I Become Baby Mafia Boss - Chapter 479 - "A Distinguished Guest"

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When Rie said her words, the Godfather was so relieved that he almost melted into a slime. 

[....if you have advice for Lil lass and this lord, spill it. We will appreciate it.] The Godfather talked on Ainsley's behalf since the baby was exhausted from all the events earlier. 

She's now currently sleeping on the couch using Rie's lap as her pillow...not like Rie hated it, though. If anything, she loved it. 

Rie didn't mind guiding Ainsley and the Godfather. In fact, it's her honour and her plan, anyway. Thus, she immediately addressed the main issue between Ainsley and the Godfather. 

[The first problem I see between you two is the power gap, Milford. Ainsley is still too young, but she manages to contract a spirit like you…] 

Rie paused, minding her words for a bit before continuing. 

[Since the power gap is too large, everything Milord does that has a relation with Ainsley's shaman ability affects her a lot.] 

The Godfather went silent. He recalled the things he did using Ainsley's shaman ability and realised he truly affected her by a lot. 

[For example...I think that Ainsley has already experienced signs of identity crisis syndrome, right?] 

[...you're right.] The Godfather had no choice but to admit it with a bitter smile on his face. 

[Hum, that's easy to guess. Next, the problem with Milord's aura residues in Ainsley's body... leads to her body giving a strong reaction to other spirits.] 

Ainsley didn't meet the spirits at the Aretha Family castle, so the problem wasn't known yet. But now she met Rie's two spirits, and the problem occurred. 

[That case happens because Milord's aura is too strong, and it can easily influence Ainsley once Milord possesses her or use her shaman ability.] 

[So...what should this lord do? Should this lord not possess Lil lass at all?] The Godfather thought that all the problems came because he possessed Ainsley. That's it. 

If he didn't possess the baby, the baby wouldn't suffer anything…

Unfortunately, Rie shook her head at the Godfather's words. 

[If milord doesn't possess Ainsley, her shaman ability will not grow, and it will be useless. Milord still has to possess her.] 

[But this lord only affects her! What should this lord do to stop harming her?] The Godfather raised his voice, a bit anxious about the current situation. 

After all, he knew that he couldn't stop possessing Ainsley for Ainsley's sake too, but whatever he did, he just harmed her…

He shouldn't have agreed to make a contract with the Lil lass. Now...he regretted it. 

Seeing the Godfather looking so dejected and anxious, Rie giggled to herself while caressing her wrinkly cheek. 

[Don't worry, there are manuals for spirits that are too strong for their shamans to keep up. We have many prodigies with the same problem. Yours is just a bit more complicated.] 

When Rie said that, the Godfather's gloomy face instantly lit up. 

He suddenly looked at Rie with sparkling eyes, looking absolutely like a cute puppy instead of his usual intimidating self. 

[What manuals? Where are they? This Lord will read it. Hurry! Give this lord the manuals!] 

The Godfather was so excited that he became impatient. He just knew that his and Ainsley's problem was actually common among the shaman guild's prodigies…

So this is why one joined a guild. They could get so much more guidance than when they did self-study. 

[Sure, no worries. I'll send the manual PDF to Ainsley's phone, but for now, these are a few things Milord has to know about shamans.] 

Rie sent the file to Ainsley's phone since she knew her phone number before telling the Godfather some tips. 

[First, please restrain your aura and energy when you possess Ainsley. Make sure you only use a tenth of your original aura or spirit energy…] 

[Alright, then?] 

[Only possess Ainsley once a day! And not longer than 10 minutes. This will keep Ainsley's body pure from any shaman ability side effects.] 

The side effects that Rie said was actually related to the spirits itself, and the Godfather knew about this. 

[Okay, other tips?] 

[Teach Ainsley how to use your contracted ability when she's not in shaman mode.] 

The contracted ability that Rie mentioned was the one main ability that a shaman could borrow from their spirits no matter how weak the shamans were. 

In Ainsley's case, it was the blood manipulation ability. 

But when the Godfather heard Rie's advice, he couldn't help but frown. 

[How can Lil lass use this lord's ability if she's not in shaman mode? That's impossible, isn't it.] 

[Well, the goal isn't to make Ainsley use the ability even without activating the shaman energy.] Rie tried to explain further to the Godfather. 

[This practice is only to hone Ainsley's knowledge and comprehension toward the ability she's borrowing from you. It's like rehearsing or playing a VR game.] 

It's not real, but the experience is there. 

[This way, it will be faster for Ainsley to borrow your ability without Milord possessing her.] 

The Godfather was finally enlightened. [Ah, got it, got it. So it's like that...hmm, this lord's knowledge about the shamans are truly limited, huh.] 

The Godfather mumbled to himself while Rie continued her short lecture. 

[Other tips is to let Ainsley control a specific part of her body movement when milord is possessing her. She can try to blink, speak, or just breathing is fine. As long as she's the one doing it and not Milord.] 

The Godfather already knew this tip so he's about to ask for another tip when suddenly, someone softly knocked on the door. 

Knock knock. 

"Excuse me, is the family head here? There's a distinguished guest asking to meet the boss…" 

A...distinguished guest? Who is it? 

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