I Might Be A Fake Cultivator - Chapter 1841 - An Lin's Importance

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Chapter 1841: An Lin’s Importance

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An Lin’s heart jolted upon hearing this.

However, he quickly came to his senses. “You’re trying to trick me into joining the Heaven Crushing Sect again!”

Cyril’s expression suddenly turned serious. “I’m genuinely telling you the truth. This is the conclusion that Chen Chen and I reached after performing huge amounts of deductions.”

An Lin was still dubious about Cyril’s claim. “Don’t you want to supersede the Heavenly Dao yourself? Since that’s the case, why are you still persuading me to join your sect?”

“The reason is simple,” Cyril smiled and said. “If you don’t join the Heaven Crushing Sect, then I have a seven percent chance of superseding the Heavenly Dao. Chen Chen, meanwhile, has a five percent chance of superseding the Heavenly Dao. Once you join the Heaven Crushing Sect, however, you’ll have a twenty percent chance of superseding the Heavenly Dao. My chance of superseding the Heavenly Dao rises to ten percent, while Chen Chen’s chance of superseding the Heavenly Dao rises to seven percent. It’s clear that you have the greatest chance of superseding the Heavenly Dao out of all of us. So, how do you think I’ll choose?”

An Lin was astonished. “My function is that great? I can even boost your chances of success?”

“Don’t underestimate yourself. You’re extremely important to us and to the world in general.” There was an earnest look on Cyril’s face as he looked An Lin in the eyes.

“Oh, that’s right. Make sure you never join the Heaven Mending Sect. They’re just a bunch of hopeless cowards. If they get their way, they’ll eventually push the world to destruction.” Cyril didn’t forget to mock the competing Heaven Mending Sect after explaining the situation to An Lin.

An Lin’s lips twitched slightly. “Will I decrease your chances of success if I join the Heaven Mending Sect?”

Cyril: “…

“You sure know how to draw inferences,” Cyril said grudgingly.

He didn’t deny An Lin’s suggestion.

After this brief discussion, An Lin finally realized what kind of role he could play in this war against the Heavenly Human Tribe. If Cyril was telling the truth, then his importance was most likely even greater than Cyril’s!

However, he honestly didn’t want to become the Heavenly Dao!

Just thinking about it gave him a headache.

He simply wanted the world to be peaceful, wanted to marry Xiaolan, and wanted to become a happy and carefree immortal.

“That’s right, how is Chen Chen doing right now?” An Lin anxiously asked about Chen Chen’s condition again.

Out of all the cultivators present, he knew that Cyril definitely had the best insight into Chen Chen’s wounds.

“Don’t worry, he won’t die anytime soon,” Cyril replied casually.

“What I’m asking is, how is Chen Chen doing right now?” An Lin looked Cyril in the eyes as he spoke.

Cyril fell silent. After a short moment, he replied, “It’s not looking good. The Heavenly Light Goddess planted an eternally undying Light Seed in his chest. Currently, Chen Chen is only able to suppress it with all of his might. However, he’s unable to cleanse this seed from his body. Regarding how long it’ll take to fully destroy this seed… even I’m unable to put a finger on it…”

An Lin’s brows knitted into a frown. “An eternally undying Light Seed… This is most likely a physical application of the Heavenly Dao Power… Can you let me visit Chen Chen? I’m fairly experienced with the use of Heavenly Dao Power.”

Cyril sighed. “If you’re doing this out of guilt—”

“It’s not because of guilt.” An Lin cut Cyril off and said with a resolute expression, “It’s because I want to save Chen Chen.”

The Ancient Dragon Empress’ expression changed slightly.

Cyril fell silent again.

Within the Heaven Crushing Glazed Palace’s Heaven Condensing Mystic Realm…

Chen Chen sat cross-legged in the center of this mystic realm. Everything here appeared to be static and unmoving. The temperature in this space was infinitely close to absolute zero, and the flow of energy was also suppressed to an extremely minimal level.

In spite of all this, the orb of light in his chest still continued to relentlessly erupt with devastating explosions. The level of suppression provided by the mystic realm to the orb of light was extremely limited.

Xue Yan—who was sitting next to him—suddenly opened her bright blue eyes and stared at the three people who had entered.

“An Lin… why did you still come…?” The female was a bit angry. However, she still forcefully lowered her voice, so as to avoid disturbing Chen Chen.

Right now, Chen Chen had already entered a state of voidness. He had completely shut out the outside world and was focusing all his attention on dealing with the Light Seed in his body. This process was extremely important, and Xue Yan didn’t even dare to speak too loudly.

“Xue Yan, don’t be disrespectful,” Cyril said. “I’m the one who brought An Lin here to visit.”

“What’s the point of visiting? It’s not like he can cleanse the power left by the Heavenly Light Goddess. This matter can only be dealt with by Chen Chen himself. Senior Cyril, even you’re unable to provide Chen Chen with any help.” There was a hint of bitterness in Xue Yan’s aloof voice.

