I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating - Chapter 824 - Want to Be a Scumbag?  

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Chapter 824: Want to Be a Scumbag?

No, I can’t cower.

Su Jiu lifted her chin and righteously said, “Why is it that you remember nothing except the fact that I kissed you?”

Rong Si said meaningfully, “Maybe because I want to remember.”

Su Jiu choked.

“Are you trying to be a slag?”

Su Jiu choked again. She suddenly realized that it was difficult to explain. However, she was too embarrassed to say that he was the one who had kissed her last night and it had been too much!

When she didn’t answer, Rong Si continued, “Still not admitting it?”

Su Jiu’s eyes darted around as an idea came to her. She reached for the collar of his shirt and leaned closer to him. “Okay, I admit I did this and that to you yesterday. Not only did I grope you, but I kissed you hard. Why? Do you want to hit me?”

Rong Si let her tug at his collar. His dark eyes met hers, and his lips curved. “I can’t hit you. But are you going to take responsibility for what you did to me?”

Su Jiu smiled. “Sure. How do you want me to take responsibility?”

“From now on, you can only kiss me. Not other boys.”

Su Jiu did not expect him to make such a request. She wanted to laugh, but she pretended to be troubled. “Maybe not. After all, there are so many handsome men in the world. Isn’t it too much of a loss to kiss only you? My dream is to hook up with a bunch of handsome men and have a harem.”

Rong Si’s mouth twitched.

“No. Change your dream.”

Su Jiu pouted. “No deal. What can you do to me?”

Rong Si was slightly dazed by her sly look. He really wanted to kiss her again and bully her until she almost cried like the previous night.

He hadn’t expected to have such nasty thoughts about her. It made him feel mean. But he didn’t think he was a good man. Not since he was young.

Except that he would behave in front of her.

In his childhood, Rong Si would mix laxatives in the water glasses of classmates who had bullied him, make them vomit and have diarrhea and make fools of themselves. He would find opportunities to lock them in the equipment room during gym class or maybe the bathroom, and he would try putting dead rats in their drawers, sending them horror photos or threatening letters, and torturing their spirits…

Actually, he had done a lot of bad things.

Except that he hadn’t told her.

He wasn’t as good as she had thought. He had plenty of dark thoughts. But he had to be his best self around her.

Su Jiu was different from everyone else. In his mind, she was a pure white feather. Sometimes, when he got close to her, he was afraid that his despicable and dirty self would dirty her too.

But he was close to her now, as close as he had ever been.

Perhaps one day, he really would lose control of himself completely and dirty her completely…

With that thought, Rong Si cupped her face in one hand and looked into her eyes. “What can I do to you? Want to find out?”

Su Jiu suddenly sensed danger as if a dangerous beast was gazing upon her.

At this moment, his eyes were different from usual. They contained a rare possessiveness, like a bottomless whirlpool that could easily suck someone in.

Su Jiu’s heart skipped a beat. Instinctively, she let go of his collar and even took a step back.

However, Rong Si was quick to grab her hand and prevent her from leaving, maintaining the distance between them.

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