily dazed. When he came back to his senses, Lan Xiaoni had already arrived behind his back.

“What are you fleeing from? Get down here!”

A palm struck down!


The Heavenly Liquid God cried out in pain as he was smashed into the seabed.

Rows upon rows of tombstones rose from the ground and firmly bound the Heavenly Liquid God to the bottom of the sea. The tombstones were imbued with the power of the entire West Sea, and each of them radiated with a vast and profound blue divine light.

Lan Xiaoni didn’t pause for even a second, and she continued to dash toward the direction of Heavenly God Min He.

Heavenly God Min He hadn’t escaped far, as Demon Lord Ling Gu was using all the tricks up his sleeves to obstruct his escape. Lan Xiaoni caught up to him in no time. Then, she slapped him to the bottom of the sea before using the Heavenly Tomb of the Sea to seal him away.

“How impressive! I’m truly in awe at Alliance Leader Lan’s techniques!” Demon Lord Ling Gu spoke in admiration as he looked at the beautiful yet somewhat delicate-appearing mermaid beside him.

It was hard to believe that such a delicate-appearing and lovable mermaid princess was in fact an individual who could single-handedly defeat four Heavenly Gods.

“There’s no time to lose. Let’s undo the seal of a Heavenly God and kill him together! I feel like the Heavenly Mirror God is fairly weak. How about we start with him first?” Demon Lord Ling Gu was itching with eagerness.

“There’s no need. Keeping them sealed like this is fine…” Lan Xiaoni shook her head.

Demon Lord Ling Gu was slightly taken aback. “Why?” he asked in a panic. “Didn’t you seal them here to prevent them from escaping? Weren’t you going to dispose of them one by one?”

Just as he finished speaking, the divine patterns on Lan Xiaoni’s pale skin started to disappear. The divine halo above her head also became extremely dim before transforming into specks of light and fading into the air.

“Alliance Leader Lan, you…” Realization finally dawned on Demon Lord Ling Gu when he saw the rapidly weakening female.

So that’s how it is! She had to pay a heavy price for attaining that overwhelming power! Sealing the Heavenly Gods away was Alliance Leader Lan’s best option.

He looked toward the sealed Heavenly Gods nervously.

The Heavenly Gods were still trapped to the seabed by the crushing might of the entire West Sea.

Demon Lord Ling Gu heaved a sigh of relief before chuckling. “We’ve finally won this battle!”

“Yeah… we’ve finally won…” Lan Xiaoni didn’t look toward the seabed. Rather, she turned her gaze toward the east with a gentle and affectionate look in her eyes. “Big Boss An Lin, did you see that?” she murmured softly. “Xiaoni succeeded. Even though four Heavenly Gods attacked, Xiaoni was still able to defeat all of them… I don’t need to bother you with saving me anymore… Xiaoni can also become someone who’s useful to you…”

The figure that gave her a sense of warmth and security appeared in her mind. If he learned of this battle, he would definitely turn around and pat her on the head. As he did so, he would say something like, “You’ve grown up, Underling Lan. You’ve truly done me proud.” She became excited just thinking about this.

As Lan Xiaoni’s imaginations ran wild, her cheeks flushed bright red, and her beautiful blue eyes became bright and watery. “M-hm… Big Boss An Lin…”

Demon Lord Ling Gu saw the beautiful mermaid beside him gazing toward the east with an entranced expression.

Moreover, she was even squirming her body, and he was at a complete loss as to what she was doing. He couldn’t help but say cautiously, “That um… Alliance Leader Lan?”

“Hmm? Ah!” Lan Xiaoni finally came to her senses, and her posture became mighty and dignified once again. She coughed lightly before saying, “We’ve already dealt with the most dangerous Heavenly Gods. Let’s dispose of the remaining Heavenly Human Tribe United Army now.”

“My thoughts exactly!” Demon Lord Ling Gu said with brimming battle intent.

Meanwhile, outside the West Sea Alliance.

The casualty count of the Heavenly Human Tribe had already exceeded a whopping six million.

Although they had the home ground advantage, as well as the advantage provided by the Heavenly Sea Formation, the casualty count of the West Sea Alliance wasn’t much lower than that of the Heavenly Human Tribe. Right now, it was also hovering around the mark of six million. The battle here was extremely straightforward, and it wasn’t a case of one side crushing the other with their overwhelming numbers.

Meanwhile, the morale of the Heavenly Human Tribe United Army was still very high.

“Charge! Slay the enemies!”

“Let’s strive to capture the Immortal Land Above Water in one day!”

“We don’t need one day! Once the four Heavenly Gods return, it’ll be the end for the West Sea Alliance Army!”


The Heavenly Human Tribe United Army bellowed for blood.

The colossal body of Amor—the Battle Goddess of the West Sea—had already been pushed back by the fierce attacks of the dozen or so Heaven Pioneer Stage Great Generals. It looked as if she were about to fall at any moment.

Right at this moment, however, the sea suddenly started to churn violently.

A water dragon that measured one hundred thousand feet in length lunged out from the sea and widened its bloody maw as it roared toward one of the Heavenly Human Tribe’s Great Generals.

The Great General’s expression changed drastically, and it launched pillars of light that were imbued with the power of the heavens toward the gigantic water dragon.

However, the mighty water dragon possessed a supreme nomological power, and it merely shuddered slightly upon being hit by the tremendous power of heaven. In fact, the Great General’s attacks didn’t even cause a ripple in the sea.

“How… is this possible?” The startled Great General was just about to flee.

However, the water dragon was simply too quick, and it dashed before the Great General’s body in a flash before snapping him up into its mouth. The Great General didn’t even have time to react.

The tormented cries of the Great General traveled out from the water dragon’s belly. Moreover, the water dragon was semi-transparent, so the remaining members of the Heavenly Human Tribe United Army could all see the wretched sight of the Great General being slowly ripped apart in its belly. A cold chill shot down their spines.

“Gasp… This water dragon…”

“It actually insta-killed a Heaven Pioneer Stage Great General?”

“Who on earth is it?”

Both the soldiers of the Heavenly Human Tribe United Army and the West Sea Alliance Army were stunned by this sight.

At the same time, as if the sea was churning in the sky, a blue divine light flooded through the sky.

Like a majestic and mighty being who ruled over the sky and sea, a mermaid who was suited in armor traveled over from the distance on the back of another water dragon that measured one hundred thousand feet in length.

“It… it’s Lan Xiaoni!”

“How is this possible? Why is she here? Where are our Heavenly Gods?”

The powerful beings of the Heavenly Human Tribe were all dumbfounded upon seeing the approaching female.

A mighty voice started to sweep through the entire battlefield.

“I’ve already immobilized all of the Heavenly Gods. Heed my command, brave soldiers of the West Sea Alliance. The time to counterattack has arrived! Soldiers, charge toward the enemies and kill all of the Heavenly Humans!


Lan Xiaoni’s words of inspiration traveled through the entire battlefield.

Upon hearing that the Heavenly Gods had already been immobilized, the soldiers of the West Sea Alliance were almost moved to tears. Alliance Leader Lan had once again performed a miracle! She had been solemn and tragic when she left; she was mighty and triumphant when she returned! The morale of the West Sea Alliance instantly soared to a new height.

“The brilliance of Alliance Leader Lan is unparalleled!”


“For Alliance Leader Lan!”

“For the glory of the West Sea Alliance!”

“Annihilate the Heavenly Human Tribe!”

Over twenty million West Sea Alliance soldiers charged toward the Heavenly Human Tribe United Army as they launched the most ferocious counterattack in history!

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