I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating - Chapter 812 - Become Her Pride  

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Chapter 812: Become Her Pride

Since he had made up his mind not to leave, Rong Si could only leave the room alone.

Once he was outside the room, he leaned against the wall next to the door and tilted his head back to close his eyes. His long eyelashes were tucked below his eyelids. The dim light of the corridor elongated his slender figure, adding to his loneliness.

Han Siye could stay in the room, but he had to hide here like a thief; he could not face Su Shengjing. When would he be confident enough to stand in front of her father openly?

When would he become her pride so that she could proudly introduce him to others?

On the video call with his daughter, Su Shengjing was relieved to see that she was in good spirits. He warned Han Siye again before hanging up.

When Han Siye received the warning, he was like an obedient baby and did not retort at all. He would do whatever Su Shengjing said.

After ending the call, Han Siye looked at Su Jiu and softly said, “Do you feel better?”

It was rare for Rong Si to leave Su Jiu alone. Han Siye had a chance to be alone with Little Jiu now, so he naturally had to seize it.

“Better.” Su Jiu nodded and subconsciously looked out the door. Where did the little villain go? Has he left?

Seeing her look in the direction of the door, Han Siye knew that she was thinking about Rong Si. His heart sank again.

He was the only one standing in front of her now, but she was still thinking of someone else.

What could hurt more than that?

At this moment, the door opened, Rong Si pushing it. Han Siye clearly saw that at this moment, Su Jiu’s eyes lit up.

“Big Brother, where were you?”

Rong Si ignored Han Siye and walked to Su Jiu’s bed. “Just outside.”

“I thought you had gone.”

Rong Si glanced at Han Siye and raised his eyebrows. He said to Su Jiu deliberately, “What’s wrong? You don’t want me to leave?”

These words sounded a little ambiguous. As expected, Han Siye’s face darkened when he heard them.

What the hell is this b*stard talking about? He did it on purpose, didn’t he?

Su Jiu’s ears heated up when she met Rong Si’s deep and beautiful eyes. If Han Siye weren’t here, she would have flirted with the little villain, but not now.

“If you don’t want to, then don’t leave.”

As Rong Si spoke, Han Siye immediately said in an angry voice, “B*stard, don’t think you can do whatever you want just because I didn’t tell Little Jiu’s father about you! I’m warning you: when Little Jiu is done eating, you have to leave. Don’t disturb her rest!”

“Don’t argue.” Su Jiu felt helpless and reached out to rub her aching temples.

Han Siye choked and could only shut his mouth. He only glared at Rong Si.

Rong Si did not really intend to stay here. He knew that if he stayed here, Han Siye would find trouble with him. That would affect Little Jiu’s rest.

Therefore, after Su Jiu finished eating, Rong Si reached out to check her temperature. It was no longer as hot as before. The medicine must have worked.

With that, he was relieved.

Rong Si picked up his empty plate with one hand and ruffled Su Jiu’s hair with the other. Deeply looking at her, he said, “I’m leaving. Rest well. If you feel any discomfort, you must tell me immediately.”

Su Jiu nodded obediently.

Han Siye watched this from the side and felt his heart ache.

D*mn it, isn’t it just because Su Shengjing isn’t around?

If Su Shengjing were here, if Rong Si dared to touch Su Jiu, he would be long dead!

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