An Lin didn’t reply. He walked toward the cross-legged Chen Chen and gazed at the gaping wound in his chest as well as his extremely pale face. Then, he thought back to his warm and gentle smile when he had carried the Heavenly Fire God over to him. His heart suddenly started to throb in pain.

He carefully observed the continually exploding orb of light in Chen Chen’s chest. He could feel a might that he had never experienced before radiating from this orb of light.

This Light Seed was compressed to an extraordinary level, and it possessed an almost infinite amount of energy that could fuel its never-ceasing explosions. It could easily obliterate a planet, and it could easily decompose and assimilate everything into the light. However, the feeling it gave off was as if it were a blessing from the heavens. It was as if it were the final destination of life, and it was as if it were the future and the hope.

“Is this the ability of the heavenly light power? Transform everything into the light, then allow the light to thenceforth evolve all matter. When this is achieved, the cycle can repeat unceasingly and in line with both nature and the Heavenly Principle.

“An eternally undying Light Seed… is a power that can perpetuate itself forever… Its existence is eternal, material, and an irrefutable reality…”

An Lin’s eyes turned snowy white as he attempted to analyze the heavenly light power in Chen Chen’s chest.

However, his Divine Inspection Technique couldn’t detect any flaw in the spell technique formed by the heavenly light power. The only feedback he received was that this spell technique was extremely impressive and powerful. In fact, it was perhaps even uncrackable.

“You’ve already had a look. Do you understand now? Your powers are completely insufficient to provide any help. Now hurry up and get out. Stop disturbing Chen Chen.” Xue Yan’s anger subsided somewhat upon seeing An Lin’s earnest expression. However, she still waved her hand and tried to shoo him away.

An Lin didn’t budge from his spot. A look of determination appeared on his face, and he said, “Failing to observe a flaw doesn’t mean that there’s no flaw. It merely means that my technique just then was insufficient. Since that’s the case, then I’ll try another technique!”

A formless ripple suddenly proliferated outward before fusing into heaven and earth.

Countless intertwining silver-white patterns appeared in An Lin’s eyes. They formed into a large, all-encompassing net, then gradually spread out into the surroundings. All the matters of the world appeared in An Lin’s eyes—physical matter, formless matter, tangible matter, intangible matter, static matter, moving matter…

This was a deductive technique that he hadn’t used in a long time. This was a technique that could deduct and analyze all matter—the Divine Simulation Technique!

Everything in the world became extremely clear in his eyes. Not only could he observe the movement of particles, but he could even observe the past movements taken by these particles, as well as the future movements that would be taken by these particles…

An Lin focused all of his attention on the orb of light in Chen Chen’s chest.

He suddenly felt an unbearable stabbing pain in his eyes.

“Ahhh!” Blood tears flowed from An Lin’s eyes as he screamed in pain.

In fact, his divine sense was suffering from an even greater pain right now. It felt as if there were rays of light violently exploding in his divine sense. If it wasn’t for the fact that his divine sense had already reached the God of Creation Stage, then it was very likely that his divine sense would’ve already been obliterated by now.

“An Lin!” Cyril’s expression changed drastically.

“Are you okay?” The Ancient Dragon Empress was also given a huge fright. She immediately dashed to An Lin’s side.

“Don’t come over! I can endure this!” An Lin roared at them to stay back as he continued to use his Divine Simulation Technique. His blood-teared eyes were still staring intently at the orb of light in Chen Chen’s chest.

Xue Yan couldn’t help but feel moved upon seeing this. “You… why…?”

The Divine Simulation Technique could analyze all matter in heaven and earth, and it could also see through to the past and the future. Any and all powers would reveal their flaws under this technique’s penetrating gaze. Although the heavenly light power was an extremely high-level power, it was still a power that could be suppressed and challenged by Chen Chen. As such, it was a power that was neither invincible nor flawless.

An Lin was confident that he could discover a flaw. It was just that he didn’t expect to receive such a terrifying backlash from analyzing the heavenly light power. However, he didn’t take a single step backward. Instead, he drew on the full power of his divine sense to hold back the devastating backlash emitted by the heavenly light power.

“I’m almost there. This eternally undying Light Seed has a peculiar method of reincarnating and alternating. As long as I discover and destroy a single link of its process, I’ll be able to terminate its undying nature…” A God of Creation Stage power erupted from An Lin’s body as blood tears continued to flow from his eyes.


An extremely powerful divine sense rapidly proliferated into the surroundings.

Xue Yan, Cyril, and the Ancient Dragon Empress were all deeply astonished by the power of An Lin’s divine sense. They didn’t dare believe that this was a power unleashed by a cultivator of the Return to Void Stage.

“Found it!” A crimson divine halo suddenly appeared above An Lin’s head. Meanwhile, four heavenly god power-infused dao jades also materialized around his body.

Five nomological powers suddenly erupted from An Lin’s body and lunged at the Light Seed in Chen Chen’s chest!

“Chen Chen, I’ll definitely save you! In fact, I’ll save you right now!”

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