I Become Baby Mafia Boss - Chapter 1018: "The Transmigrators' Disease"

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Chapter 1018: “The Transmigrators’ Disease”

It was estimated that after the expansion, the guild would have more than 300,000 people registered as guild members. 

The big guilds in each country had millions of members due to the large human population in this world. 

Soon, Ainsley’s guild would be like that too! 

Ainsley listened to Jake planning things related to her welcoming banquet, and out of the blue, she recalled the bet she had just made with the three bosses a few days ago. 

She already got the reward after winning the bet, but she hadn’t inspected the Yazzie entertainment company that she got from one of the big bosses. 

Ainsley still remembered Zev’s mission which forced her to be well-known in the whole capital city, even among ordinary people. 

Undoubtedly, being a celebrity would accomplish this mission pretty fast and Ainsley really did want to take a different path from the Godfather’s fame. 

She wanted to show the world that the mafias weren’t all bad…

At least her family and a few close friends weren’t that bad aside from selling a few illegal stuff. 

If she could change people’s perception of the mafia society by becoming a celebrity…

Ainsley smacked her lips as she ate more cookies while not forgetting to listen to Jake’s blabbering. 

That day, Ainsley knew a lot of things related to transmigrators and the shelter forces. 

Jake even gave her a list of transmigrators that were already tied to these shelter forces. 

“If you want, after the welcoming banquet, I can bring you to the Godlif country’s transmigrators gathering.” 

Jake gave Ainsley another banquet invitation to socialize. 

“I heard that they will hold such an annual gathering in a few weeks.” 

Maybe after Ainsley attended the welcoming banquet, she would have to rush to join the transmigrator gathering. 

But what Ainsley didn’t expect is that… 

A lot of these transmigrators, especially those with young bodies, were actually famous celebrities! 

“This…is this true? These stars are all famous in Godlif country…they’re actually transmigrators?” 

Ainsley saw five to ten celebrities of various ages in the transmigrator list that Jake sent to her tablet. 

These transmigrators actually had more abilities and could contribute more to their affiliated shelters, but they also chose to infiltrate the entertainment industry. 

Why is that so?? 

For this, Jake laughed and calmly explained the truth. 

“Actually…you should know that as a transmigrator, your soul and your body won’t match, right?” 


“In some serious cases, these transmigrators will fall into a deep coma here and there. They might also die because of the soul and body clash.” 

This was the first time Ainsley heard of this theory and the whole body shook without her knowing. 

“W-what…? That can happen? Then, what about me– ” 

After all, she was a twenty-or-so college girl who entered the body of a toddler. 

The soul and the body matching rate should be dangerously low, right?? 

But she didn’t have any of these issues…

Facing Ainsley’s slightly panicked face, even Uncle Elu and Monica felt nostalgic. 

After all, they also used to be scared like that when they heard about this from other elders in the Billios Family. 

Jake also knew that whoever heard that they might fall into a coma anytime and might die out of the blue would subconsciously panic. 

The young man immediately took Ainsley into his embrace and carefully stroked the baby’s long hair, trying to stabilize her emotion. 

“It’s okay; it’s okay. For now, you are alright because the assimilation degree is quite high.” 

This is also why Ainsley would often act like a real toddler, simply because the assimilation degree was high. 

But it didn’t mean she would lose herself, just like what the shamans experienced after getting possessed by their contract spirits. 

After all, in this case, Ainsley was actually the one possessing the body and not the other way around. 

“Degree of…assimilation?” Ainsley tilted her head as she chewed the remaining cookies in her mouth. 

She was glad that when she was shocked before, she didn’t choke on the cookies. 

It seemed that being a mafia boss made her calmer than others. 

“Hum. Assimilation can be achieved by receiving trust and other positive emotions from people around you or people from this world.” 

Jake didn’t forget to wipe the cookie crumbs around Ainsley’s as he explained. 

“In this case, your assimilation degree is high because first, the original Ainsley doesn’t have that many presences in other people’s hearts.” 

It was like a blank canvas. 

That’s why when Ainsley took over, no one doubted her even when her character suddenly changed. 

“The second reason is that…because you’re a mafia boss, and you successfully make your subordinates, and your family loves you.” 

When these locals believed in Ainsworth, loved her and even swore a soul oath, the world’s consciousness would slowly accept Ainsworth’s existence. 

It wouldn’t repel Ainsworth from Ainsley’s body anymore. 

“Some of the transmigrators in the list does not occupy any important position in their shelter forces or in any other society.” 

Jake slowly elaborated and finally connected the dots to the entertainment industry. 

“That’s why these transmigrators become celebrities to receive love, trust and other positive emotions from their fans instead.” 

As for Uncle Elu and Monica, they had a high position in the Billios Family. 

Basically, almost all Billios Family members respected them regardless of their identities. 

Not to mention that indirect respect, love and affection through their creations also increased the assimilation degree. 

“We discovered this assimilation theory decades ago, but only transmigrators affiliated to the shelter forces will know about this.” 

The scattered transmigrators were busy living their life, blending with the people in this world or avoiding the hunters’ pursuit. 

How could they know there is such a disease? 

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