I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating - Chapter 392 - The Little Brat Next Door

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Chapter 392: The Little Brat Next Door

Based on what Han Jiani had observed, Su Shengjing did not have any women by his side. During his comeback period, he did not have any scandals. It was hard to imagine that he would’ve ever slept with several women at the same time.

Han Jiani sat in her office and felt that something was amiss.

Suddenly, she got curious. Who exposed Su Shengjing’s scandals?

Perhaps, there is something that no one knows about? After all, he was very popular at that time. Many jealous people wanted to pull him down.

With this thought in mind, Han Jiani picked up her phone and found a number in her contact list. She said to the other party, “Hello, this is Han Jiani. I have something I need your help with.”


The weather was getting colder and colder. Su Shengjing set up a heater at home to prevent Su Jiu from freezing in winter.

After Su Jiu had eaten her fill at home, she started to worry about how the little villain was doing.

Does he have a heater at home? If he doesn’t, what will he do? Did he put on more clothes? It’s a few degrees below zero and snow is frequently falling outside. It would be bad if he catches a cold.

Also, he was hospitalized for a few days due to pneumonia before. I wonder if he will have a relapse… It’s such a cold day. Shouldn’t he be more careful?

Su Jiu’s mind was in a mess. Suddenly, she understood how hard it was to be a mother. There were too many things to worry about!

When Su Shengjing was done with lunch, he saw the little girl lying on the coffee table in the living room, absent-mindedly drawing on the notebook in front of her. He did not know what she was thinking, but it was highly likely that she was not doing the kindergarten homework.

However, he would never criticize her. He knew that the little girl had her own way of thinking. There was no need for him to teach her. In fact, many times she was more opinionated than him.

“Baby, it’s time to eat,” Su Shengjing said as he walked over. He then realized that she had drawn a small figure in her notebook.

To be precise, it was a little boy. Su Shengjing looked at the boy’s hair, eyes, nose, mouth, and cold expression. Even though this boy didn’t look like him, Su Shengjing immediately thought of the brat next door.

He immediately felt uncomfortable.

No way! My daughter is actually drawing that brat?

She didn’t even draw me, her father! So why did she draw that brat? This is unfair!

Su Shengjing felt as if he had been stabbed in the heart. Pretending to be unaware, he asked, “Baby, who is this drawing of yours? Is it Daddy?”

Su Jiu quickly came back to her senses and realized what she had drawn on the paper. She immediately felt embarrassed.

The kindergarten homework required her to draw her family. She was still thinking about drawing her father and herself just now. How did the drawing become the little villain?

Su Jiu secretly glanced at Su Shengjing. She saw that although Su Shengjing appeared nonchalant on the surface, his eyes were filled with resentment. She realized that her father was jealous. Curving her eyes and lips into a cute smile, she said, “It’s Daddy!”

“It would be weird if it’s Daddy, you little liar!” Su Shengjing raised his index finger and lightly tapped on her forehead. Then, he deliberately put on a stern face and said, “You drew the boy next door, right? Baby, tell me, do you like Daddy more or him more?”

The little packrat blinked the drawing’s eyes and responded without hesitation, “Of course I like Daddy more!”

This was a basic principle that could not be shaken!

“Hmph, that’s more like it.” Only now was Su Shengjing satisfied. His gaze fell on the drawing paper again. “Baby, do you really like that boy next door so much?”

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