I Have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World - Chapter 1539 - NAC in Africa

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Chapter 1539: NAC in Africa

More than two months had passed since the passage between the apocalypse and the modern world was established, and the first project for Future Development in Africa also kicked off. With more than fifty sets of agricultural machinery, two hundred Future Development employees arrived in the promised land – Africa.

“This is Africa?” A man with a baseball cap was at the port as he narrowed his eyes and looked into the grassland outside of the port.

His name was Feng Yuan. He used to be the general manager of East Asia Engineering and Construction Corporation, and he now served as the director of Future Development Africa. When he was about twenty-five years old, he accepted an assignment from the company and worked in Africa for about two years. He returned to Wanghai about two years before the war, fortunately, escaped into a fallout shelter, and stayed in hibernation until a year ago.

Even after a few decades, this place did not change much.

What happened on other continents in the apocalypse did not happen here. From any perspective, the place was drastically different from Wanghai.

Outside of the port was the endless grassland that looked yellow. There were a few occasional green trees that stood alone in the middle of the wilderness. The hillsides in the distance were covered with low bushes. Herds of animals similar in appearance to antelopes paced leisurely on the grassland.

“A dozen kilometers that direction is Mombasa, and our tribe is there.” The black man in short sleeves came over from the office next to the port and looked at Feng Yuan, “Hurry up and get on the way. Our chief wants to see you.”

“What is the name of your tribe?” Feng Yuan asked.

The African native said a long string of words.

Feng Yuan and the assistant beside him looked at each other and saw the helplessness in each other’s eyes.

“Is there a more concise name?”

“Steel Teeth, you can call our tribe this name; War Chief Duaman likes this name very much,” At this moment, the wizard who had accompanied Chief Zaria walked towards them. He lowered his head slightly to show politeness, smiled, and revealed his white teeth, “You are friends of War Chief Duaman, please allow me to be your guide.”

“Thank you very much, then.” Feng Yuan nodded slightly and accepted his kindness.

Under the escort of several military vehicles, NAC’s truck convoy drove on the highway in the wilderness. The billowing dust behind the vehicles formed a tumbling wave. The scenery on both sides was quite pleasant, but the only drawback was the poor road conditions.

The people here didn’t seem to have the concept of repairing things unless they were forced to.

After NAC took control of Wanghai, the first task was to build roads. The roads from Sixth Street to the other NAC survivors’ settlements were repaired and maintained, then the maglev tracks were installed.

However, the people here worked differently. When Feng Yuan saw this road that led from the port to the city, he suspected that this place had been abandoned long before the war.

There were almost no mutants on this continent, and the amount of radiation was the lowest in the world. However, it did not mean that there was no danger here. To some extent, this place was far more chaotic and far more dangerous than other continents.

On the way to Mombasa, Feng Yuan’s convoy was attacked.

While it could be described as an attack, it turned out to be a false alarm.

A group of militants driving old-style electric pickups was half a kilometer away from the convoy and fired at the convoy from behind the bushes. The bullets swished over their heads. Immediately, the soldiers of Steel Teeth Tribe responsible for escorting the convoy hid behind the vehicles, while they shouted and returned fire at the militants located half a kilometer away.

Later, thanks to the twenty NAC soldiers in the convoy and a mortar, along with a sniper that killed five or six militants, the militants immediately retreated like a gust of wind.

The speed of their escape really made Feng Yuan wonder their intention in the first place.

When the group of militants were gone, the wizard named Lusambo immediately went to see Feng Yuan shamelessly and promised that Steel Teeth would protect the lives and properties of Future Development. He selectively ignored the fact that he and his soldiers just hid behind the vehicles the moment the enemy started to fire…

Feng Yuan didn’t want to pursue this topic further, but he had made up his mind.

He planned to call the headquarters and ask for more bodyguards, preferably a mercenary group. It was hopeless to count on these Africans. They had promised to protect the safety of these pioneers, but the moment enemies appear, their first reaction was to hide.

Soon, the convoy finally arrived at the edge of the city, and the outline of Mombasa could be seen from a distance. But before they entered the city, the first thing that caught Feng Yuan’s eyes was a poor and backward urban area.

The wide road was lined with low houses made out of mud and crooked alleys on both sides. Hemp ropes were connected in series in the middle of the alleys with colorful cloth strips hung on them.

It was probably a slum. According to the wizard named Lusambo, the city named Mombasa was now occupied by the Steel Teeth. The region that extended from here to the north shore of Lake Victoria was the territory of the tribe.

Of course, the people here were not all from the Steel Teeth tribe. Only those who lived in the city were citizens of the tribe, and those who lived in the slums outside the city were mostly nomads from other tribes or were without a tribe at all, as well as refugees from Europe and South Asia.

Feng Yuan noticed that it was not only Europeans and Asians that lived in the slum, but many natives also lived in misery. Conflicts between different tribes were commonplace that ranged from street fights and armed conflicts. Except for those in the city who looked relatively healthy, most of these people outside the city were malnourished.

Feng Yuan made a rough estimate in his mind.

The population of this city alone was probably in the hundreds of thousands. However, with such a large population and a large area of land, no one was willing to leave the slums and reclaim the land outside the city, and they would rather contract this work out to foreigners.

The best-selling product was bullets, and sometimes it could even be used as a currency for transactions. The bullets from NAC were the most popular because of the low jam rate and relatively good accuracy. As for the bullets made by the natives themselves, most of them were inferior.

Either sand was mixed into the gunpowder, or the primer of the bullet was damp.

It seemed that the natives here were a master at scamming their own people.

Just when Feng Yuan looked at the street outside the window and considered how to gain more benefits for Future Development, the convoy had arrived at the city hall of Mombasa. Lusambo, dressed in a wizard robe, got off the vehicle and walked to the front of the convoy with his cane. He smiled as he watched Feng Yuan who jumped out of the car.

“We’re here. Please allow me to take you to meet War Chief Duaman now. The banquet has been waiting for you.”

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