I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating - Chapter 370 - : Strangely Embarrassed

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Chapter 370: Strangely Embarrassed

After calming down, Su Guobang turned his head to look at the butler, who was also immersed in the drama with his eyes glued to the screen. The butler’s eyes were slightly red, and Old Master Su asked him, “What do you think?”

The butler raised his hand to wipe his eyes and said with a smile, “Little Miss is amazing. I’m very impressed.”

“Of course! Can’t you see whose child she is?” When Su Guobang said this, he appeared calm on the surface, but the butler could hear a hint of pride in his words.

The butler could only agree. “The children of the Su family are excellent, of course. Young Master is the same. Now that he’s on his own, he can already provide for himself and Little Miss.”

“Hmph, don’t talk to me about him.” Su Guobang did not want to hear about Su Shengjing. He thought of something and said, “Oh right, for such a good television drama, we must raise the viewership ratings. Give the company a call and make everyone watch it. We must watch it!”

The butler was speechless.

That’s not necessary, is it, old man?

This request is so embarrassing.

However, Su Guobang did not feel that anything was wrong with this, nor did he have any intention of going back on his word. The butler could only do as he was told.

After the butler made the call, Su Guobang instructed him again, “Also, ask the company to see if there are any dramas or movies suitable for Little Jiu to act in. If Little Jiu is willing, we will invest in those dramas and arrange for Little Jiu to join the team.”

The butler felt that this was possible.

Little Miss is so talented in acting. This talent can’t go to waste!

The butler responded, “Then, Old Master, what about Young Master? Don’t you need to give him some resources? I saw the last few episodes, and Young Master acted very well. He’s a good actor. Why don’t…”

Su Guobang gave him a side glance. His gaze was cold, and the butler immediately lowered his head.

“That kid, if he wants to act, you can let him join the team too. After all, Little Jiu needs to be taken care of. If he doesn’t want to, then forget it. There’s no need to bother about him.”

The butler was elated. He could tell that although the old master sounded unfriendly, he was indirectly giving the young master resources.

He immediately agreed. “Alright, Old Master. I’ll arrange it right away.”


Other than the fans, Rong Si was one of the people who paid the most attention to this drama.

In the morning, he had received his homework from his teacher. There, he had happened to hear the form teacher telling another teacher that a drama would be aired tonight at eight o’clock. Little Jiu and her father had both acted in it. The teacher even hoped that he could get off work on time today to go back and watch the drama.

Rong Si made a mental note to do his homework first thing after school. At eight o’clock, he sat down on the sofa and turned on the television. Soon, he found the show.

As he had wished, he saw Little Jiu appear on the screen. Rong Si stared at the television without blinking, not wanting to miss any detail.

At that moment, Song Wanqiu returned from work. She was surprised to see her son sitting on the sofa watching television.

This child usually sat in her room reading and studying. He seldom watched television. What’s going on today?

It was a little abnormal.

Song Wanqiu hung her bag on the hook behind the door, took off her shoes, and walked over to him. She curiously asked, “What are you looking at?”

Rong Si pursed his lips, seemingly embarrassed to tell her.

Song Wanqiu subconsciously looked at the television. When she saw the little girl’s figure on the screen, she was in disbelief at first. Then, she was pleasantly surprised. “Little Jiu is acting in a television drama? Why didn’t you tell Mommy? Mommy would’ve come back earlier to watch it with you.”

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