I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating - Chapter 347 - Little Jiu’s Power

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Chapter 347: Little Jiu’s Power

Chen Ke felt sorry for his daughter, but he didn’t want to break the rules. When he saw that the other fathers and children had completed their tasks, he couldn’t help but feel anxious.

Just as he was fretting, Su Shengjing walked over toward him with Su Jiu in his arms. There were two packets of wonton noodles in his hands. Su Shengjing passed the wonton noodles to Chen Ke. “It’s already past the time for lunch. Are you hungry? Hurry up and eat.”

“This… isn’t this against the rules?” Chen Ke was a little embarrassed.

They were filming now. If he broke the rules, wouldn’t it look bad?

Su Jiu smiled at him and softly said, “Uncle, you don’t have to worry about breaking the rules because I just called Uncle Yang with the cameraman’s phone. He said you can eat it!”

Chen Ke looked at her in surprise.

He couldn’t believe that the little girl could read his thoughts. She was too smart…

After saying that, Su Jiu looked at Chen Xixi, whose eyes were red, and comforted her. “Sister, don’t cry. Hurry up and eat!”

Chen Xixi’s tears immediately stopped. She sniffed and whispered in embarrassment, “Thank you, Little Jiu!”

Su Jiu looked at her and secretly sighed. Ah! This little girl is adorable!

“Thanks!” Chen Ke gratefully took the wonton noodles.

Su Shengjing smiled at him and didn’t forget to say, “This was because of Little Jiu. You have to thank her.”

Chen Ke was stunned again. He did not expect the little girl to be so thoughtful and considerate. She knew that he and Xixi had not eaten yet. Chen Ke’s heart warmed, and he gave Su Jiu a gentle smile. “Little Jiu, thank you. It’s all thanks to you that Xixi and I could have lunch. Otherwise, we would have been starving.”

The little girl’s voice was very sweet. “You’re welcome, Uncle!”

Chen Xixi, whose stomach was almost flat from hunger, ate a piping hot lunch. Once again, she felt that Little Jiu was really nice. She had to treat her well too!

This scene of love was also recorded by the cameraman. When Yang Fangping saw it, he felt that editing the scene wasn’t easy. He wanted to broadcast it all. However, the program was only two hours long. If they didn’t edit it, it would be broadcasted for several hours!

But if the scene had to be edited, it wouldn’t be that exciting anymore.

This was the power of Little Jiu!

This was only the first mission, yet it was already such a long recording with a lot of content. How could he allocate enough screen time for the next mission?

Yang Fangping fell into a dilemma. He suddenly felt that with Little Jiu around, this show could continue for a few more episodes. Unfortunately, the contract he had signed with the investor mandated that this would be the last episode. Even if he wanted to continue filming, there was nothing he could do.

However, he could definitely prepare for the second season. The final episode was not over yet, but many people had already left messages on Weibo urging him to hurry up and release the second season.

It would be best if the next season was filmed with the original cast.

Yang Fangping agreed with them. He would definitely create the next season with the original cast, especially with Little Jiu and Su Shengjing. This father and daughter pair were the core of the show, and the show would not work without them!

However, Yang Fangping expected that by the time they would start filming the next season, Little Jiu and Su Shengjing would be so popular that the studio would not be able to pay them enough for filming.


Su Jiu saw that Chen Ke and Chen Xixi had not finished selling the persimmons. Chen Xixi had been wiping her tears. Su Jiu couldn’t bear to watch this, so she had asked her father to buy two servings of wonton noodles for them.

She hadn’t expected that this would gain her favor in the eyes of the audience. She had become a little angel of warmth in the hearts of her fans. They loved her so much.

On the way back, Su Jiu sat in the back of the cart and counted the money earned from selling persimmons and fruits and vegetables. She happily said to Su Shengjing, who was on the scooter, “Daddy, we made a lot of money today!”

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