I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating - Chapter 813 - Only the Little Villain Is Allowed    

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Chapter 813: Only the Little Villain Is Allowed

Han Siye walked to the bed and followed Rong Si’s example. Rubbing Su Jiu’s head, he fiercely ordered her, “If you’re not feeling well, you have to tell me, understand? If you don’t, I’ll find trouble with you!”

Knowing that he was as concerned about her as Rong Si was, Su Jiu did not intend to argue with him even though he had messed her hair up.

However, he couldn’t constantly ruffle her hair like before. Only her parents and the little villain were allowed to do that!

Su Jiu nodded helplessly. “Got it. I’ll let you know.”

“Just tell me.” Rong Si glanced at Han Siye beside him. Their gazes met again, and sparks seemed to fly. The air was instantly filled with hostility.

“Just tell you? Who do you think you are?” Han Siye was furious.

When Su Jiu saw that the two of them were starting to confront each other again and that neither of them was willing to give in, she quickly stopped them. “Wait, wait, wait… I just said not to quarrel, let alone fight. Now I want to rest. Can you guys go back and rest?”

Han Siye angrily replied, “If I don’t beat him up, I might not be able to sleep tonight!”

Rong Si’s face was expressionless, but his tone was light. “Same here.”

Su Jiu sensed the hostility, and her head hurt. What’s going on? Are boys so childish?

They have to fight at the drop of a hat. Can’t they settle this peacefully?’

She had no choice but to say, “No! If you’re fighting, then you can go back on your own. I don’t want to see you anymore. You’re both terrible!”

Hearing this, the two youths were stunned. Then they looked at each other and turned away in disgust. Their hands were clenched at their sides as if they were controlling the urge to punch someone.

After leaving Su Jiu’s room, Han Siye and Rong Si walked along the silent corridor. Han Siye was still holding in his anger.

Furthermore, Rong Si looked as calm as he always did as if nothing could affect him; it made Han Siye angrier.

Han Siye walked up to him with one hand in his pocket. Then he stopped and looked straight at him with a serious expression. “One day, I’ll fight you.”

Rong Si met his sharp gaze and calmly replied, “I’m game.”

“Just you wait!” After saying this fiercely, Han Siye turned around and left. He walked very quickly, leaving Rong Si behind.


After she took the cold medicine and rested for the night, Su Jiu’s fever subsided the next day and she regained her energy. When she had her breakfast, she pulled Song Xinyan out to shopping and take a good look at the scenery of Vienna.

She did not invite Rong Si or Han Siye. No matter which one of them she called, the other would have a problem with it. And if she called both of them, she would not be able to shop. She would have enough on her hands trying to placate the two of them the entire time.

However, the two youths still arrived near the shopping plaza where Su Jiu had gone and sat in an open-air café to wait for her to come out. Under an orange and white umbrella, two equally handsome and tall youths sat at the coffee table.

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