I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating - Chapter 351 - This Year’s Netizens Have No Love

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Chapter 351: This Year’s Netizens Have No Love

Those who performed the best would naturally get the highest salary. Those who sold the persimmons at the latest would get the least money.

The village leader first gave Chen Ke 30 yuan. He was the last one to complete the mission, so he accepted that without any objections.

Then, it was Li Kaiwen and Xiao Wei’s turn. Both sides sold out at about the same time. The village chief gave them 50 yuan each.

Then, Han Xiao and his son received 70 yuan.

Although this amount of money was nothing to these fathers, the children were overjoyed when they received the money.

This was the first time they had gone out to sell persimmons. Although they did not know anything, they still helped their fathers. They had earned money for the first time in their lives, and it made them feel that they were great!

Seeing his son put the money into his pocket as if it were a treasure, Han Xiao’s mood brightened. He rubbed his son’s hair. “How is it? Do you understand how hard it is to earn money now?”

Han Siye’s good mood vanished when he felt his father’s hand on his hair. He pushed the hand away and gritted his teeth. “Don’t mess up my hair!”

Han Xiao burst out laughing and messed up his son’s hair again. “So what if I mess it up? You’re not a girl. Why are you so concerned about it?”

Han Siye glared at him like an angry little lion. “You’re shameless! Anyway, don’t mess up my hair!”

“Fine, fine, fine! I won’t do it. I know you don’t want Little Jiu to see your messy hair, right?”

When his inner thoughts were seen through, Han Siye was a little embarrassed. He looked away and ignored his father. “Hmph!”

Han Xiao laughed again.

Although his son wasn’t very close to him, compared to when they filmed the first episode, he was much better.

In the end, the village chief walked up to Su Shengjing and looked at the little girl in his arms. He handed her a hundred yuan bill. “Little kid, you and your father performed the best today, so you guys won the most money. You can buy a lot of delicious food tomorrow.”

Su Jiu took the money and grinned at him. “Thank you, Uncle!”

“You’re welcome! You’re welcome!” The village chief smiled, and the corners of his eyes crinkled.

Han Xiao said, “Looks like we have to suck up to Little Jiu more in the future. If we follow Little Jiu, we’ll definitely be able to live a good life!”

Xiao Yang chimed in. “That’s true! Little Jiu, uncle will follow you from now on!”

The village chief was speechless.

Are these two alright? They are so young, yet they don’t work hard. Instead, they want to rely on a little kid?

He immediately lowered his voice and kindly reminded Su Shengjing, “These two fathers seem to be a little lazy. Don’t let your daughter interact with them too much. If she makes friends with their sons, it won’t end well.

Su Shengjing held back his laughter and said, “I think so too. Alright, I will take good care of my daughter and won’t let them lead her astray.”

Han Xiao was at a loss for words.

Xiao Yang was speechless as well.

Sh*t! We are both positive and motivated youths, okay? How will we lead the little girl astray? How did the village chief get his position with such poor eyesight?

When the audience members saw their aggrieved expressions, they burst into laughter. They sent comments saying that these two really had no self-awareness. The duo had to stay away from Little Jiu and not be a bad influence on her!

When Han Xiao and Xiao Yang saw the comments, they expressed that the netizens had lost their love for them.


The next morning, after having breakfast with the children, each of the fathers received a mission card from the program team.

Initially, they thought that it would be the same easy task as before. However, after seeing the contents of the mission cards, their expressions turned serious.

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